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NeeliTech: Building a Strong Digital Core for Businesses


Jyothi Noronha,CEO

Based out of Bengaluru, NeeliTech has developed a niche in the market for automation solution. The firm is an implementation partner for Automation Anywhere and UiPath and has been delivering intuitive, cost-effective and tailor-made RPA solutions for organization across domains. The CEO Jyothi Noronha and the COO Arvind Tegginamath, explain how NeeliTech facilitates disruptive and new experience in their clients’ digital transformation journey.

In conversation with Jyothi Noronha, CEO and Arvind Tegginamath, COO, NeeliTech

Robotic Process Automation is revolutionizing the traditional business process concepts, administering workflow process and back-office work. As a company that encourages process automation, how does NeeliTech venture into the market of RPA practices?
NeeliTech is a young company with pure-play Automation in its DNA. We work together with our technology partners and customers not just as a system integrator but as a partner in their automation journey. This trust is built with our multi-platform RPA expertise and deep understanding of underlying technologies. We bring hands-on expertise with industry veterans working as business analysts understanding the customer’s business, their use-cases, and actual problems. Technical experts then architect custom-designed solutions and finally certified engineers build intelligent BOTS. All this is done with a discipline driven by process and passion to ensure the RPA journey achieves its goal for every project and beyond.

Throw some light into the various industry verticals where you cater to your RPA technology.
RPA simply provides a '24/7 super-efficient, error-free digital workforce’ which can be trained for any use-case in any industry vertical because there is repetitive manual work that can be automated in every sector. Due to high volumes and stable processes, the

manufacturing sector, supply chain management, and finance and accounting horizontal are low hanging areas to start automating. We have most of our success stories coming from the above areas.

Being intrigued by the idea of RPA, many businesses still struggle to take the first step. In such cases, it seems a proof of concept will be the right catalyst to observe the feasibility. Please elaborate how you perform PoC/ Pilot Program for a business to prove whether the solution will work or not.
A proof of concept is definitely a great idea. It is like seeing in your own home theatre the trailer of a blockbuster which everyone is speaking of! To perform a POC, we first ensure that the customer is serious about the RPA project with approvals in terms of budget and management buy-in. RPA has to be a top-down approach, else it will not reach the high level of adoptability which is essential to provide ROI.

We bring hands-on expertise with industry veterans working as business analysts understanding the customer’s business, their use-cases, and actual problems

POC starts with a discussion on the processes which are most 'painful' to the organization in terms of huge manual efforts, errors, time-consuming and unreliable behaviour at peak levels. Our business analysts then study the processes in detail to understand the complexity, automation feasibility and any process streamlining if needed. This gives a clear indication of the ROI of introducing process automation.

We then choose a process that can show high value, pick out a portion of it and automate the same to showcase automation in the client environment with their data. This instils confidence in the RPA solution. We end the POC with a demo to all the stakeholders. This is the stage that gets the attention of other process owners to get their processes automated and the journey continues. The POC process takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

Next, we plan a pilot with 4-5 processes which can surely ensure ROI within the same year. This takes 8-12 weeks. However exponential ROI is seen when end-to-end processes across

departments or organization-wide are automated.

Tell us about your client ventures that have left a positive impression on company’s position.
One of our early clients is a leading Global Business Services company, providing a range of professional services and solutions in strategy, consulting, and operations management. Their clients include some of the best-known global brands.

NeeliTech helped them achieve digital transformation for their key clients with enormous cost-saving and process efficiency at the same time. This success has ensured that we now work with them as their exclusive automation partner on multiple projects to achieve continued accelerated growth through process transformation, digital technology enablement, and creation and management of value-generating business services.

Recently, we secured a deal with a huge account in the retail sector, one of the Indian e-commerce market leaders. They had earlier worked with a global System Integrator but preferred a boutique RPA solution provider and reached out to us for scaling their RPA projects. This is has been an affirmation of our goal to provide focused service beyond customer expectation. It is the only way to ensure we are unique and a preferred partner.

What is the future roadmap of NeeliTech? What further innovations have you planned to include?
Entering the RPA market as pure-play RPA experts gained us a foothold in this exciting world of automation. But the way ahead is “Intelligent Automation”.

On one hand, our automation solution has to integrate Business Process management principles like the process mining and workflow management. On the other hand, Technology-wise, the way forward for RPA is to work with cognitive technologies to become more intelligent. In this pursuit, we are seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence, Natural language Processing, Machine Learning, data analytics into our solutions.

Our aim for the coming year is to build cost-effective, intelligent ready-to-use BOTs for some of the most useful use cases from our customer experience. We have also built a lot of competency from our experience of the wide array of customers across sectors, their issues and providing solutions for the same. We want to streamline these skills and venture into Consulting – Lean consulting, Process mining and also on specific technologies involving intelligent automation.

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