Botstatz: Singular Platform to Manage all End-to-End Automation Life Cycle

Darshan Kokkengada,Director- Digital Transformation

Darshan Kokkengada

Director- Digital Transformation

Based out of Bengaluru, Botstatz has been simplifying highly transformative automation initiatives for a successful workflow and implementation. The Director of Digital Transformation gives a detailed account of how the complex process is simplified using their Bot.

In conversation with Darshan Kokkengada, Director-Digital Transformation, Botstatz

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has gone one full circle with the digital transformation and it looks like technologies have just started to enter the domain. As a RPA domain player, how has Botstatz grown and adapted to the changes?
RPA is now in its adolescences. The technology, while still comparatively new, has a legacy Organizations understand what to expect and what more they need from RPA. As businesses are scaling in their automation program, they are deploying bots in different business units, geographies and using multiple automation applications. Botstatz was developed keeping in mind the maturity and expectations of the end user. Having a federate automation model and disparate systems makes it challenging to have the full view and control across all the bots.

Botstatz as an aggregator connects with the bots across different systems and locations to provide single view to measure, manage and monitor automation programs.

With AI/ML enabling RPA, it has evolved from merely automating processes and tasks to becoming key in driving enterprise transformation. What kind of products does Botstatz provide to customers to help them in business transformation?
The enterprise transformation is to

bring the change in the way an organization functions to deliver better value to the customer. Companies seek new technology or solutions to drive these transformations be it RPA, AI, Cloud etc.

To successfully transform, an enterprise requires a clear strategy and transformation program to get there. Botstatz E2E governance module helps the organization in their transformation journey using intelligent automation. We create the framework and operating model to help streamline the activities in large scale transformation program. The highly configurable module morphs into organization’s operation model and provides bespoke governance structure in managing transformation journey. It further accentuates the ability to identify early warning signs by providing business critical matrix such as Total Cost of the program, Dynamic ROI, Staff & Bot utilization and real time bot monitoring.

Botstatz E2E governance module helps the organization in their transformation journey using intelligent automation

Most of the businesses still hesitate to deploy RPA in mainstream especially due to security features. How do you overcome these challenges?
RPA is relativity a new technology and to have 39 percent uptake is a testimony of organisations accepting it rapidly. With change comes conflict and one of the best ways to address it is by providing right level of control and visibility.

Through discussion with our clients, Botstatz has identified and consolidate common concerns relating to the bot execution and management in its monitoring module.

Botstatz, with the help of its governance module, creates clear and effective frameworks for risk and control. These frameworks set out the requirements of the organization to meet its responsibilities – both for the CoE and to its stakeholders. The operational risk parameters applied during building the bot could be viewed from the Botstatz command centre and any exceptions are notified.

Bot monitoring is key to the Command centre, it gives a real time active/inactive bot status, across multiple automation platforms. The Command Centre operator can further investigate and remediate by accessing the bot from the command centre without leaving the screen.

The detail audit trail provides in depth logs to back track any challenges faced during and post deployment.

Years of delivering transformation would have admitted a number of triumphant success stories. Share with us one of your success stories.
Botstatz is a result of collaborating with automation veterans to solve the real on-ground problems. Amongst us, we have more than 20 years of experience in setting and scaling automation program across different industries. During our journey we have faced one common challenge across all automation programs i.e. how to scale fast with a strong governance and agility.

As per the recent study by one of the leading analyst, only 13 percent of RPA adopters from 590 enterprises worldwide are currently scaled up and industrialized. Most RPA adopters are still tinkering with projects and not rushing towards enterprise scale adoption.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your RPA solution offerings?
We would like to make automation a rewarding and enriching experience. While building bot is technically easy, our view is to make it a seamless experience from inception to decommissioning of bots. We are working on the mobile application to monitor and control the bots from your palm. We are also Embedding AI to build patterns in recommending the health and corrective actions within the automation program.

Our goals include gamification for developers to improve development quality and their utilisation, make Botstatz compatible with almost all automation products highlight by leading analyst, introduce multiple language support and richer UI.

The current version has end to end governance, bot monitoring and remediation feature, the vision is to make the product simpler, enriched and more accessible.

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