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CargoFlash: Enlivening Air Cargo Industry with Automated Business Solutions

Jasraj Chug Group,CEO & Director

Jasraj Chug Group

CEO & Director

Aviation Cargo Transportation is acrucial task for every cargo flight; not mentioning the hybrid airlines that carry passengers inside and cargo in the belly. CargoFlash, is one of the leading IT and business consulting solution providers focused exclusively on the Air Cargo Industry, also excels in relieving airliners from this intricacy by automating their entire Cargo Cycle. CargoFlash seamlessly integrates air cargo business with organizational strategies through IT implementations, thus helping clients improve their financial performance and operational efficiency. With offices in Gurgaon and Mumbai, the ISO certified CMMI Level-3 company is home to nearly 120 Air Cargo experts. CargoFlash’s solutions encrust a broad spectrum of functions including Cargo Reservations, Cargo Revenue Accounting, Warehouse Management, Cargo GSSA Management, Express Door-to-Door Management, Customer Relationship Management, HR Management, and International Freight Forwarding Management. CIO Insider indulges in an exclusive interview with the company’s CEO & Director, Jasraj Chug.

In conversation with Jasraj Chug, Group CEO & Director, CargoFlash

Your company has created a niche for itself in the air cargo business solutions segment. What are the unique challenges that CargoFlash solves for its clients?
If you consider situation before the pandemic, the major wedge of airliners across the world focused more on passenger commuting, even though every airliner carries cargo in some form or the other. But with lockdowns across the world and commercial passenger aircrafts grounded, most of the airlines tried to balance their revenue streams through air cargo services. Our SaaS model solution offers them 360 degree assistance in handling this new

situation and generating cargo revenue seamlessly, starting from making reservations & managing schedules to tracking managing price offerings, managing payments from customer, revenue accounting, and much more.

Air cargo industry is largely driven by intermediaries like the cargo agents. Its important for airliners to publish their capacity and pricing. We have a keen focus on helping airliners with this aspect, facilitating them access to cargo agents across the globe.

How would you describe the value addition that can be expected from CargoFlash?
Besides our cargo management platform, we also offer a warehousing solutions, incorporating cargo safety and compliances engines, to make sure that our clients are never in need to knock another door when it comes to cargo. Above all, we also do the first mile and last mile e-Commerce connections through our partners, enabling our clients to offer the complete e-Commerce delivery services.

nGenLite is an effective tool that offers Airlines, Ground Handlers and GSSAs a convenient and cost effective medium to manage their entire Cargo Cycle

What is the kind of technology capabilities that your solution boasts of?
We started in the year 2010 – at a time when the futuristic technologies like IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were just starting to take off. Ever since our inception, we have always been ahead of the technology trends. Over the past three years, we have developed a lot of tools/resources to facilitate our clients’ operations through smartphones. We focus a lot on the m-commerce line, while investing a lot in our AI engine, revolving around everything from chatbots to recommendation modules and decision making assistance.

What is nGenLite and what makes it special?
Aviation Cargo Transport is a process with a lot of complexities, even for a hybrid airliner. One mistake in

documentation and you will be bombarded with complaints. On the other hand, the requirements of each airline varies, especially with the large airlines and they can afford a highly customized solution. But in the case of smaller airlines that have a revenue generation model based on Spoke–hub paradigm and don't have to move cargo from one flight to another, they need a lighter solution. nGenLitemeets all the requirement. nGenLite is an effective tool that offers Airlines, Ground Handlers and GSSAs a convenient and cost effective medium to manage their entire Cargo Cycle.

We are slowly moving past the covidera. What are the opportunities that you foresee and what are your future plans?
We are moving towards the era of online technology and usage. The extensions of products are now talking to the warehouse management department on its own. For instance, a Forklift informs the operator where to pick up the next set of boxes and their destination. We are also looking at more efficiency and transparency in the entire Cargo Cycle, making it easier to track things back and address grievances more effectively and quickly. While these are hints of a larger process perspective, from a machine learning & AI perspective, the abundance of data is being leveraged to churn out priceless insights like demand forecasting and capacity forecasting. Airliners will be able to set the princess accordingly and optimize their capability. Such level of optimization is an unparalleled benefit to have in an industry like cargo servicing which is subject to seasonal ups and downs. We are investing a lot in these areas.

On the other hand, in the post COVID era, with the lessons learned during the pandemic, its sure that all the hybrid airliners are going to take cargo forwarding as a business more seriously. We are uniquely positioned to help them automate their Cargo Cycle.

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