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CloudConnect Communications: The Next Generation Business Communications Partner

Raman Singh,Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Raman Singh

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Telephony services serve a great deal in ensuring business success, especially for smaller businesses. One-stop-shop for them is CloudConnect Private Limited, which is India’s first business to business DOT-licensed Virtual Network Operator (VNO) that provides a cloud-based mobile-first platform. CloudConnect enables SMBs access to current enterprise communication systems like PBX on mobile, IP Phone solutions, Unified Communications & Collaborations as well as customized business communication solutions. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive chat session with the company’s co-founder, Raman Singh.

In conversation with Raman Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

In the past one year, the enterprise communication has adjoined another dimension to it, becoming one of the most crucial aspects of doing business. Where is CloudConnect positioned in the industry as a solutions provider and what’s your mantra of success?
We are India’s first unified-communications-as-a-service provider. Our Mantra is built up of being simple, scalable, seamless and secure. By simple, we mean communication solutions that are easy to install, maintain and use. ‘Scalable’ implies that you can manage multiple locations with

multi-office centralized PBX, and seamlessness points to the fact that we are a single operated platform for Voice, Video, and Data Sharing and Office automation. We also enforce advanced encryption and enhanced ZRTP, and thus secure. So we have pretty much set ourselves apart from the competition. We manage our services end-to-end without any dependency.

We are India’s first unified-communications-as-a-service provider. Our Mantra is built up of being simple, scalable, seamless and secure

Brief us about the importance of VoIP for small businesses and how CloudConnect is catering to this need when most providers only focus on large scale organizations.
Firstly, we are a DOT regulated VNO, meaning, by law, we are allowed to integrate Voice over IP or VOIP and PSTN on the same network. Our service enables you to see your caller’s number with other service providers and this is one of our USPs. We are also enabling organizations to work from anywhere, meaning you can receive calls from our softphone through your laptop. If you’re a ten-user company or hundred-user company, all of your users can call each other as an intercom. Most of our solutions are bespoke or customized as per customer’s requirements.

Walk us through the range of services rendered by CloudConnect.
We offer a wide range of solutions including, but not limited to PBX on Mobile, Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Unified Communications, Business Process Integration, Click 2 Call, Broadcasting Services (Voice & IM) and Call Location Tracking. We also offer class five PBX features and key

SKUs with unique services like a complete telephony plat-form, offering a complete cloud based omnichannel contact center which includes social media integration, WhatsApp & SMS integration, and SMTP integration. Since we are SaaS-based, our solutions can transform traditional PBX systems into cloud at zero CAPEX without compromising on the quality.

Provide us with a case study in which CloudConnect successfully met the needs of its clients.
Dr. Bhatia’s Medical Coaching Institute had a lot of issues in managing and optimizing their marketing campaigns as they were receiving a huge number of calls and generating a lot of reach on the social media platforms as well. They wanted to create a process where everything could be managed and monitored at the same time. Hence, we created a customized 50-user contact center solution. We provided every-one with laptops, headsets and then a contact center solution which monitored all calls and also fetched all the social media leads. We also automated the marketing calls, increasing the number of calls multifold. As soon as the customer picked up, the call was landed on the agent. This gave the agents more hours on calls than just making and receiving calls.

What is the road map that lies ahead? How is CloudConnect gearing up for the future?
Our future goals are very clear; we want to expand PAN India. We are also running a small incubation center within our company. Any business or startup which is into AI, ML, Voice box, Chat box, and future-tech like that and they want to integrate their technology into our platform, we are more than happy to work with them. Today’s biggest pain point for businesses lies in not just buying a CRM solution, but to show that I have my own telephony as well. We want to cut that journey short for organizations and offer an integrated solution.

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