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Computer Aided Management Services India: Pioneer In Equipping Industries With GST-Ready ERP Solutions

Deepak Jiandani,Managing Director

Deepak Jiandani

Managing Director

Most of the globally trending ERP solutions are unable to provide complete automation on indirect taxation compliances in India due to the complex nature of Indian tax system. As a result, despite the heavy chunks of investments, a lot of manual work is required, making tax records maintenance an extremely time-consuming job. But the growth-aspirant businesses that belong to today’s competitive business landscape can’t afford to be time-consuming. Computer Aided Management Services (India) Private Limited (CAMS), which has more than two decades of experience in the Indian taxation domain, offers ERP users complete automation while adhering to statutory compliances by creating an interface between the ERP framework and the CAMS app.

CAMS comprises a team of hard core software professionals who are passionate about developing software applications that cater organizations, especially SMEs, with indirect taxation in a highly localized manner. Deemed as a solution a driven company, its flagship solutions include CAMS ERP Software Solutions across various industries such as manufacturing, Agro-Chemicals, Oil and Lubricants, Automobile, Pharma and FMCG among the rest, and CAMS GST Software, the complete solution for GST accounting & E Invoicing. CIO Insider explores the company’s operations through an exclusive interview with its managing director, Deepak Jiandani.

In conversation with Deepak Jiandani, Managing Director, Computer Aided Management Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Where is CAMS positioned in the ERP industry? What are your target segments?
CAMS is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of providing GST-ready ERP solutions across manufacturing, pharma, paints, service, engineering, FMCG, jewellery, trading, retail industries among others. Since its incorporation, CAMS has not only been developing solutions, but has also been customizing them pertaining to Indirect tax and has been providing tax localization solutions to leading MNC using ERPs like JD Edwards, Oracle, SAP, Ramco, to name a few. Our clients include Denso, Parker, Murugappa

Morgan Thermal Ceramics, Castrol, Gulf Oil, Reckitt Benckiser, Philips, Johnson & Johnson, Tupperware, Hyundai & Bharat Gears among others. We are also keen on helping the SME sector and have completed over 6000 successful deployments across India, including Fortune 500 companies.

What is the kind of solution experience that clients can expect?
Through fully integrated solutions, we enable our clients to enhance performance and grow their business. By providing management control, operational control, and resource planning, our CAMS-ERP software framework, which is a multi-user and multi-tasking ERP software, assists organizations in improving their performance.

Since it is a multi-module application platform, it incorporates activities ranging from product preparation to parts ordering, inventory management, order monitoring, regulatory reporting and export documentation through functional divisions. We also provide on-site and remote support to our clients as well. In the process, we help our clients cut-down on the operational & administrative costs, have better inventory management, ensure improved scheduled compliances, ascertain complete and on-time delivery and hassle-free maintenance, among other benefits.

We are also keen on helping the sme sector and have completed over 6000 successful deployments across India, including fortune 500 companies

Could you give us more details on your CAMS ERP application software solution?
A perfect, plug & play, value for money CAMS ERP is a multi-module application software that integrates activities across the functional departments from pre purchase, purchase, product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, pre sales, sales, order-tracking, production & job working, statutory reporting to financial reporting, export documentation. The solution comprises different modules that are integrated into one software system. Developed in 2012, the CAMS ERP application software was basically formulated for SMEs and it consists of three distinguished modules, each wired with different purposes.

While the Functional Module helps in sales and distribution, purchase, inventory, production and finance, the Add-on Module enables service management, quality checking, export documentation and payroll

management among others. The GST Module handles GST compliances, GST returns and reports. The solution allows auto detection of applicable charges, provides GST sales invoice and sales debit or credit card note, purchase and reference of the original document of the same, allows availing of input tax credit, reconciliation of purchase, and sales data in relation to returns filed on the government site.

What are the major challenges that you solve for your customers?
Most ERPs are unable to provide full automation on indirect taxation compliances due to the dynamic and complex nature of Indian tax compliances. As a result, a lot of manual effort is required, making it a very time-consuming job for ERP users to maintain tax records. This also affects the authenticity due to the manual nature of its operation. CAMS provides ERP users with full automation when it comes to statutory compliances.

Our localization services range from integration with JD Edwards, Oracle SAP & Ramco It comprises a list of functional and system features as well as business benefits. Some its functional features include multi-level document authorizations or approvals, auto-mailers, auto-SMS, document attachment, digital signatures (single and multi-level), barcode generation for inventory and QR code printing on documents. The system features provide web-based solutions, and are scalable, customizable, multi-level security, process authorizations, integration capabilities, audit-trail and back-up utility. Lastly, its business benefits produce results in reduction in operational costs, administrative costs, exercises better inventory control and management, reduced lead, more accurate business planning, improvement in schedule compliances, on-time delivery, lesser errors, quick decision making, accurate statutory reports, establishes complete process control and easy maintenance and filing of statutory records.

“We will continue to make sure that every service we provide meets customer needs and expectations at a fair price”

What’s CAMS’ future roadmap?
Going forward, we will continue to make sure that every service we provide meets customer needs and expectations at a fair price. Our mission is to make technology work seamlessly with businesses to help them expand. We want to design, develop, and manage the most advanced, dependable, and cost-effective systems to help our valued clients meet their ever increasing dynamic needs by quickly deploying our expertise and services to take them beyond the enterprise – into the ‘Extraprise’.

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