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Bosco Soft Technologies: ERP Solutions That Are Problem-Centric

Dr. Thaddeus Singarayan,Managing Director & CEO

Dr. Thaddeus Singarayan

Managing Director & CEO

Although ERP implementations across business verticals have become common, still there exist many MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) that are unable to afford the advantage of ERP solutions. Bosco Soft Technologies Pvt Ltd, is bridging this service gap by developing feature-rich and scalable ERP solutions as per need and requirements of organizations, especially MSMEs in a highly affordable manner. Bosco caters to a wide range of industries – from healthcare to educational institutions. The company possesses over two decades of experience in implementing ERP solutions in these verticals and with every technology on the bar.

Bosco soft is also well-known for its strong social purpose and commitment in developing thousands of rural young person’s as software professionals and providing technical support to hundreds of non-government organizations. For instance, Bosco soft supports Integrated Village Development Program (IVDP) which has impacted the lives of over 2.5 lakh women from 14,000 Self Help Groups (SHG) and whose founder Mr Kulandei Francis received the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2012. Besides its commendable growth in the ERP industry, Bosco’s long-term objectives include giving more back to the society by strengthening rural communities by teaching, creating opportunities, nurturing young talent, and allowing people to thrive alongside the organization. CIO Insider holds an insightful interview with Dr. Thaddeus Singarajan, MD and CEO, Bosco Soft Technologies.

In conversation with Dr.Thaddeus Singarajan, MD & CEO, Bosco Soft Technologies

What is the kind of role that Boscosoft is playing in the exponentially growing ERP industry?
Boscosoft is a niche player in the ERP segment, shedding prime focus on the SME industry across education, healthcare, social and educational institutions over the last two decades. We combine cutting-edge technology with a strong social purpose. Our Education ERP software helps run and manage educational institutions with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enablement. Bosco microfinance software has supported

many micro financing institutes in reaching success. Our organization has impacted the lives of over 2.5 lakhs of women from 14000 self-help groups (SHG). Likewise, every activity of the SHGs are automated using Bosco ERP and the financial processes have been streamlined over the past fifteen years.

What inspired you to start this venture and what’s the unique proposition that you offer? How do you understand customer’s pain points and offer highly customized problem-centric ERP solutions?
Our mission is to achieve optimal results for stake-holders by providing state-of-the-art and easy-to-use ERP solutions that are driven with innovative ideas and leadership. We are continuously and consistently doing this in a socially responsible way by cultivating young talent and harvesting the collective experience of Don Bosco Mission. Every organization regardless of the industry needs to become highly productive and qualitative to impact the lives of the people towards sustainability and good living.

This is the vision that inspired us to start this venture. Our USP is to offer simple, integrated, affordable, intelligent, configurable and scalable ERP Solutions to the mid-market segment by nurturing a strong and enduring bond to succeed together. Our Healthcare department, for example, services over 70 hospitals, and has not had a single customer drop out in over five years. We support our customers even during this pandemic period in a well-positioned manner and gear up them with additional solutions.

We aim for best results in the interests of stakeholders by utilising cutting-edge technology, enlisting dedicated colleagues, and being motivated by innovation and leadership

Tell us about your portfolio and the technology framework & innovations that are involved.
Our ERP portfolio includes highly configurable custom-built solutions for education (at primary, secondary and higher education levels), SME industry (multiple domains) and the other aforementioned verticals. Our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) for instance, is integrated with education ERP that addresses specific regional and linguistic requirements. Moreover, we intend to offer our products to the global markets, and this is a major thrust area now. Our technology stack consists of .Net framework, Office 365, Azure, DevOps, Microsoft API framework, WFP, WCF, Python, Django, ReactJS, AngularJS,

Angular, iOS SDK, Android technology and tools linked with multiple relational and object-oriented databases. We experiment and combine our innovations with our ERP solutions, while also providing IoT enablement and data analytics.

Share an interesting and challenging case study of one your latest implementations, incorporating the before-after scenario?
Beyond delivering the right solution, the key challenges are implementing the solution, introducing the best practices, and bringing them into a daily routine. We developed a customized ERP for an organization that constructs towers for telecom service providers. Every parameter in this niche business is very dynamic. A few to spell out are managing the onsite resources at a project location & monitoring their productivity, planning and making materials available on-time, financial budgeting with respect to revenues, and maintaining their vendor & custom-er relationship.

To achieve the above challenges, a combination of custom-built web & mobile ERP was delivered and implemented within a short span of time and in a phased manner. This helped our customer to monitor their multiple projects, track and fulfil their statutory compliances and meet the commitments made to their employees, suppliers and customers.

Today, the deployed online tools help their team reduce multiple visits to the customer locations, for the regular SDLC activities and implementation services. This model also helped the customer to monitor and guide their employees or contractors on certain project activities.

What’s your mission and vision while going forward? What’s Boscosoft’s future roadmap?
Moving forward, in the post COVID era, we strive to position Boscosoft as a pioneer of providing SaaS model solutions for the MSME segment. We will of-fer point solutions, as per their specific business. Our plans involve production efficiency monitoring solutions, loan instalment collection prediction for better cash flow management etc. With this approach, we aim to reduce the total cost of ownership and eliminate investment impediments for our customers. As for the technology front, we are in the process of developing skills / teams to cater to the needs of solutions based on AI, ML and IoT technologies.

Our goal is to be the number one provider of ERP solutions and services to a wide range of business do-mains and grow revenue at 35 to 50 percent year-on-year. Also, Boscosoft is seeking to contribute to nation building, especially in the rural areas by educating, providing opportunities, developing the young talent, and enabling them to grow along with the organization.

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