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Cloud Destinations: Empowering Businesses with Reliable Managed Cloud Services

Siva,  CEO



Software itself is an umbrella term and has a lot of technology and domains under its shadow. While majority of the successful software based organizations provide support in almost all the major domains in the market, there are few organizations that have a dedicated group of trained engineers and specialist in a specific domain. Cloud Destinations, established in 2016 at San Ramon, CA, is one of those organizations that caters to cloud related services, security and staffing needs of its clients. Presently they have grown into being a one stop technical solution provider for their clients. In a short span of just 6 years, they have grown from having just 2 employees to now with more than 250 employees. Presently they have partnered with all the major cloud providers and are expanded globally with many of their consultants being working at fortune 500 organizations globally.

In an exclusive interaction with CIO Insiders, Siva, CEO of Cloud Destinations shares the inception story and technical services provided by Cloud Destinations, its future plans and so on:

Share us the story behind the inception of Cloud Destinations. What is the mission and vison behind it’s foundation?
Cloud Destinations was established in 2016 at San Ramon, CA. Initially started with just 2 employees, it is presently having an employee strength of more than 250. Deemed as a global ITservice organization, we are presently focused on services such as IT consulting staffing and professional services. Our areas of expertise lies in Cloud Services Application Modernization, Data Engineering, Digital Transformation and Security. The vision behind Cloud Destinations is to be an extension of customer’s organization while helping them take care of their engineering initiatives and cloud adoption.

What are the added value that can be expected from Cloud Destinations by the customers who are looking for cloud based services?

Being a one stop technical solution provider for our clients has been our biggest strength. We have a strong leadership team with several decades of experience and expertizes in cloud technologies, software development, data engineering and IT security and also have a strongteam of certified IT professionals in various skillsets such as IT and Core engineering technologies and so on, implementing the strategies formulated by the leadership team to a T. Our PMO team has been working efficiently to ensure a perfect sync between the customer expectation and “on time and within the budget” delivery.

Cloud platform capa bilities have improvised over the past several years and if you are not using the platform services, you are not maximizing your cloud adoption

Our strong staffing team specializes in placement of qualified staffs globally with many of our consultants working at North America, several EU countries and Asia for different fortune 500 organizations such as: like Google, SAP, Nvidia, BlackRock, Cisco as well as for other major organizations such as Nestle, Louis Vuitton, Stanford University, Farmers Insurance and so on. Whether It’s a staffing support or service support requirement, we have always been flexible with our customer demands. Along with these, we also provide post deployment support to our clients.

What are the recommended processes and security levels followed in case of cloud migration at Cloud Destinations?
Previously cloud migration meant a lift and shift where either physical servers or virtual servers were converted to virtual cloud servers where the only advantage gained was migrating the infrastructure into a 3rd party cloud provider such as AWS, Azure, Google, Rack Space, SunGard and so on. In the recent years followed, cloud platforms have been immensely improvised and now a days it’s the plat form service that majorly defines the cloud adoption. So to maximize your cloud adoption, you need to use platform services.

We at cloud Destinations have partnered with almost all the major cloud service providers and once joined hands, our certified cloud specialists help customers throughout their cloud migration set up through cloud native development, breaking down complex

architecture into micro services, infrastructure as a code, containerization, server less, cloud data lake, cloud data warehouse cloud security and so on. In the meantime our security team along with our infrastructure engineers work on setting up various SecOps initiatives, Assess Code Vulnerabilities, OWASP Assessment, Penetration testing and so on.

Could you recall any complex scenarios encountered during the cloud service deployment?How did you resolve the issue?
If we are not careful from the inception of the design and architecture level, cloud service might turn out more complicated. All of the major cloud service providers provide the customer with a well-built architecture, security operational and functional excellence and cost optimization. Even our cloud experts are well trained in implementing those features and in resolving complex cloud bases issues.

In one of the scenarios, one of our customers had set up some expensive VMs with vertical scaling, reserved instances with excessive capacity, lack of backup policies and so on. After a cloud health assessment we success fully reduced the customer expenditure by 40%. Similarly we have helped many of our clients in saving much of the cost through best cloud practices and platform service implementation.

In terms of investments and its impacts, what are the future plans for Cloud Destinations?
Based on the trends, our major plan for future is to expand our portfolio of cloud services. Presently we are investing on training our staffs, include technologies such as: to include AI/ML, NLP, RPA, Blockchain and Wearables technologies and so on to our portfolio while keeping up with the evolving trends. As our clients have expanded into multiple sectors such as healthcare, fintech retail, technology, travel, life sciences and more, we have been trying our best to cater to their growing needs. We are also investing in product engineering, global staffing and professional services through partnership with many of the US based technical companies.

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