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  • Nisarg Pandya,,    CEO

    Nisarg Pandya,, CEO

  • The e-commerce market in India is at a booming stage and this has given a substantial nudge to the logistics industry. Now, everything can be delivered to the doorstep from Food to Fuel! This demands technology in the vehicles that can be our midnight saviors for real time tracking and assistance on the way. drivebuddyAI is one of the very few Indian companies to build AI-enabled dashcam ADAS as an aftermarket product starting from 2018. Internationally, the companies have AI-enabled autonomous vehicles that provide all the relevant features. India is a complex traffic ecosystem and to achieve autonomy in India, one will have to learn 'How to Drive?' on Indian roads. To do that the journey has to start with camera devices which can be used as assistive technology for making vehicles safer.

  • DriveBuddy AI: Leveraging Technology For Fleets & Logistics Management

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10 Most Recommended DeepTech Startups – 2022

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I have worked in various industries right from manufacturing to automobile companies to FMCG companies. While working for Gillette


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Digital Transformation’ is one of those buzzwords whose original meaning has gotten lost in translation, yet it's evident that effective

  • 10 Most Recommended DeepTech Startups – 2022

    Today, we are almost near to a decade from the time (2013), when Swati Chaturvedi, CEO of an investment firm Propel(x), first coined the term 'Deep Tech'. And, unsurprisingly, today DeepTech has become a class of startup businesses that develop new offerings based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific discoveries and advances. As deep tech ventures aim to solve many of our most complex problems contemplating diverse objectives like growth, inclusion, and equity, their prolific impact can be witnessed across all industries at economic, business, and social level. The next big surge of innovation powered by emerging technologies (especially artificial intelligence (AI), synthetic biology, nanotechnologies, and quantum computing) is expected to be driven by megatrends like global climate change, demographic shifts, resource scarcity, an aging population and scientific progress. However, it happened too. After the pandemic hit, a powerful ecosystem started taking shape to drive the Deep Tech’s development. Not only the venture capital and big businesses, even governments, academia, including others benefitted from this, witnessing the power of Deep tech ecosystem. According to a recent NASSCOM report, 19 percent of all Indian startups, i.e. 2100+ startups, are leveraging deep tech to build complex and innovative products/solutions across industries. Additionally, as per Zion Market Research study, while the global deep learning market was valued to be around $11542.9 million in 2021, it is estimated to grow to $80769.6 million by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 38.3 percent over the forecast period. The approach of deep tech entrepreneurs will effectively help realize this growth statistics. Also, the complete ecosystem Government, Universities, Corporates & Startups are equally contributing to augment this growth investing into further improvisation of technological capabilities through opportune combination of science and tech. Revolutionizing the systems and augmenting growth of new markets across indsutries, there are many deep tech startups reigning the world. In this issue, CIO Insider has come up with a list of ‘10 Most Recommended DeepTech Startups - 2022’ who have proved their proficiency in the sector with a proficient knowledge in deep technology. The following list is prepared closely scrutinized by a panel of judges consisting of CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts, and our editorial board. We believe that these platforms will help in transforming business processes through their significant expertise and knowledge.

10 Most Recommended DeepTech Startups – 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Chi SquareX : Fast-growing DeepTech Startup in Data Science & Machine Learning Chi SquareX Aditya Girish Pawate, Founder & Proprietor A fast-growing early stage DeepTech startup prospering in Data Science and Machine Learning Market Segmen
DriveBuddy AI: Leveraging Technology For Fleets & Logistics Management drivebuddyAI Nisarg Pandya, Founder Working towards enabling the commercial fleets with an AI-driven intelligent driver & fleet safety platform, to ensure safety, reduce highrisk events to save on losses to improve efficiency
Genrobotics Genrobotics Rashid K, Co-Founder & Director Genrobotics is an Indian robotics company that specializes in the design and development of robotic-powered exoskeletons and human controlled robotic systems
Haber Haber Vipin Raghavan, Founder & CEO Leverages Realtime, AI driven automation to maximize plant efficiency & output Yash Kotak, Founder & CEO An End-to-End Conversational Commerce Platform discover & checkout on and within social media and messaging
Noccarc Robotics Noccarc Robotics Harshit Rathore & Nikhil Kurele, Founders Aimed at developing robotic solutions for real world problems
DataTwin: Enabling Enterprises With The Ability To Discover The Accurate Cost Of Their Services, Optimize It To Find The Right Profitability Mix & Enable Continuous Growth Across Huge Data Volumes OneIntegral Technologies Raghavan Durgayandi & Dilip Ramadasan , Directors Ensures structured data are in place for accurate decision making, improved efficiency, and lower risk
SandLogic Technologies: Simplifying AI to Solve Mission-Critical Problems of Organizations SandLogic Technologies Kamalakar Devaki, Founder A Full Stack AI company building Edge AI accelerator platforms & Computer Vision APIs for businesses to transform
Seashore Networks: Boosting Enterprise Production by Developing Excellent Last-mile Networks Seashore Networks Ankit Dixit, Founder & CEO Working with ambitious growth partners to eliminate the digital experience divide in our societies and industries by expediting software based flexible 5G 4G, and IoT networks
Synapsica Healthcare Synapsica Healthcare Meenakshi Singh, Co-Founder & CEO Providing AI-driven solutions empowering the Radiology Workflows for healthcare domain