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Insisive Cloud: Helping Enterprises Gain Maximum Value of the AWS Spend

Rajesh Kanukollu, Founder

As an early stage startup, Bangalore based Incisive Cloud, focuses on building products that provides tangible business value with data driven Insights. Founded in 2018, Insisive cloud helps Enterprises to gain maximum value of their AWS spend using a mix of Data driven insights, advanced automation and simplified user experience to reduce their AWS costs up to 60 percent.

In conversation with Rajesh Kanukollu, Founder, Insisive Cloud

Implementation of cloud solutions is undoubtedly challenging to ensure significant result in the form of enhanced growth. What different approach is Insisive adopting towards cloud adoption?
Companies move to public cloud with the expectation of reducing costs. However, Cost Management is a challenge for both beginners and experienced practitioners of Cloud. Many cloudcost management tools focus on providing recommendations or are very expensive to be valuable for many customers. They still need expert DevOps engineers to implement the recommendations. Insisive Cloud takes a data driven automation first approach for cloud work load management. The company focuses on last mile automation to ease the DevOps burden and automated workload management. This helps in usage of Insisive’s product with very less effort. Companies often require dedicated CoE to keep pace

with the rapid pace of innovation on cloud and use it efficiently. Based on many years of experience in building a large Data Analytics Platform and related solutions on AWS, Insisive Cloud is a SaaS solution that can help companies significantly accelerate these efforts without becoming a cloud expert at understanding and using all the levers that affect the cost.

Insisive Cloud helps in optimizing up to 60 percent of Cloud Spend with its intelligent workload management and data driven automation

With the accelerating pace of business, companies have increasingly recognized the importance of data analytics solutions on the cloud. How has Insisive been assisting organizations to take informed data driven business decisions?
For customers looking to use analytics on the cloud, Insisive can help them to use the expertise in building data platform. This will help to evaluate customer engagement related metrics in real time, IoT device data management and building of data lakes that can store and harness data from multiple data sources.

Tell us about the importance of serverless computing and how is Insisive bringing its benefits to the tables of enterprises.
Serverless Computing can take out a lot of hassles related to IT infrastructure. Insisive Cloud also uses serverless computing heavily for its own product. This helps us keep our infrastructure costs low and bring the product to market at a competitive price. However, as with all things in Cloud, Serverless has its place in the overall IT strategy. It is not suitable for all types of workloads. As part of cost governance,

Insisive plans to bring cost visibility into the serverless usage and support cost effective FAAS (Function as a Service).

What major pain points associated with AWS cloud implementation is your company trying to address?
Managing Cloud spend in a structured way is a major challenge for many enterprises using Public Cloud. Insisive Cloud helps in optimizing up to 60 percent of Cloud Spend with its intelligent workload management and data driven automation leveraging different pricing models available from AWS. It gives quick visibility regarding resource usage and gives a clear view of the potential savings. It provides automated provisioning to act on the recommendations without the need for highly skilled resources. This helps customers understand, review and act on the recommendations effortlessly and make the most of their Cloud Spend.

Would you like to quote any success story.
Sure. One of the early customers had a large staging environment. Based on a small evaluation, they decided to move their entire staging/data science environment to Insisive’s platform for leveraging the excess capacity of AWS for Compute Needs. By integrating it with Insisive’s APIs, they reduce their clusters cost by 67 percent. For another customer who didn’t have cost as a priority, quick visibility into the security of their network infrastructure with the automated security policies was helpful in managing environments with multiple internal/external users.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your goals for the future?
Cloud presents a unique opportunity as a platform for rapid experimentation and growth. As we grow, we want to be a trusted partner that helps companies make the most of their cloud at all layers (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), easily and efficiently across multiple Cloud Providers.

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