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TBS India: Empowers Rural Healthcare and Increases Urban Healthcare Efficiency with Technological Innovation

V. Muralidharan,General Manager

V. Muralidharan

General Manager

mHealth is one of the Healthcare industries offshoot that is emerging to build on innovative developments and create new opportunities to deliver solutions that enhances user experience, reduces the cost and expand the reach of quality healthcare to remote/sub-urban/rural locations.

One such initiative by TBS India a member of renowned Althea Group of Italy, mHealth that integrates host of medical devices in to a mobile application that captures key medical parameters. The solution not only makes the data readily available in your packet but also make them available in the cloud instantaneously for re¬mote access. TBS India, mHealth solution integrates renowned medical devices with mobile device for active wireless data communication and extends it to medical data cloud. The solution uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology that is built for very efficient communication protocol with very less power consumption.

Plight, Ponder, Produce, Progress
A common problem faced by many of us is we are compelled to live far from our parents for our professional needs. Most commonly, those living abroad often find it difficult to attend to the daily needs of their elderly parents back home. Developing countries like India are having an ageing population and monitoring the safety of older people is becoming a big factor that needs to be taken care of. Each year post-surgical care, old age monitoring, home alone individuals, chronic diseases are increasing the burden of healthcare. Also, lack of coverage, scarcity of beds, gaps in infrastructure availability emphasize on alternative solutions, such as remote monitoring. Healthcare is relying more and more on technologies such as Bluetooth, sensors, and other critical state-of-the-art parameters.

TBS India is strategically positioned to further these technologies. It provides Integration of Sensors, user-friendly single interface, data visualization, and IoT technologies. The solution reduces patient travel to Hospital as their key parameters are monitored remotely. The possibility is also to reduce the post-surgery hospital stay that not only reduces medical expenses but also mitigates the cross infection possibilities and enable the patient to recover fast at their comfort of their home, the solution also helps the hospital addresses the bed demand more effectively. Moreover the solution is also can be applied in rural as well using hub and spoke model, this enable the urban medical experts reviews extended to rural by tethering through technology.

" TBS provides a gamut of parameters that are at the forefront of revolutionizing Remote mHealthcare"

The effectiveness is also can be seen in balancing two kinds of patient group one ignoring medical condition and other extreme panicking and over loading the medical resources as the buzz to act will be managed by medical professionals.

TBS provides a gamut of parameters that are at the forefront of revolutionizing Remote mHealthcare. From Blood Pressure, ECG, Blood Glucose, to Stethoscope, Spirometry, Pulse Oximetry, Weight Scale, and many more. TBS India has upped the suite of mHealth devices with its 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Mod 3200. It is strategically built to hear critical body sounds which are a proprietary Ambient Noise Reduction Technology. Pertinent to being compactness, Palm Monitor PM6100, monitors and integrates the functions of parameter measurements in ECG, heart rate, NIBP, and SpO2. This palm sized convenient device works on real time with simple single button operation and it comes in a compact easy carry case.

The app built with user friendly interface that provides historical data trends in chart and list format, it also has built in standard parameter range and indicates the measured value is in comfort level or not. The web interface has multiple credentials with different access levels and permissions like patient, medical professional, administrator, management etc. The web portal provides complete control to

the healthcare service provider right from medical device inventory to its users (patient) to the associated medical professionals to measure parameters values.

Creating Opportunities for Development of Healthcare
TBS India is keep exploring, investing and developing to widen their parameter coverage, enhance the user experience and empower the collaboration with healthcare providers in their technology initiatives.

With a successful implementation done at NCR region through leading home healthcare provider on B2B basis, TBS India has widened the response and scope in its target population. TBS uses technology to bridge the gap between rural patients and urban medical experts for expert opinion and advanced medical reviews. With mobile communication offering an effective medium of bringing healthcare services to adverse geographies and regions, TBS India is tapping the penetration of mobile phone networks, which tens of millions of citizens now use. From preventive to diagnostic routes of mHealth, TBS targets rural and semirural healthcare. In the pursuit to bridge healthcare opportunities and development, TBS India is examining the building blocks required to make mHealth more widely available through sustainable implementations.

Key Parameters Monitored:
1. Pulse Oximeter
2. Blood Pressure
3. Glucose Level
4. Stethoscope
5. ECG
6. Temperature
7. Fetal Doppler
8. Weighing Scale

• Key parameters are taken at the comfort of patient home
• Automated process ensure data reliability
• Facilitates remote monitoring by healthcare service provider
• Health & Emergency Alerts based on predefined parameter threshold limits
• Medical data cloud provides anywhere anytime access, makes easier for 2nd opinion
• Consultation by patient or escalation to specialist by GP

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