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Chethan Kr & Ashish Koushik: Visionaries Of A Data Driven Culture

Chethan KR & Ashish Koushik,Co founders

An entrepreneur and business acumen with 13+ years experience in IT and software development industry, Chethan KR has exercised the role of team lead in various organizations. He is a delivery focussed professional with great business closures in the application development industry.

With over 11 years’ experience in Enterprise Data Integration, Data Analytics, Enterprise Reporting, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Ashish Koushik has successfully executed end-to-end solutions for large and midcap multinational companies in banking, insurance, food, energy and public sectors.

It’s no revelation that data has immense value. Question is; for whom exactly? A good number of organizations believe they need to start collecting and leveraging data. Next thing we know, they assign the job to a small number of scientists and share the insights only with the C-Suite. Though this approach serves the purpose, it’s also extremely short sighted. Instead of trying to isolate data-driven thinking, Chethan and Ashish opened the box to everyone. Before we understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of it all, let’s understand the duo’s journey leading to the establishment of the firm.

As a C-level, tell us about the responsibilities that you are involved to uplift the growth of the organisation.
Both of us hail from an Engineering and entrepreneurship background and having seen the nitty -gritties involved in running a business; ‘we know what not to do’. We have derived a good structure within the team now, wherein every team member has been assigned a certain goal, responsibility and target, which is interdependent amongst them. Hence, this makes the team always upto accomplishments. Setting up the right vision to the business and keeping the vision open to all the team members is very important.

Companies today are faced with a host of issues, which may cripple their functionality. Tell us about the challenges faced in your organisation which helped you in increasing your duties.
One of the biggest challenges we are currently facing is making sure that the product is relevant to the industry and we are targeting the right customers with features and functionalities. Enterprise SaaS business is generally not an easy thing, you need to have a very well defined go to market strategy. Positioning yourself uniquely is a definite need. Hence we have been talking to many industry leader and veterans on getting support on these areas.

SynctacticAI is an hybrid-multi cloud data science platform to power the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Tell us about SynctacticAI and how has your responsibilities enhanced the business as well as your growth as an individual?
We believe data is the next digital revolution, bigger and more disruptive than the web. And we think everyone should be part of it. SynctacticAI is an hybrid-multi cloud data science platform to power the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. More like a platform that helps you unlock and understand your data to build smarter businesses at scale. Unlike traditional data practices, SynctacticAI is Simple, Smart and Cost-Effective.

Our target customers on a very high level are split into 2 categories; companies who have not yet started applying data driven thinking in the organisation and the companies who are actively pursuing data driven thinking. Each of these two categories is industry agnostic and organization size agnostic. However, as a go to market strategy we have decided to start with ‘Fintech, IoT and Cyber security’ as the target industry.

For the growth and development of the organisation there should be a need for more cost-efficient, user-friendly, simple tools to achieve fast and scalable successes. What are the risk factors in the organization and how the organization is trying to overcome the risks?
We are in a business which serves as the need of the hour and there are many

players in the market who want to enter this field soon. Moreover, with AI/ML being a buzz word and every company using the jargons to pull major attention, getting customers educated on the true AI/ML and showing the true power of data is our motive.

Companies who want to unlock the potential of their data, hire data teams and these teams often use many open-source tools to manually build data integration pipelines to move data into data warehouses or data lakes. Analysts and data scientists then use the data to derive insights and build models. SynctacticAI provides an end to end platform where anyone can come connect their data sources, define workflows, visualize insights and build ML/AI models. Teams can collaborate with each other while working on a single source of truth for all their data needs. The flexibility of Hybrid Multi-cloud facilitates data teams with the power to optimise their workflows and bring in data or store data anywhere they please right from On-Premise to any of the cloud providers.

With our current competitor analysis and benchmarking to our platform, we are able to save organizations 60 percent of the time for data preparation and increased efficiency on team collaboration by almost 25 percent.

How have you seen the company grow and what future do you perceive for the organisation and how are you prepared for the same?
Being just 9 months since incorporation, every day has been a growth for us. From 2 seater co-working to 1500 sq. ft office to 12 ppl team adding 2 customers has been a good journey so far. Every day is different from the previous day. We anticipate to reach at least 25 ppl team by June 2020, with more customers getting added.

We have currently closed our angel round from an leading investor in Bangalore and we have added an advisor from North Eastern University, Boston who is helping with technical directions, use cases and other business decisions as well. Also, we have hired some of the bright minds in our product management and strategy side.

We see a great business opportunity for us in India, Singapore and North American market. Therefore, we are planning to hold offices in Singapore and USA in the years to come.

Organization: SynctacticAI
Headquartered: Bengaluru
Domain: Data Science

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