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B-Informative IT Services: Extracting Insights from Melange

Alok Khobragade,Founder & MD

Alok Khobragade

Founder & MD

B-Informative IT Services Pvt. Ltd. (B-IITS) is a BI service and consulting company based out of Bangalore, India. B-IITS, the team of enthusiastic IT specialists and motivated Software Engineers, Business Intelligence specialists, and Consultants employs highly qualified developers and provide our clients with the necessary security and the required operational frameworks.

B-IITS has provided concrete solutions to their existing clients on Business Intelligence Solutions, Advanced & Click Based Analytics, Data Mining, Data Preparation, ETL and Data Integration, Data Warehousing Solutions & Services. Alok Kumar, the Managing Director of B-IITS, shares the insight about the company’s expertise in BI and other domain expertise for the past 5 years.

In conversation with Alok Khobragade, Founder & Managing Director, Md Afroz Alam, Co-Founder & CTO and Girish Raju, Co-Founder & CFO, B-Informative IT Services

In an ever more competitive business world, organizations are turning to business intelligence to help business leaders get useful charts and reports from smart data analytics. What are your advancements in this domain over the years?
Data has always been important in the market. The ways in which different entities use this data has been and will continue to change according to the market needs and necessities. We at B-IITS recognize the challenge posed by the dynamic market, and the need to adapt accordingly. In addition to the ability to visualize and portray the data in a meaningful way, we also analyze data in its raw format which is not in a state to assimilate. With effective use of data-mining tools such as Alteryx and MSBI, we extract the data that summarizes the client’s requirements and create a pool of managed data for preparing descriptions that showcase the requirement of the client.

Spreadsheets finally took a backseat to actionable and insightful data visualizations and interactive business dashboards. The rise of self-service analytics democratized the data product chain. How is B-Informative positioned in this market?
For all the good that spreadsheets do, many including us, feel that it is a bit one-dimensional for conveying data and it's meaning effectively. With the onset of Worksheets and Dashboards, a revolution has taken place with respect to publishing reports of ample information in a simple manner. We at B-IITS not only create worksheets but also create ‘Good’ Worksheets. With ample knowledge and exposure to the market, our resources use the facilities provided by the BI tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, and Data warehousing, Analytics etc. for ETL applications to scan through the entire data available, and extract the information needed to perform the task effectively for an effective Dashboard. This enables the data to be viewed dynamically with the help of multiple filters. In terms of turning business intelligence into different labels, our in-house team is looking forward to enhancing data visualization.

Md Afroz Alam, Co-Founder & CTO

With the rising complexity of the BI environment, the identification of trends and market developments is a key factor in decision-making. What kind of services does B-Informative provide in order to assist organizations for data-driven business decisions?
One of the wonderful features of the modern-day BI tools is the facility that they provide to the users to predict what the future looks like. We always take the best approach, even if it means at times taking the longer route, to work on the final deliverable item. We already have working experience with several domains such as e-commerce, energy, healthcare, retail, telecom etc. With respect to our services, we mainly focus on Advanced & Click-based Analytics, Big Data, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, app development, and RPA. Using RPA, we assist businesses to

make decisions more effectively and faster. What B-IITS perform with the data is important on two accounts. Firstly, what have we understood about the past and current behaviour, based on the data. Secondly and more importantly, the way output of the aforementioned step can be used to predict the future trend.

B-IITS uses the gathered data to forecast the market developments and this helps corporations in outlining their targets for both the near and far future

B-IITS uses the gathered data to forecast the market developments and this helps corporations in outlining their targets for both the near and far future. A good history of sales or profits in a specific segment or territory helps us to identify the positively contributing segments of an organization. This helps the organization in targeting that segment and expanding it for maximizing profits. The end product we deliver is based on the fool-proof method to extract the required metadata from a wide range of databases. This, in turn, helps us to work with the required set of parameters needed for creating an optimum visual representation of the final product.

Girish Raju, Co-Founder & CFO

Tell us about the further plans and goals that are set for the growth of your business in the years ahead.
We already have expandedour business to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, andare also looking towards southeast countries like Malaysia, and Singapore. Since we are getting good responses from those areas, we look forward to extending our solutions over the demands in the market.

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