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  • Mushthaq Ahmed, Director

    Mushthaq Ahmed, Director

  • Accounting to the prevailing traditional, complex and cluttered operational systems in the aviation industry, User Experience often takes the back seat. For many legacy systems, user training itself is a huge task for the organization. Lenok's vision is to provide user friendly systems ensuring simple user journeys. We have infused our systems with the latest findings of User Experience studies, making it match the experience offered by novel websites. Secondly, we understand the data is the power of new age. We have incorporated attractive dashboards and perform detailed analytics on operational data to help our customers in decision making and with operational requirements. Even during Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to provide our clients with instrumental assistance by leveraging the complete advantage of futuristic technologies like IoT and ML. IoT devices attached to the airport equipment reduced human readings in many places and the data became available automatically.

  • Lenok Solutions: Futurifying Aviation Industry

Company of The Year

Chief Data Officer in Demand (A leader who creates business value from data)

By: Ashwin Prajapati, Group CIO, Symphony Limited

The CDO was born as an attempt to create a bridge between functional leaders who need information in real time and the IT department. In a perfect world, functional business leaders (Sales Ops, HR, marketing) want to be

Contactless travel is the new way forward: How India's airports are ramping up sanitization processes for enhanced safety

By: Dr. Rachna Dave, Founder, MicroGO

As travel resumes sequentially, major airports across the country are going all-out in their efforts to ensure first-class hygiene measures for maximum safety.

10 Most Recommended Aerospace Aviation & Defence Solution Providers - 2021

Top Five Customer Service Predictions for 2021

By: Suman Reddy, MD & Country Head, Pegasystems

A lot of things changed in 2020 - to say the least. When it comes to customer service, the pandemic impacted both the demand for service and how that service is delivered altogether.


Why the customer is critical to your Digital Transformation journey

By: Saurabh Sanghoee, VP, Sales and Global Services, India, Orange Business Services

The world is at an intersection where business, customers and technology are meeting to create a better, more productive world. Digital innovations have changed how customers


Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing Industry: A Revolution

By: Jagdip Kumar, Head - IT, Cosmo Films

In today's time, the speed with accuracy is the mantra for any successful organization. Most of the manufacturing organizations today have various automation tools to execute business transactions with greater speed along with data


Digital Ecosystem Build:

By: Srivaths Varadharajan, Global Fintech & Digitech, Evangelist

Digital experience defines the need for engagement with 360 degree approach cutting across all interfaces.Usually business with traditional mindsets go with offline journey.

  • 10 Most Recommended Aerospace Aviation & Defence Solution Providers - 2021

    The Aerospace Aviation & Defense industry is one of the most strategically important sectors in India. The sector has a combined strength of more than 1.3 million active personals, backed by the world's largest reserve volunteers ­ making it the second largest military force after People's Republic of China. In recent times, the Indian Aerospace & Defense sector has grown significantly, and the industry is estimated to be around $70 billion by 2030. With a valuation of around $16 Billion and above, the Indian Aviation industry is the 9th largest in the world with the potential of becoming the 3rd largest. Recently, enormous opportunities for foreign investments have cropped up. Many global Aerospace and Defence companies are looking at India as a potential low-cost manufacturing destination and a high potential market. And, additionally, home-based A&D organizations are leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, sieging the opportunities opened up by the market across the enterprise. These developments have led to many players to cash in to the prevailing opportunities and build cutting-edge technologies preparing the nation for the future. Recognizing the pivotal role, the Aerospace & Defense sector plays for the nation, in this edition of CIOInsider India Magazine, we present to the readers a list of 10 Most Recommended Aerospace Aviation & Defence Solution Providers 2021.The following list has undergone strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that includes industry veterans, subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs and the CIOInsider Editorial Team. The enlisted companies have shown remarkable proficiency in the solutions they are offering, and are helping the nation prepare for the big leaps awaiting the Aerospace & Defense sectors.

10 Most Recommended Aerospace Aviation & Defence Solution Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arrow Aviation Arrow Aviation Samir Gupta, President Provides product support like airframes, engines & tooling support, avionics & instruments, brakes & wheels, consumables & lubricants, ground supporting equipment's, landing gears, rotables, tyres and windows.
CargoFlash: Enlivening Air Cargo Industry with Automated Business Solutions Cargoflash Infotech Jasraj Chug Group, CEO & Director IT and business consulting providing solutions focused exclusively on the Air Cargo Industry, offering automated business solutions for the entire Cargo Cycle.
Continuum Aviation Continuum Aviation Harinder 'Billa' Commar, Founder & CEO A supervisor and ground handling support provider of non-scheduled private jets in the aviation industry.
Gnat Aviation Gnat Aviation Niranjan Kumar, Founder An Indian aero engine & aircraft management & consultation company, acquainting airliners with the implications of modern aircraft and the way they should maneuver it.
Kasstech Aerospace: Leading the Evolution of the Indian Aerospace & Defence Sector Kasstech Aerospace Vivek Saxena, Director Provides a complete maintenance repair, overhaul services and integration solutions for Aircrafts and UAVs in the Indian Aerospace & Defence industry ,flying training aircraft as well as thermal sensor technology.
Lenok Solutions: Futurifying Aviation Industry Lenok Solutions Mushthaq Ahmed, Director Bringing the complete advantage of new-age tech to the aviation industry by offering a spectrum of software solutions to automate the key areas of the aviation industry.
Max Aerospace And Aviation Max Aerospace And Aviation Jayesh Mehta, Director Offering innovative as well as cost-effective solutions while creating India's finest Aerospace & Defence vertical to support the needs of the country's Defense.
SASMOS Technologies: Setting New Benchmarks in the Indian Aerospace & Defence Ecosystem SASMOS Technologies Subramanya Ullal, Chief Executive Officer Innovators of A&D systems, and a leading manufacturer of wiring harness, Electro-Mechanical assemblies and Unit Integration products in the Aerospace, Defence and Marine industry in India.
Symtronics Automation Symtronics Automation Ravi Bhagwat, Chairman & Managing Director A Pune-based company boasting more than three decades of experience, and that designs and supplies a large number of electronic systems for the Indian Navy
Systems Aids: Indigenizing Electronic Equipment in Defense & Aerospace Industry Systems Aids K Venkatasubramanian, CEO A 1982-born organization focusing on design, development, and manufacture of Line Replaceable Units for airborne applications