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DSS Imagetech: Carrying Forward a Legacy in Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Ajay Kandhari, Director

Ajay Kandhari


Based out of New Delhi, DSS Imagetech is at the helm of constituting healthcare solutions for researchers and clinicians in various fields of Life Sciences and Healthcare. With their presence in presence in 10+ cities accompanied by 400+ people strong team, the firm has become one of the leading providers of solutions in Microscopy, Oncology testing, Clinical Diagnostics, IVF, Research Imaging, and Surgical Simulators etc. The list doesn’t end here and therefore the Director at DSS gives detailed insights into DSS Imagetech’s expertise.

In conversation with Ajay Kandhari, Director, DSS Imagetech

Healthcare has gone one full circle with the digital transformation and it looks like technologies have just started to enter the domain. As a healthcare technology domain player, how has DSS Imagetech grown and adapted to the changes?
DSS continues to live by its mantra of ‘Inspired by Technology’ where as a Group we have always been at the forefront of technology; bringing cutting edge products and solutions to our customers in Research, Life Sciences as well as Clinical Diagnostics and Medical Equipment. Our diverse product basket includes high end solutions such as Fluorescence in situ Hybridisation (FISH), Microarrays, Confocal Microscopes, Super Resolution Microscopy, Digital Pathology Scanners, High Throughput Real Time PCR based Viral Load Testing for HIV, Automated IHC for Large Volume Laboratories, MLPA, Virtual Reality based Surgical Simulators, Endoscopic Ultrasound Systems for Gastroenterology and Pulmonary Specialities, 4K and 4k 3D Imaging Laproscopes, Monitors and Recorders, Bronchial Thermoplasty, Cryosurgery for Interventional Bronchoscopy, etc.

To support these technologies DSS has built a country-wide network of highly qualified and trained sales and service engineers as well as domain expert application scientists.

How has DSS Imagetech marked its presence in healthcare technology and the services that you provide over the years competing with other players in the market?
In the healthcare space, the technology change is a given reality. However, we

have managed to stay ahead of the curve by bringing new technologies, along with effectively supporting these and handholding customers effectively. This is our key to success and what we feel separates us from the competition. As a result, DSS is today recognized as not only a key provider of technology but also as a Company that has won the trust and faith of Customers. To fulfill the promise and expectations in the marketplace we have constantly invested in upgrading our people and teams.

DSS has built a country-wide network of highly qualified and trained sales and service engineers as well as domain expert application scientists

What are the solutions that DSS Imagetech provides for the pain points in Micro-Imaging set-up?
DSS has been catering to the needs of the Indian scientists over the last 40 years offering complete microscopy and digital Imaging solutions. Our product basket not only include solutions for basic microscopy techniques like Bright field microscopy, phase contrast microscopy but also more sophisticated technology like super resolution and confocal microscopy. In addition to microscopy DSS also caters to the needs of applications like Electrophysiology, Neuron Tracing, Cytogenetics and stereology etc.

Where do you position yourself in the developing field of molecular diagnostics? What advancements can you offer in molecular diagnostics industry?
Being one of the earliest proponents of DNA based testing in India, today we have the full spectrum of solutions for the fast-growing Molecular Diagnostics space. We have been offering solutions for FISH (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization) with DNA probes from Abbott Molecular since the year 2000. Subsequently, the portfolio expanded to include a variety of Real-Time PCR based kits for HIV, HBV, HCV also on the Abbott platform.

Apart from these we currently also have a range of open platform RT-PCR kits covering the Oncology, Infectious and Tropical Diseases applications. Some of these are for bcr-abl, PML-RARA, K-RAS, H1N1, Dengue, etc. The latest addition to the RT-PCR portfolio is the HPV kit developed by DSS R&D as part of a complete solution with sample collection, screening and Typing for HPV testing.

Our strength and leadership in this space comes from our all India reach, after sales support as well as a very

strong application team which enables us to introduce new technologies and train customers in their usage. Last but not the least, a key component of the Molecular Diagnostics.

Brief us about your DNA based food testing services. What about this service do you want us to highlight in the article?
In the past 3-4 years we have been able to bring the DNA based testing to a completely new area which is the Food Testing area. This Food Testing space has traditionally been based on Microbiology and Cultures but Molecular Diagnostics not only offers many more possibilities but also in a rapid manner with high specificity and sensitivity.

The key applications include Pathogen Testing, Species Differentiation, Allergen Identification and Genetically Modified Organisms testing in Food Processing Industry, Dairy, Hotels and also Testing Houses. We believe we have been the pioneers in India in this area by evangelising the use and highlighting the benefits of Molecular Diagnostics in Food Testing. A comprehensive package of equipment, kits developed by our R&D, and strong application support has helped us win over a completely new category of customers. For customers it has resulted in improved compliance, faster turnarounds, new product categories being created - all in all having a positive impact on their bottom lines.

Years of delivering transformation would have admitted a number of triumphant success stories. Please quote 1 or more implementation story that has or have left a mark in the company’s success.
In such a long history of operation, it is difficult to pinpoint any one or two success stories but we would like to highlight a couple of recent examples which have been extremely satisfying. One such instance is of the NACO order for HIV Viral Load Testing. The equipments were to be imported and delivered to 64 customer sites spread all over the country. It was a mammoth task of coordination, and challenging logistics but the DSS team managed to execute the supply, installation and commissioning in a very short time.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your healthcare technology offerings?
Each of the divisions would continue to expand associations and product lines in Research, Medical Equipment and Clinical Diagnostic range. Some of the areas of focus are Bio-reactors, High Throughput Digital Pathology, Neurology, Interventional Pulmonology, Simulation, NGS testing for Oncology and Pre-natal areas.

We plan to put more efforts in our R&D and develop more products of our own. Our focus would continue to be Clinical Diagnostics and optics based instrumentation.

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