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Chiacon Consulting: The Right Balance of Business Processes & Technology Knowledge

  Rohit Garg & Raman Khurana,   Co-Founders

From repetitive tasks to high-volume processes, tasks with multiple steps, and tasks that require humans to interact between multiple digital interfaces, typically, around 60 percent of an organization’s process activities can be addressed by RPA. The benefits are also priceless, ranging from commendable improvements in operational cost, accuracy, and productivity rate to more room for the different functional teams to focus on core, more productive tasks. But the key to these unprecedented benefits is a digital transformation partner who understands your business meticulously and possesses the knowledge to choose the right technology platform. Having this unique balance between business processes & technology knowledge has been the game changer for Gurgaon-based Chiacon Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Offering a one-stop-shop destination with a consultative approach, Chiacon digitizes the core of organizations, unlocks the value residing in data, and focuses relentlessly on unlocking the most value using technology, providing its clients with comprehensive automation. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interaction with the company’s co-founder, Rohit Garg, to unfold more about this proposition.

In conversation with Rohit Garg & Raman Khurana,Co-Founders,Chiacon Consulting

India’s IT sector market is projected to reach $100 billion by 2025, according to IBEF. Where is Chiacon Consulting stationed in the current market in India?
We aim to be the most trusted partner for our clients in the Intelligent Automation and Analytics space. We

envision to be one of the strongest and biggest players in the Automation Services domain. Our key differentiating factor lies in the fact that our team is equally focused on Business Processes & Technology, thereby having a strong understanding of how technology impacts a business. Our main target is not to achieve big numbers, but to deliver the best quality to our client. With a cumulative experience of 30+ years in various IT functions and domains, we have a strong leadership base to support the company’s future growth.

Our team is equally focused on Business Processes & Technology, having a strong understanding of how technology impacts a business

What is the company’s portfolio of services, and elaborate on its RPA service offerings?
We are currently focused on RPA (Intelligent Automation) and Analytics Services. We are specifically aggressive on RPA growth. We are focused on setting up the RPA COE Team, Process Accelerators, and QDBs.

Quick Deployable Bot (QDB) is one of the unique strengths that we offer to our clients, where we provide BOTs as plug-and-play solutions to various business needs like Digital Certificate generators, Invoicing, Data Scraping, WhatsApp automation, and others. QDBs are handy for clients who want quick and ready to-use RPA solutions with minimum investment.

We also ensure that we have bench marked capability, and hence we target to have all our associates certified in various RPA tools and technologies.

Could you talk about one of the most challenging instances when deploying your RPA services drew the successful outcome?
We have done a lot of successful RPA Implementations across various clients globally. These automation solutions include Web Automation,Desktop Automation, ERP integration with BOTs,

and many others. But two of the most challenging deployments that we have done to date are Mobile Automation and Enterprise Risk Assessment.

Mobile Automation:This deployment was done using UiPath Test Manager and Browser Stack platform. We have automated the testing lifecycle of mobile and web apps in this implementation. This was one of the first few implementations of this solution.

Enterprise Risk Assessment:This was for one of our major healthcare clients in the US, where we helped them identify how a supplier or vendor impacts their gross revenue and profit. This was very helpful to our client, especially during the pandemic, as various suppliers across the globe were getting impacted. Using this automation, they were able to identify the upcoming risks and mitigate them proactively.

Raman Khurana, Co-Founder

Concerning Chiacon Consulting’s future roadmap, what are the opportunities it seeks to use, and where does it see itself in the next few years?
We want to see our customers unlock their human potential byimplementing Intelligent Automation. We want to take it to another level, where every person working in the industry has one personal assistant BOT to do all the repetitive and mundane tasks so that millions of hours can be unlocked for critical and innovative areas for the betterment of humanity and business.

Automation as a Service will be an interesting area to look at; this will unlock opportunities for small enterprises to leverage automation. In the next few years, we envision being one of the strongest and biggest players in the Intelligent Automation/RPA Service domain.

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