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Canum Infotech: Employing AI & ML to Ensure Comprehensive Security & Compliance

Om Mishra, CEO

Every industry has undergone a massive transformation in the recent years, especially after the pandemic. From moving their entire operations online to managing all their resources remotely, businesses have had to change almost everything. But there is one area that many seem to be missing out on even though it demands more attention than ever in this post pandemic era cyber security. As an outcome of the accelerated digital business, many digital assets have been placed outside organizations’ traditional infrastructure, exposing them to more threats. As per a Gartner report and other research suggests that, cyber security and regulatory compliance are the two biggest concerns of corporate boards, and hence, some of them are bringing cyber security experts onboard specifically to scrutinize security and risk issues. In such a scenario, Canum Infotech is rightly positioned to address businesses’ needs around cyber security and compliance. The company helps businesses strike a balance between security and continuous compliance.

Canum Infotech employs artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning to address the security challenges concerning anything around securing digital apps, infrastructure and data including IT service management, process automation, data analytics to future technology systems in making. In a detailed discussion with CIO Insider, Om Mishra, the CEO at Canum Infotech provides more details about the company and its approach to addressing clients’ security and compliance related needs.

Please talk about Canum Infotech’s solutions and the capabilities they deliver to your clientele?
We offer a variety of solutions ranging from cyber defense to compliance automation. In this digital age when all organization’s assets are exposed online to a great extent we use

technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to address various challenges. We also build predictive algorithms to understand the problem patterns or behavior patterns to further create a robust security posture for our clients including foolproof security applying the advancements in the block chain.

Further, we offer compliance automation solutions that have changed the dynamics of the way compliance audits are carried out. While this process earlier took 4-6 months to completefor a medium enterprise, it is now performed within 4-6 weeks, which speaksvolumes about the capabilities we deliver in this area with our automated and realtime compliance.

Canum Infotech employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to operationalize security and compliance addressing the challenges concerning anything to do with securing digital apps, infrastructure and data today or in the making

What are the different challenges faced by businesses with regards to ensuring complete security against any threats and staying compliant with the regulatory standards? Also tell us about the way Canum Infotech addresses those challenges.
The most common challenge prevailing in this space is that businesses have different cyber security and compliance practices in place that are used in silos. However, to make the most of these technologies, we need to strike a balance between the two and use them in a synchronized manner. This is a great opportunity to leverage the power of both to secure our digital ecosystems. So, we focus on bringing these two together and making use of the capability. For example, there are many scenarios where there is a compliance requirement, which drives the security systemsdesign and implementation. In such cases, our approach proves to be of significant strategic value driving ROI.

One of the most impact factors for us is to manage compliance first and then emphasize security. If a business does

n’t have its requirement specification in place, its design will be loosely coupled, inherit adhoc approaches applied to secure the enterprise ecosystem and will lead to problems during implementation as well as operations. Hence, we recommend having a requirement specification in the beginning. This is the key which we need to formulate and one size does not fit all. However we have well defined standards, frameworks, guidelines and best practices to guide and have the adequate level of requirements. Regulatory frame works also need to be considered in this process as applicable.

Please tell us about the company’s approach to fulfilling its clients’ specific requirements and ensuring that they get value out of their association with Canum Infotech.
Our mantra to success lies in our customer-centric approach. We always think of the ways we can deliver real value to the customers in terms of their everyday business operations. In simple words “We help customers to operationalize compliance and security across the board. In each of our engagements, we develop an indepth understanding of our clients’ challenges and needs and work towards addressing them using our technologies and solutions. We collaborate with our customers as an extended team and work with them to achieve their objectives rather than simply extending our support as an external team. It’s a mutual journey wherein we invite their feedbacks from time to time to consistently improve our solutions. solutions."explains Om, CEO, Canum Infotech.

What are the different opportunities that Canum Infotech seeks to tap on in order to grow in the future?
Our aim is to be a total cyber security company powered by AI and Blockchainbased solutions. Extensive use of these technologies guided with compliance measures is going to be a major challenge for the bad actors that always create threats, which need to be eliminated using robust and responsive mechanisms. Our vision is to create more awareness around this along with more tools, methods, and compliance to ensure a resilient business ecosystem. It’s a necessity in today’s hyper connected, digital world and we are rightly positioned in this industry to help businesses access hyper automation, hyper storage, hyper conversion and hyper security to not just survive but succeed.

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