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  • Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder,   Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder

    Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder, Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder

  • The number one challenge businesses, experts & entrepreneurs struggle with today is how to stand out in the crowded digital space where customers are constantly bombarded with ads & messages. From expanding outreach, building stronger thought leadership and acquiring qualified leads faster, businesses and entrepreneurs need to look at differentiating strategies that are key for growth. These goals are achieved fastest by creating, launching and distributing digital products such as online courses, webinars and coaching programs that educate customers, vendors, partners and employees at scale, help build credibility, and share your expertise with audiences across the world, driving that growth in brand and revenue. Knorish is one such startup that is helping thousands of businesses and entrepreneurial individuals to take their

  • How Knorish Enables Businesses & Individuals To Build Credibility & Thought Leadership, Monetize Their Knowledge & Expertise And Get Better Leads For 10X Growth

A Wetland for SaaS in India

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Managing Editor

India recently celebrated its 100th unicorn when neo banking fintech portal, Open, raised fresh capital to push its value to over a billion dollars. Remember, just five years ago. India had only 14 unicorns. It’s pretty clear that the country now has a better setting

SaaS - How Changing Businesses Impement The Technology & Create Employment

By: Varun Chopra, CIO, Studds Accessories

In an interaction with CIO Insider magazine, Varun Chopra, CIO, Studds Accessories Ltd, expounds on why SaaS are betting big technology innovations

10 Most Recommended SAAS Startups - 2022

Data Science & Analytics - The Indian Scenario

By: ashwanth Kumar, Head - Analytics & Insight, Titan Company

India, like the rest of the world, is witnessing a rapid growth in the use of Data Science to drive superior business results. There are


SaaS Ecosystem - An Overview

By: Shashank Sathe, Head - IT, Edelweiss Financial Services

Cloud is growing at blitzkrieg speed and is eating into everything. Repetitive pandemic outbreaks are causing unprecedented disruptions in various business. Maximum adoption of a ‘cloud & mobile


Attention Metric

By: Vivek P, VP - Revenue Strategy, Times Internet

The digital advertising industry’s one of the prominent promises was transparency, and this was revolutionized by the ‘click’ metric. Click for advertisers was an ROI metric representing risk


Digital Transformation: Are We on the Right Track?

By: Tarun Bali, AVP - Technology, The Body Shop India

Digital Transformation’ is one of those buzzwords whose original meaning has gotten lost in translation, yet it's evident that effective

  • 10 Most Recommended SAAS Startups - 2022

    According to OSWAL report, The Indian software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecosystem is expected to grow rapidly and increase its share of global SaaS to 4-5 percent (from about one percent at present), translating to a $50-70 billion revenue opportunity by calendar year 2030. Reports say that India has the third largest SaaS ecosystem globally, after the US and China. Last few years saw tremendous rise of SAAS and has transformed software industry and other huge enterprises it serves, thus emerging as one of the biggest disrupters in the global energy technology. SaaS has rapidly become the software delivery model of choice and preferred alternative to legacy, on premise products with the accelerated pace of growth of cloud computing. The SAAS market is expected to double in size by 2025, and continue growing from there to about $800 billion in revenue by the end of the decade. While SAAS is continuing its dominance, the IT department would be needed to be more agile and proactive instead of depending on reactive models. During migration to cloud, companies will undergo tremendous challenges of compliance and data security. SaaS offers instant decision making, cost-effectiveness, low risk and greater flexibility, among other features. Compared to traditional models, SaaS offers ease of use and faster application deployment because the application is already installed and configured. CIO Insider in this issue presents a list of ‘10 Most Recommended SAAS Startups - 2022’ who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in bringing innovative solutions to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable products and services.

10 Most Recommended SAAS Startups - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Canum Infotech: Employing AI & ML to Ensure Comprehensive Security & Compliance Canum Infotech Om Mishra, CEO Helps businesses strike balance between continuous compliance and responsive security
Druva Druva Jaspreet Singh, Founder & CEO Provides a full suite of end point data management solutions for enterprises and its flagship product empowers enterprises mobile workforce with backup, IT managed file sharing & data loss prevention
Eightfold Eightfold Ashutosh Garg, Co-Founder & CEO An AI-based talent intelligence solutions for enterprises that offers features such as talent management for engaging employees in career development and talent acquisition for transforming recruiters into talent advisors
Enveu: Helping Brands Achieve their OTT & Video Streaming Potential through a Customizable SaaS Model Enveu Shalabh Agarwal, Founder & CEO Provides end-to-end OTT technology solutions to build, launch, manage and grow a video streaming business across 12+ platforms
Freshworks Freshworks Girish Mathrubootham, Founder & CEO Providing an improved customer engagement solution for organizations and developed a powerful cloud-based suite enabled to engage with the customers at every step of their journey
Gupshup Gupshup Beerud Sheth, Co-Founder & CEO Provider of an AI and cloud-based chatbot development platform that uses conversational AI and NLP technologies to develop tools for the developers to build, test, deploy, monitor, and track chatbots across various platforms
How Knorish Enables Businesses & Individuals To Build Credibility & Thought Leadership, Monetize Their Knowledge & Expertise And Get Better Leads For 10X Growth Knorish Rakhi Wadhwa, Co-Founder, Kinner N Sacchdev, Co-Founder & CEO A one-stop solution that helps anyone build their website and start selling courses, webinars, memberships & subscriptions as well
ThoughtSpot ThoughtSpot Ajeet Singh, Co-founder and Executive Chairman An AI-driven analytics platform that makes it simple for any organization to ask and answer questions with data
 Vectorised AI Labs: Delivering Truly Engaging Shopping Experiences Online through Its Visual Search APIs Acquaint Vectorised AI Labs Vibhor Varshney, Co-founder Offers developer friendly product discovery and image search APIs to the e-Commerce businesses
Zenoti Zenoti Sudheer Koneru, CEO A cloud-driven salon business management software that provides web-based and mobile application software for service industries such as spas, salons, medical spas, cosmetology clinics, and more

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