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Chi SquareX : Fast-growing DeepTech Startup in Data Science & Machine Learning

Aditya Girish Pawate,   Founder & Proprietor

Aditya Girish Pawate

Founder & Proprietor

The 'profound enabling power' of DeepTech has the capacity to effect genuine change. It uses cutting-edge technology to make real societal changes, and it's never been more relevant. The global pandemic, the urgency of the climate problem, and the rapid expansion of global populations have put further burden on already vulnerable systems, and deep tech is aimed to address these fundamental concerns. Chi SquareX Technologies came into being to cater to this need and is a rapidly growing DeepTech startup thriving in the Data Science and Machine Learning market segment. Its clientele varies from individuals and small scale businesses who seek assistance in developing machine learning models or data analytics.

Aditya Girish Pawate, Founder & Proprietor, aspires to provide highquality B2B and B2C services in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Aditya talks more about his professional journey and how he has been able to achieve success in the industry.

Tell us about the inception story of Chi SquareX and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
I started Chi SquareX in the year 2020 by gaining clients through some of my relationships and websites and then completing jobs on my own. Then I realised I couldn't perform so many chores on my own, due to a lack of time. I could only take on a limited project; so I decided to form a group of various team members.

Students from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Madras make up the majority of our talent pool at the moment. In addition to Machine Learning solutions, we also offer documentation, blog authoring, and compensated machine learning research. In addition, we offer one-on-one tutoring to individuals. Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GANs, and related subjects are our areas of expertise.

What are the major factors you take into consideration while suggesting your Data Analytics and Machine Learning models to small scale startups?
Before we recommend Data Analytics and Machine Learning Modules, we need to know what the client's needs are, what data collection they have, and what they hope to accomplish in the end. Once we get this information, we hold a series of thorough discussions with the client and the Machine Learning team, after which we recommend several models of options to the client in order to get the most out of the project. When a client is having trouble figuring out a model or data set, we help them out by recommending an online data set that can be used efficiently while also assisting them in reaching their conclusion. When a client requests a new model, the team performs the requisite literature survey for them and builds the model from the ground up.

We serve a niche market area that includes small business start-up as well as individuals. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to 200+ clients, worked 7500+ hours, and have grown to a team of 40+ employees

Briefly tell us about the workforce of the company responsible for its success.
Our staff is separated into many teams, including management, machine learning, content, research, design, marketing, teaching, and the Web team. Because I am a undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur, I began assembling our team there. The main workforce is made up of students from IIT Kharagpur. Having said that, we do hire Machine Learning Interns from other colleges after a thorough interview process to ensure that Chi SquareX maintains a high-quality development community. The management team is in charge of acquiring clients and delegating work to other teams such as the ML Team, which focuses on providing machine learning solutions and the web team, which checks the overall functionality of the website, and the content team, which focuses on technical writing, research paper writing, and blog writing in the fields of natural language processing, computer vision, and many other AI-related topics. Our research team, which is wholly financed by Chi SquareX, also works indepen

dently to publish research papers in top-tier international conferences. Other teams are in charge of coaching, designing, and marketing, and they all come from an IIT background.

How do you understand dynamic customer behaviour and keep up with the changes in the market trends? What are the latest technology trends adopted by the company?
We have a lot of experience providing Machine Learning Solutions in this market. We understand that all of our customers are looking for cuttingedge technology solutions that they can incorporate according to their business needs. Many of our clients may demand revisions in the middle of a project owing to model advancements over time, we can readily adapt to the client's new requirements because our developers are always up to date on the current trends in the Machine Learning industry. We use Python and R since they are the two most prominent languages for Data Science. Apart from this our team is comfortable with deploying solutions on Jupyter Notebooks, Google Colabs, APIs or setting it up on cloud servers for the clients as per their needs that are usually available on time of deployment and delivery.

We use Google one for storage, which is adequate for our company's needs. These are the most recent technologies that we employ to deploy and deliver Machine Learning Solutions to our clients. Aside from that, we use GCP, AWS, and Cloud Solutions for specific clients only.

What are the opportunities that you foresee? Which are the areas that Chi SquareX is going to advance in and what’s its future roadmap?
There are several potentials in the future, we are now focusing on offering Machine Learning and Data Science solutions to our clients. Many of our clients, who are pre-seed startups, approach us for the development of their websites, as well as their Android and iOS applications, as well as a data pipeline and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for them. However, we do not have the bandwidth to take on projects involving mobile applications; this is something we will surely consider in the future and aim to expand our workspace to include the development of mobile applications for our clients. Web design and development, as well as software development, are other sectors that we can target. In future we aim to provide complete business solutions to any new upcoming startup. These are the few developments I see for Chi SquareX in the future.

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