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  • Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Co- Founder & CEO

    Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Co- Founder & CEO

  • Only 12 percent of the Fortune 500 companies which existed in 1955 survived through 2017. This was due to their inability to adapt to the unknowns of the changing business landscape. Eugenie's motto is to alert businesses of these unknowns using AI, engineering, and design. AI eliminates the human preferences from the data by enabling machines to see through the data to predict any unexpected business events that might occur in the future. Eugenie's AI workbench includes a three-step framework to Spot, Explore, and Exploit irregularities from voluminous and real-time data. Eugenie is developed to act as a mirror of the businesses which is pure, factual, and reliable. Eugenie's predictive analytics capacity also helps businesses to predict and prepare for probable emergencies. By providing correct and timely alerts of probable failures, Eugenie allows businesses to take prompt actions that can save time and resources.

  • Eugenie: Detecting, Treating, And Forecasting Anomalies In Data

Startups Are Fully Aware Now!

By: Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor

India has witnessed a spectacular spurt in the number of analytics startups in the last half-a-decade.

Deriving Competitive Advantage From Data And Analytics

By: Greg Firestone, Vice President - Data Science, Allstate

It's no secret that companies across all business sectors are investing....

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Startups - 2020

Data Analytics For Enhanced Productivity And Business Growth

By: Krishnakumar Madhavan, Head IT, KLA

As an enormous amount of data gets generated, the need to extract useful insights.....


Big Data Analytics: Exploring a Strategic Asset in Building Cyber Analytics

By: Vishal Sinha, President & CIO, Tranzlease Holdings India

In past more than two decades, the landscape of technology has changed completely and has opened new......


Digital Transformation - New Technologies Influencing Business

By: Ajay Srivastava, Head IT, Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited Group

It's the wholesale re-imagining and re-invention of how businesses operate, enabled by today's advanced technology.


Prediction Is Better Than Cure: Re-Tooling Cybersecurity Through Predictive Analytics

By: Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director & CTO, Quick Heal Technologies

Though the famous British socialist Audrey Farrell said these words in the context of social activism.....


Dark Data In A Digital Revolution Era!

By: Benazir Miller, Sr. General Manager - Technology, Shoppers Stop

Today, we live in a digital society and our distinct imprints are in every interaction we make.


Multiplying Opportunities In Big Data Analytics

By: Diwakar Chittora, Founder & CEO, Intellipaat

The advent of modern computer networks and the democratization of information......

  • 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Startups - 2020

    Rapid advancements in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT), have put data at the heart of any business operation today. The global data analytics market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 30 percent from 2020 to 2023 which equates to 77 billion USD. The data analytics market is driven by organizations that have realized the significance of leveraging data to extract valuable insights in order to make profitable business choices. Data Analytics allow organizations to better target consumers and continue vendor consolidation. End numbers of businesses are adopting data analysis tools to execute analytical modelling rather than doing conventional spreadsheet analysis. As business interactions intensify, the world becomes increasingly digitized. With that massive amount of data are created, that can be evaluated through predictive data analysis. This trend has caught up with senior-level executives and the startups are investing continuously on upskilling. In recent times Analytics has become the biggest revenue generator in the Indian IT sector. At present, it accounts for almost 21 percent of the whole revenue generation in the IT industry in India. The domestic data analytic industry has grown 12 percent in the previous year. The Indian banking and financing sectors are the torchbearers when it comes to adopting data analysis for the country; the marketing sector holds the second position followed by the e-commerce sector. The data analytics ecosystem in India is mostly led by domestic startups that are outsourcing their services to the rest of the world as well. Various data analytic startups have come up and are catering to the areas of fashion, healthcare, real estate, real estate, agriculture and emotional intelligence apart from the big three sectors of marketing, e-commerce and finance. India continues to highlight its spontaneous growth in the number of data analytics startups. Therefore we present to you a list of 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Startups - 2020. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, analysts and CIO Insider editorial board, we believe these companies can provide deep data analysis and insights to drive your business operations to the next level.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Biz-Insights: Transforming Data into Insights for Superior Performance Biz Insights Kunal Shah, Director Serving organizations with data analytics expertise in Data Mining, Anomaly Detection, Historical Analysis, Machine Learning, Data analysis, Android/IOS and Web Application Development and A/B Testing.
Crediwatch: A Data Insights-as-a-Service platform for Business and Enterprises Crediwatch Meghna Suryakumar, Founder & CEO Offers Amplified Intelligence, Machine Learning, Contextual Information Intelligence and Business Decision Support.
DataBeat: Enabling Companies to Move towards Monetization of Data DataBeat Pratyush Mulukutla & Ashok Ganapam, Co-Founders Delivers services in advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, big data, cloud, enterprise architecture and data strategy.
Eigenlytics: Bringing Cutting-Edge Data Science Capabilities to B2B Clients Eigenlytics Data Solutions Prashant Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO A B2B data science product company solving problems of data extraction and integration with its offerings in field of computer vision and pattern recognition, riding on general purpose artificial intelligence and deep learning.
Eugenie: Detecting, Treating, And Forecasting Anomalies In Data Eugenie Dr. Soudip Roy Chowdhury, Co-Founder & CEO Provides Artificial Intelligence, Anomaly Detection, Machine Learning, Forecasting and NLG.
Impact Analytics Impact Analytics Prashant Agrawal, Founder Builds 360-degree data science solutions to provide key solutions in Segmentation using AI, churn mitigation using advanced analytics, and Loyalty and Personalization using ML-algorithms.
PiSquare PiSquare Chinmay Pradhan, Founder & Director Helps organizations engineer and optimize decision making systems, and combines analytics and visualization to create insights.
Thoucentric Thoucentric Archi Bagchi, Founder The company has built an in house capability in a wide range of tools and programming languages such as SAS, Python, QlikView, MySQL, Gretl, and Tableau.
vPhrase vPhrase Neerav Parekh, Founder & CEO Facilitates AI-powered business intelligence and reporting automation solutions using machine learning and natural language generation technology.
Zendrive Zendrive Jonathan Matus, Founder Presents a platform where mobile sensor data can be leveraged for insights through data and analytics for the automotive industry domain.

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