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Biz-Insights: Transforming Data into Insights for Superior Performance

Kunal Shah,Director

Kunal Shah


By enveloping a deep understanding of the business and technology dimension of organizations, Biz-Insights delivers IT solutions and outsourcing services across businesses regardless of shape and size. The company headquartered in United States bears a team of analytics experts includes analysts, data scientists, and data architects with expertise across core service areas ranging from marketing mix modeling to supply chain network optimization. Kunal & Nirav Directors, here explains the efforts channeled by Biz-Insights in helping clients succeed in the digital world.

In conversation with Kunal Shah & Nirav Shah, Directors, Biz-Insights

In today’s IT dominated world, the ability to store vast amount of information and also the ability to analyze data has become an invaluable aspect for any business to operate smoothly. How is Biz-Insights placed in the Data Analytics domain with its IT services?
Biz-Insights helps companies in analyzing their data, share better business prospects in the future and make them use the concepts of analytics. Data Science involves extraction of trends, patterns and useful information from a set of existing static data which will be of no use until analyzed. It is a kind of business intelligence that is now used for gaining profits and making better use of resources. This can also help in improving managerial operations and leverage organizations to reach higher level at a faster pace.

Kindly brief us about the Data Analytic solutions and services offered by the company through which you help clients transform their data into better insights.
Today, all companies regardless of their shape and size require business intelligence or data analytics teams. Biz-Insights offers a complete managed service option where companies can fulfill all their data and analytical needs at a fraction of the cost. We have devised an entire analytical platform including, but not limited to, scalable architecture, interactive dashboards, and self-serve for the ad-hoc needs. Biz-Insights partners with companies to solve their problems with the help of our talented data science staff using various machine learning algorithms. We conduct various meetings with the clients regarding different phases of their projects such as planning, development, implementation and support.

Biz-Insights offers a complete managed service option where companies can fulfill all their data and analytical needs at a fraction of the cost

What are some of the challenges within the Data Analytic domain encountered by the company? In what has the knowledge and skill of the expert team helped the company to rise above them?
There have been many challenges like finding fraudulent transactions, increasing cart size, and develop behavior base anomalies, given to the Biz-Insights team. Our team has developed algorithms to solve such problems and has implemented them at the client-side. We use our own analytical framework and tactics to test multiple hypotheses rapidly, which includes constant research on various algorithms. We have helped SMEs in establishing a proper data platform in-house for data driven decisions. In one

case, a healthcare startup was in need to get more visibility for making quick decisions. We created Data Lake and various analytical dashboards which have helped them to make more educated and quick decisions on time and run their business efficiently.

Nirav Shah, Director

Tell us about the unique feature that separates Biz-Insights from the rest of the competitors in the Data Mining and Analysis segment.
Our team is highly skilled and has the capacity to deliver any size of project on time with quality work. Biz-Insights provides an end-to-end data solution at fraction of cost compared to setting up the whole data platform in house. We specialize in providing resources based on clients’ priorities. For instance, before AWS came to existence a company may have to invest in servers to scale up and it was time consuming to expand or cut-down the up-front cost. Similarly, we work with clients and devote our support by either providing more developers to expand their team, or provide unique data science support.

Tell us how Biz-Insights has prepared for the future?
Our goal is to provide unique and reliable data platform for ultimate success in this fast-paced technology savvy world. We would like to expand our services across different industries, so that our horizons will also expand and can learn vigilantly to grow in the domain. We have learned that there is room of learning in various companies on how they can use the intellectual data solutions to uplift their growth. Our mission is to provide this support to more companies.

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