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DW Practice: Introducing Enterprises to Data Driven Informed Decisions

Raju Nadimpalli,COO

High uncertainty and low growth have already forced manufacturers to squeeze every asset for maximum value. There’s one significant asset that manufacturers have not yet optimized: their own data. Advanced analytics also help manufacturers solve previously impenetrable problems and reveal those that they never knew about, such as hidden bottlenecks or unprofitable production lines. Based out of Atlanta, with an Indian office at Hyderabad, DW Practice (DWP) is a software services company with core competencies in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (DW-BI) and Application Development that are targeted mainly for the manufacturing industry. The COO of DW Practice tells us how the company has achieved milestones in the data analytics segment.

In conversation with Raju Nadimpalli, Chief of Operations, DW Practice

Tell us what kind of pain points DWP address in the market.
Digitization in the mid-market is only 40-50 percent. Getting real time data for the manufacturing companies to get a clear comprehensive picture is still hard to do. We have personally tried to focus heavily in the manufacturing industry and few banks here in India. We also developed a full-fledged manufacturing analytics solution end-to-end. DWP

takes the data from clients’ ERP systems and deliver insights and parameters that help with their decision making skills. Now, where we stand differentiated is that we first collect the data and then do both predictive and prescriptive analytics.

We have built expertise in the areas of Enterprise Data Management (DW-BI) and Enterprise Application Development

What is your USP?
As I said, we are largely focused on analytics and are keen on leveraging on the manufacturing analytics and IoT analytics space. At the end of the day, collected all the data is one of the key challenges in analytics. Since, we come from Data Warehousing background, we have a significant advantage in collecting and understanding the data. Our focus, first and foremost, has always been to do the heavy lifting on the data side, create these data oceans and configure them properly, so that any analytics thereafter becomes much easier and flexible. We are also committed to helping clients achieve their strategic and operational goals within their budgets. We have built expertise in the areas of Enterprise Data Management (DW-BI) and Enterprise Application Development. Building on these two expertises, we not only help organizations build a flexible and effective IT application backbone, but also capitalize on the business value of their enterprise data and applications. The end result is an agile enterprise with access to transformational business applications and real-time intelligence.

How has DW Practice understood the actual data demands of the

businesses? Tell us about your experience.

We are in the market for more than 20 years. We have a lot of traction in the US, with over 100 consultants working across the States. There is a lot technology transfer and knowledge transfer happening from our global operation into India. This has enabled us to create databases for over a long time and now when the analytics are unleashed, they are close to perfection. We’re aware that there is a lot of attention given to the presentation of data, but I feel it’s even more important that the data is available, accessible, accurate, and structured before it can be visualized. We are known for the heavy lifting on the infrastructure side, laying out the foundations to what would go on to serve for a better visualization of data.

We take pride in our ability to offer 150-200 out-of-the-box dashboards using just the clients’ ERP systems. We have exceptional connectors over to 300 ERP systems that help us creating the dashboards. In a matter of a day or two, we can build 150-200 dashboards from clients’ ERP system.

Having understood the data management needs of the industry, what further does DW Practice plan to introduce to the market?
Being in the Data Warehousing and analytics, we have primarily aimed at enhance business’ bottom-line and profitability. We intend to keep this at the foundation and top of it build solutions that can induce highly data driven business decisions. Also, we intend to deploy AI models in order further enable accurate decisions though directly identifying the root cause of the business’ problems. As a solution provider we ensure that the business performance metrics are enhanced analytics and data driven decisions- so to say- AI driven performance enhancement is the future.

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