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Kanerika: One-Stop-Shop to Make Enterprises More Efficient

Bhupendra Chopra,  Founder & CEO

Bhupendra Chopra

Founder & CEO

The impact of the pandemic on the economy and efforts towards recovery have encouraged businesses across industries to leverage technologies to ensure resilience, productivity, and profitability. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is gaining widespread popularity helping businesses to reach their full potential and stay competitive by reimagining operational. Kanerika, headquartered in Austin with an Indian office in Hyderabad, is a global consulting firm building efficient enterprises with the deployment of automated, integrated, and responsive solutions. Kanerika crafts innovative strategies harnessing the power of proprietary digital consulting frameworks and compostable solution architecture. Further, in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Bhupendra Chopra, Founder & CEO of Kanerika, explained how the firm helps some of the top brands worldwide by increasing their speed to respond to evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, and empowering them with the right tools & insights for effective decision-making

The snippets of the conversation with Bhupendra Chopra, Founder & CEO, Kanerika.

Please throw some light on the inception story of Kanerika and the benchmarks it has set in the industry so far.
Kanerika was established in 2015 with the purpose of creating a global consulting company to solve data integration, analytics and automation problems for clients. Since its inception, it has been the founders’ objective to pursue their mission of crafting efficient enterprises, which they stoutly believe is critical to sail through transitions effortlessly, remain exceedingly responsive, and improve business performance. Further, in 2016, Kanerika earned its first angel customer, Veraction (now Trax), a leading transpor

tation technology provider. Kanerika started with product development of their spend analytics platform, and is now delivering a robust data intelligence system for enhanced decision making. After this, Dr. Reddy’s, a multinational pharmaceuticals company, partnered with Kanerika. The firm helped them to significantly improve their response time through a comprehensive data architecture and solution for managing large scaledata lake.

Kanerika is moving faster than ever towards its mission with a renewed strategy to craft enterprise efficiency

Additionally, in the next few years, Kanerika strengthened its expertise from data analytics to solution architecture for large enterprises. And because of this, the firm was recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers 2019 by the CIO Insider Magazine in their data analytics special edition. With such exceptional achievements, Kanerika expanded its domain expertise from Healthcare, Travel, and Logistics to Manufacturing, Retail, BFSI, Hitech, and Telecom industries in 2020. Along with this, we became implementation partners for Automation Anywhere and UiPath, UiPath and gold partners for Microsoft PowerBi.

Kanerika is moving faster than ever towards its mission with a renewed strategy to craft enterprise efficiency. Kanerika also launched Kompass, its flagship compostable solution architecture, driving the faster deployment of solutions with improved accuracy of reporting and analytics.

Could you give a brief description of the factors you take into consideration while suggesting the solution under your mission of ‘crafting efficient enterprises’?
The most important factors that we look to identify are the tactical, loose ends, and immediate ROI for current/active painful items, while going through the technical deep-dive session with new customers, or while doing the business analysis phase of any new opportunity. It's essential to show the benefits of association within a predefined time rather than starting on

long term beneficial value creation methods.

Kanerika always prefers suggest -'Start with small & step-by-step approach, rather than let me boil the ocean for you approach'. That way customers/prospects can see and evaluate the efficiencies that we bring in operations, technologies, processes, and more, across the main pillars of our offerings such as, analytics, integration, and automation.

Briefly tell us about the workforce of the company responsible for its success.
Since our inception seven years ago, our staff have been our partners and assets in our growth. We have a large number of returning personnel, not just current employees. The force consists of a strong and hands on technical team that understands the importance of staying relevant to the journey of value creation for customers. Be it opensource technology experts or integration solutions team or process automation team, the entire Kanerika team is driven by our core values of being part of the customer team.

As Don Wilson, Head of Technology at Fortegra says, the Kanerika team has been very special as they create and execute projects as if it's their own and that sets us apart while creating efficiency, solutions, and values for our customers.

How do you intend to bring in more enablements in your platform for a more supportive Kanerika? Brief us about your plans for the organization’s future.
We are certainly growing in data analytics, data integration, and process automation markets. This is because we have successfully implemented these solutions with our Australia, Hongkong, US, Egypt, UK, and US-based customers. Our focus area is growing with more than 60 percent year-on-year and we have been able to get some key customers in insurance, manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, and retail verticals. Most recently we closed deals with two investment fund companies and one of the largest global trading services, company for process automation services as the operation cost of all human-involved services is increasing. Interestingly, we are also seeing rising bookings in NFT, blockchain, crypto, and metaverse opportunities as well. This would be the direction we’d be heading towards going forward.

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