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Clinivantage: 'Patient, Doctor is Here'

Nilesh Jain, Director & Co-Founder

Nilesh Jain

Director & Co-Founder

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
- Charles Darwin

Quite rightly, 'change' has played a vital role in the healthcare provisions and consequently in the survival of species. Not only has technology changed experiences for patients and their families, but it's also had a huge impact on medical processes and the practices of healthcare professionals. Enclosing an entire gamut of healthcare parameters, USA, India & London based Clinivantage delivers robust PaaS based solution from end to end covering Clinical, Non Clinical, Radiology, and Administrative & integrated advanced technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, along with conversational NLP and chat based diagnostics for professionals (EHR, PHR, OT, Payroll, Patient Mobile Application) domains.

Strategic Patient Engagement- The New-Age Model of Care
Patient engagement has been a rapidly emerging movement and buzzword in the healthcare industry this year. What is called 'Consumer engagement' in business arena is called 'patient engagement' in healthcare. Patient engagement initiatives span many areas of a healthcare organization, requiring the participation and support of marketing, patient access, various clinical and non clinical departments, revenue cycle and others, including new age technology of AI. Clinivantage can help the technology function, led by the CIO, to be a point of integration for these stakeholders, helping them to define their goals, and working with them to deploy cutting edge-enabled solutions. Clinivantage's customer relationship management system (CRMs) is on route to becoming increasingly important as the expectations of personalized care and connectivity rises and successful implementation of CRM integrates workflow across the entire organization. A good number of measures and elements are put in by Clinivantage towards achieving a fully functioning patient engagement model.

Clinivantage solutions personalize patients’ care experience. With in-person and remote healthcare services Clinivantage's AI powered platform and devices facilitate 24-hour care that is easy to access and navigate. For a CIO, while next-generation point-of-care engagement technologies are keys to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, the success of such tools hinges directly on a healthcare facility’s supporting infrastructure. CIO’s must ensure that a proper foundation is in place to handle the demands imposed by both patient engagement and clinical initiatives. Clinivantage strives to avail a robust foundation for the same.

As the Director & Co founder of Clinivantage, Nilesh Jain explains, Clinivantage removes the care fragmentation experienced by patients, and enables point-of-care engagement via integration and coordination of care and enabling a shared ‘patient story’ i.e. a longitudinal plan of care shared among inter-professional team members when patients transition from one care setting to another. It is also called DATA FLOW. To deliver a truly successful care planning process, Clinivantage put patients at the center of care. Therefore, Clinivantage Platform avails three important enablements that patient care teams can utilize to promote patient-centered care. Firstly, the Clinivantage Pro.Care platform enables an effective evaluation process using templates and workflow while documenting the patient's overall progress in relation to the expected outcomes and goals; plan of care and the interventions are continuously revised, updated and individualized based; evaluation is documented following a standardized framework for knowledge-sharing of the patient’s overall status. Moreover, Clinivantage enables hospitals to achieve interdisciplinary collaboration and improve patient outcomes with care planning integrated into the EHR.

Many radiology departments are yet to adopt receiving images from other departments electronically, relying heavily on patients to provide CD-ROMs carrying their scans. This shortcoming significantly impacts patient care. Clinivantage Pro.Care platform automates the image-sharing process across all stakeholders. Automatically, sharing patients’ imaging studies through a simple, patient-centered solution streamlines care and further reduces unnecessary imaging.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Clinivantage aims to change end point care. The AI backed Clinivantage platform and off-the-shelf software algorithms can aid doctors to analyze data and provide a deeper level of insights. Clinivantage IoT devices works by using a connected network of objects that collect and exchange data for patient centric care. This technology provides direct care coordination, digitized operations and remote patient monitoring, thereby making patient centric care a reality.

"Clinivantage Paas Provides Developers With A Framework To Build Applications In-House While Also Availing A Software Development Kit (SDK)"

MyLife – Mobile Tech to Enable Better Flow of Patient's Data
According to mHealth statistics, 93 percent of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health. There is every reason to expect that this technology innovator like Clinivantage will continue to make tools available to further engage patients in their own health care and information, and to help patients comply with care prescriptions. A report by Transcend Insights, Humana’s population health management company, revealed that a vast majority of patients (97 percent) believe it is important for any health institution, regardless of type or location, to have access to their full medical history in order to deliver high-quality care.

When asked to rate factors that are most important to receiving personalized care, the consumers listed having access to their own medical records (92 percent) and the ability for care providers to easily share and receive important information about their medical history - wherever they needed treatment (93 percent). Evidently, there is no way to ensure that the patient has understood the instructions or is following the procedures properly. This can lead to recurrence of the ailment and adversely impact patient’s health. Clinivantage MyLife Mobile technology is making this complex ecosystem move information more efficiently. Data can move through the network faster with phones and tablets working as end-points. Initially, with limited access to patient’s data, it was near-impossible for the doctor to monitor the effect of medicine and administer up-to-date remedies directly. Clinivantage Devices are changing the dynamics helping the caregivers to take regular vitals and keep logs on patients. Doctors and nurses can check up on the patient directly using mobile devices which can show how to administer a procedure. Through Clinivantage Platform, App and devices, healthcare providers are actively working towards guiding their patients in the right direction.

Clinivantage MyLife mobile app is the new entrant in healthcare communication. Doctors and nurses can inspect the patient’s condition remotely. Besides of course, regular real-time communication between provider and patients also builds rapport. However, the benefits of Clinivantage devices and MyLife in healthcare have reached beyond the doctor-patient relationship. Clinivantage is also promoting collaboration, consulting and sharing of knowledge globally. Experts from across the globe can consult each other in real-time to learn and share. Whichever way, the patients reap the benefits of such a dynamic model of care. This point-of-care coordination is making a huge difference in patient recovery and decreasing the number of re-admissions. It is streamlining the process between the inpatient and outpatient care.

Flexibility, Scalability, and Availability with PaaS
The current explosion of medical applications pushes organizations to plan for how they will develop and deploy digital tools. Healthcare PaaS applications give entities a reliable and secure platform on which to develop compliant applications. Clinivantage PaaS provides developers with a framework to build applications in-house while also availing a software development kit (SDK). Applications are created using the software framework, which is built into the PaaS tool. Developing apps with the Clinivantage PaaS solution allows the C-suits and their team of developers with all the usability advantages of SaaS, but has the added benefit of developing apps all on the same platform, which increases interoperability.

Physicians deal with large numbers of patients every day and thus it is impossible to provide individual attention to each patient in a timely manner. Since, Clinivantage Platform (PaaS) caters to customizations, the Templates and Workflow availed are helping physicians custom design remedies without investing a huge amount of time. Doctors are empowered to use patient data to create profiles and categorize them. These profiles, in turn, help doctors

pinpoint the optimum solution for each patient. What may have been a complicated process is served by the convenience of Clinivantage's PaaS allowing doctors to save a lot of time for more care engagements.

While care providers continue with their digital transformation roll outs, taking advantage of Clinivantage platform is the key to utilizing resources. It can assist organizations cut back on wasted resources and instead leverage their strengths. By adopting Clinivantage PaaS, organizations have witnessed an 80 percent increase in productivity, a time-to-market decrease of 18 months for primary care management programs, and a 50 percent reduction in CAPEX. Remarkable figures indeed.

Promising Future Prospects

Clinivantage is essentially facilitating 24x7 connection between patient and those monitoring them. MyLife has already grown to become a healthcare assistant. Unlike apps that were confined to lifestyle habits and fitness tracking (diet, calories management and general health), MyLife delivers new possibilities and has secured a strong foothold in the healthcare service domain. Clinivantage is looking into AI-powered verticals, like AI chatbot. The chatbot will be built to analyze a patient's condition against a database of symptoms, while incorporating the patient's own medical history and responses to the chatbot's questions. Landing into Primary Health Centers, Clinivantage is venturing into primary care clinics that are more affordable, accessible and are end-to-end health-monitoring platform that allows the users to collect, store, analyze and share their medical summary with the entire healthcare network- personalized and defined for the user. These Clinivantage PHCs will have the ability to provide latest technology, clinical and non-clinical capabilities for new doctors, and upskilled trained medical staff to provide insights and personalized health to patients based on their medical profile.

Healthcare CIO’s can offer maximum flexibility and easy scalability to their technology adoption, capability and strategy for growth & differentiation of healthcare offerings & services. HCIT decision makers can be confident on adoption of new technology or culture change that comes next - whether serverless, continuous integration /continuous delivery (CI/CD), or Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) - they can seamlessly integrate new innovations and deliver maximum productivity with Clinivantage.

Nilesh emphasizes that 2018 may be the year of thinking beyond the curb of normalcy. The healthcare domain is ready for space age style personal command health center, designed to serve as a central mission control across a patient health services; address the local capacity, distance care, safety, quality and wait-time issues that have plagued healthcare. A lot is at stake and Clinivantage is taking a head-on encounter with such future prospects.

For now, Clinivantage's primary focus is to call out and say 'Patient, Doctor is Here’. This translates to 24x7x365 proactive care. The mission hasn’t changed, but has now evolved to serve all sections of the society, especially in terms of accessibility and affordability of healthcare. “I believe we can deliver to this mission, globally solving one of the most daunting task plaguing the healthcare industry – Last Mile Care”, concludes the Director.

Maharashtra State Government's DigiVillage Initiative

Clinivantage's stances in enabling affordable and accessible healthcare has attracted several government bodies like NITI Aayog & state departments asking the organization to contribute their ideas to improve the health and nutrition sector.

Maharashtra State Government's DigiVillage initiative is successfully running the DigiHealth program in its remotest villages.

DigiVillage is a program executed by the Village Social Transformation Foundation (VSTF), a not-for-profit state-run organization that channelizes various CSR funds for upliftment of the rural population of the state. VSTF has partnered with Clinivantage for its various schemes for rural health & nutrition development; health being a major concern due to unavailability of suitable facilities, resources and clinicians in the remote parts. The exercise has received immense acceptance & support from the villagers who have benefitted from these Digital OPD & online health consultations, conducted with help of local ASHA workers with minimal training to operate the IoT devices and connect with the doctors online via telemedicine.

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Clinivantage : 'Patient, Doctor is Here'