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Clavrit Digital Solutions: Empowering Enterprises to Meet their Business Goals & Thrive on the Digital First World

 Amarjeet Dangi,   Founder

In India, where the IT and digital industries are at the forefront of enabling seamless digitalization, the digital revolution is well underway, and the nation is quickly establishing itself as a major player in the digital economy. The Indian IT sector has pushed the envelope and pulled off amazing feats over the years. The transition from antiquity to modern digitized processes has resulted in a significant expansion of the industry.

Clavrit Digital Solutions is the fastest flourishing player in this space that empowers businesses to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Clavrit Digital Solutions was founded in 2015 by Amarjeet Dangi, SAP Hybris 6 Certified development professional skilled in the design and implementation of robust, high-performance, and highly scalable web-based enterprise applications using SAP Hybris, Datahub, and Java/J2EE technologies and agile methodology. Since its establishment, Clavrit has delivered numerous large-scale SAP Hybris implementations around the world and garnered the prestigious SAP Innovation Award in 2018. Besides, the firm’s strengths in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence give it a competitive edge in this niche market and have greatly aided its clients to transform their businesses with proven digital capabilities.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Amarjeet Dangi, Founder of Clavrit Digital Solutions, elucidates more about the company and its distinctive traits.

Could you give a brief on the inception and the journey of how Clavrit Digital Solutions has been so far in the IT services industry?
We commenced our journey in 2015 as an open source platform. At that

juncture, we realized that this community needed some open-source knowledge because SAP is a strictly controlled integration system and we wanted to spread knowledge beyond SAP control boundaries. We began to receive a lot of positive feedback, and we gradually transitioned into a services company and established Clavrit Digital Solutions as an entity in 2019 with the goal of driving excellence in SAP technologies, as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We have ventured into the product domain as well and currently; we are developing two to three different product options. We are working on many research areas, some of the areas which are not yet explored or solutions have been provided in the market yet. AI and machine learning is our key strengths, and we are equipped with the best talents in India. Our highly skilled professionals have extensive international experience spanning Asia, Europe, and America. They have the expertise to execute large-scale projects with high complexities.

Our vision is to provide the best world-class services & products, which are not yet available & explored in the market in order to solve real-world problems

Our vision is to provide best world-class services in the role of SAP and non-SAP technologies as well as develop AI and Machine Learning products which are not yet available and explored in the market in order to solve real-world problems.

What is the approach you take to ensure customer lifecycle satisfaction at all levels?
Our motto is ‘Customer delight’. It all starts with Presales assistance which allows customers to clearly communicate their needs and requirements. After carefully considering their needs, we develop a plan to translate those needs into business use cases. From there, we assist them in choosing the technology that will be the most suitable for their requirements in terms of scalability, quality, standard, security, and of course cost. There after, the explore or design

phase, during which we carefully understand the client requirements and direct them in selecting the appropriate framework necessary to meet their needs. Following the design phase, we move on to the implementation phase, where we put the requirements for their end goal into practice. And finally, we assist them in integration and help them go live successfully.

What are the key features and innovations in your upcoming AI and ML products tailored for the public sector and productivity enhancement?
We are currently immersed in the development of two state-of-the-art products focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning, specifically designed to cater to the public sector and enhance productivity. Our plan is to launch one of these highly innovative products by the end of this year. This particular product is aimed at the traffic police department, enabling both the authorities and the general public to monitor real-time traffic violations. This will lead to improved traffic control, a reduction in road accidents, and an increase in overall societal discipline. What sets our product apart is our use of cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms and models, all without the need for expensive hardware and CCTV cameras. Currently, no other company is working on a solution quite like ours. Furthermore, our team is diligently working on another AI powered product intended to boost productivity for both corporate professionals and students alike. By skilfully analysing user patterns and behaviours, this application generates insightful daily, weekly, or monthly reports. These endeavours truly reflect the unwavering dedication of our team of data scientists and engineers.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Clavrit Digital Solutions?
Our main motive is to add value to society, and we firmly believe in giving back. We identify the real life problems of society and strive to use machine learning and AI to solve those. Also, we lay our expertise in e-commerce and b-commerce, so we intend to use our product which is already in progress leveraging AI and Machine Learning to make customers' buying experiences better. Further, we are keenly looking forward to expanding our business in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

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