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Futops Technologies: 'Designing the Future' with Disruptive Technology

 Abhinav Agrawal, Founder,   Brahmeshwar Carpenter, Co-Founder

Abhinav Agrawal, Founder

Brahmeshwar Carpenter, Co-Founder

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are among the most disruptive technologies in the world today. With a number of applications in big data, computer vision, natural language processing, and other areas, technology is revolutionizing businesses, industries, and people’s lives. It is generating jobs, contributing to economic dynamism, driving innovation, stimulating competition, cutting costs, establishing new industries, and much more - and nowhere is its disruptive potential more evident than in the startup ecosystem.

Futops Technologies, founded in 2019, is a provider of digital transformation implementation services to large corporations, specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as computer vision, including AI, ML, IoT, cloud, big data, DevOps, and web applications. Futops Technologies India has been established as a Core Technology Team of its strategic Japanese customers. The company takes pride in its highly scalable IoT and computer vision specialized Edge and Cloud AI Computing platform, which is used for a wide range of applications.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Abhinav Agrawal Founder & Brahmeshwar Carpenter, Co-Founder of Futops Technologies enlightens us more about the company and its unique traits.

How do you see the market opportunities at hand that have been developing over the years?
Abhinav Agrawal When it comes to new solutions, the buzzwords are AL, ML, IoT, and Cloud. I believe that the market is enormous for us, particularly when it comes to video analytics platforms. It is very much open and not restricted to any industry, country, or specific to any type of usage. The market is massive, and especially after COVID, I notice that many organizations and enterprises, as well as the government are looking into digitizing their operations in order to remain robust in the face of such events in the future. As a result, the budget for digitalization has grown significantly.

I believe there is a sizable market for us, and we must seize and implement those solutions using our expertise.

What are the features of your products and what makes customers choose your offerings in the market?
Brahmeshwar Carpenter - In the last four years, we have developed an edge platform, which is in alliance with a Japanese partner that helps in accelerating the development of AI-based solutions. With the help of the platform, we have developed the expertise required to provide similar solutions to other customers. A few years ago, edge computing was something challenging. Capturing data, performing deep learning, analyzing the data, and presenting the results were rather complex when there were several sensors and cameras strewn across the field. We felt that there was a void in that area and began developing this platform, which is an intelligent video AI platform.

Futops Technologies is flexible for different customers' needs across various industries for their digital transformation needs

It comprises all of the building capabilities of data ingestion, data processing, algorithm execution, the capability to scale from a very small footprint device like the Raspberry Pi to a large-scale server, and interfacing with various protocols.

Acquaint us with a case study reflecting the success of deploying your services to solve a customer’s problem statements.
Abhinav Agrawal - Futops Technologies is flexible for different customers' needs across various industries. Since it is a platform-led business model, we are not particularly bound by a single industry, we have catered our solutions across different industries, including security, retail, healthcare, government, public services, finance, manufacturing, and education, among others for their digital transformation needs.

When we talk about any enterprise that has hundreds of CCTV cameras and just wants to make those cameras smart, they may easily integrate their existing cameras with our edge platform. They also don't have to worry about integration or data ingestion. We can analyze videos and images in any case, at any rate, by the highly scalable

architecture. With this, we have been able to deliver solutions that require facial recognition, face identification, and not just object identification, but also movement tracking. With such advanced algorithms, we have been able to address a wide range of distinct use cases for numerous sectors. We have some real-world examples of city traffic planning in Japan.

Our contribution to a traffic counter product for one of Japan's government agencies in the transportation domain assisted the department in identifying congestion and bottlenecks in the speed thresholds that define and optimize their transportation operations. We also have a security surveillance system that can monitor different types of license plates, VIP or blacklisted individuals, and raise alerts in real time. Similarly, there are several solutions employing these advanced AI/ ML capabilities that are readily available with our platform and are being deployed.

What are the unique value propositions that the company brings to the table?
Brahmeshwar Carpenter - Our people are our most valuable asset and core strength, they ensure to deliver of high-quality prompt solution backed by cutting-edge technology. We have a culture of continuous learning and persistent deployment of the skills that we have acquired. Over the last four years, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of IoT, Edge computing, and AI/ML, enabling us to cater our services on the international front. With the platform lead approach, a lot of the technology needed to implement any solution is already included in our exclusive, proprietary platform. If you have a solution requirement, you just need to tweak the platform for the corresponding usage rather than starting from scratch. We have deployed some solutions in as quick as 15 days, and when the requirement is complex, it can take up to six months, which would otherwise take years to design the solution without the platform.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Futops Technologies?
Abhinav Agrawal Going forward we're opening up to serve other markets as well in addition to the Japanese market, including India, the US, and Europe. I believe AI/Ml and computer vision are emerging areas where the same technology can be deployed into different geographies and the expansion is driven through that. Besides that, we are more focused on expanding the supported sensors that are there with the Edge platform, so we can cater to more and more use cases.

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