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BioQuest Solutions: Medical Affairs and Marketing in Life-Sciences

 Hanumanthu Reddy, Group Head - Clinical Services

Hanumanthu Reddy

Group Head - Clinical Services

Marketing of life-sciences (pharmaceutical, nutrition, wellness, medical devices) services and products is as challenging as it is fraught with issues due to the highly regulated and sensitive nature of the industry. Ethics and transparency are central to all marketing efforts and life-sciences organizations are continually looking for novel ways to engage their audiences, comprising doctors, other medical personnel and patients/ general population. Pivotal to most marketing efforts, is the department of ‘medical affairs’ that is increasingly playing a spearheading role in communications, in technology driven initiatives and in generating real world evidence.

As is evident, the domains of real world studies, medical communications and software products/ services that support medical affairs and marketing in the life-sciences ecosystem are key drivers of growth. It is therefore with certainty we can say that organizations that have build credible expertise in these areas are much sought after for their skills and strengths to impact growth of life-sciences organizations across specialties and across geographies.

One such company that has been empowering life-sciences companies to maximise their business potential and has achieved noteworthy success as a consulting, technology and services provider in the ‘Real World Studies’, ‘Medical Education’, and ‘Medical Communications’ domains is BioQuest Solutions.

BioQuest Solutions that was incorporated in 2005 now has a presence across key locations in Asia and Europe and is making inroads in the US. Having won awards, Global and Local, almost on a year on year basis over the last few years, BioQuest Solutions has won accolades from its clients and target audiences across 80 nations.

We spoke to some key personnel in BioQuest Solutions to understand the industry better and to study the impact

it has in the field of life-sciences and in healthcare.

In conversation with Hanumanthu Reddy, Group Head - Clinical Services, Lokesh Kumar, Group Head­Software Services, and Dinesh Kumar, Sr. Vice President ­ Operations, BioQuest Solutions

With geopolitical upheavals and life-sciences activities witnessing significant transformation in 2019, how is BioQuest Solutions positioned to cater to this industry?
With our core competencies in Real World Studies, Medical Education and Medical Communications, we are uniquely positioned to offer our life-sciences customers ‘Capability Augmentation’ and ‘Capacity Building’.

BioQuest Solution’s products have a proven track record of delivering on complexity, control, cost and reach for the clients

It would also be fair to add that right from consulting we assist companies to do good business in the true sense.

The Real World Studies capability helps our customers not just generate evidence of their products’/ services’ competitive value but also let them assess the associated economic value. We potentially start by assisting our clients understand the scenarios where Real World Evidence could be deployed successfully to its seamless execution, targeted at delivering outcomes that are in their best interests.

Lokesh Kumar, Group Head-Software Services
What kind of digital and software services does BioQuest Solutions provide?
We, at BioQuest Solutions take pride in being an Integrated life-sciences Solution & Services provider that blends specialty services with software products to deliver a superior experience to our clients for optimal impact. Along with our domain expertise and our flagship products

Etrewo (for Real World Studies) and Eptral (for Training & Medical Education), we have been able to seamlessly deploy even the most complex of strategies with outstanding results.

I would also go a little bit further to say that rather than just our IT products, it is the capability of our offerings to integrate that thrusts our competitive advantage with our customers in the life-sciences industry. BioQuest Solutions’ products have a proven track record of delivering on complexity, control, cost and reach for the clients. However, it is the ‘One Window’ operation that our customers value the most while engaging BioQuest Solutions. That said, Etrewo has had remarkable acceptance and success with users.

Dinesh Kumar, Sr. Vice President - Operations
Can you share a success story? And please let us know what further does BioQuest Solutions aim for in the years to come?

Ok, I would first like to point out an example of how we have been able to bring about significant value addition to our client’s efforts.

When a large nutrition customer was hounded by an extremely low in-clinic time (less than 2 min), compounded further by an even weaker engagement (leading to less than 12 meetings a year), a Medical Education strategy was employed (enabled by Eptral) in partnership with a leading US university. The campaign not just exponentially increased the in-clinic time to 6 min, but also allowed for over 80 percent more visits welcomed by the Doctors. The growth of the product portfolio that was hovering around only lower single digits, jumped to a sustained double digits post the campaign.

As of now, we are focusing on two aspects for growth: new Product Development and presence across new geographies. Healthcare and Life-sciences are seeing a spurt in digitization and tech enabled services and BioQuest Solutions is continually investing in these fields to deepen its domain expertise and provide impactful solutions and services to its clients across the globe.

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