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ODIGOLIVE: Redefining Field-Force Productivity With ODIGOLIVE

Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO,Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO

Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO

Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO

Smartphones are the new office, especially for the mobile workforce. The field-forces use them for all sorts of official communication with customers, colleagues, and managers. The pandemic has been a tailwind to this culture and it’s beyond any reasonable doubt that the new normal in the remote working situation is here to stay for a very long time. Hence, businesses need secure messaging platforms now more than ever before. For the remote teams to be working effectively, they need to deploy enterprise mobility to be able to control access of their users, ensure compliance, automate registrations, and secure their corporate data.

Day-to-day official activities like sharing documents, updating data collected on field, and filing reports, among thousands of other requirements are easily met by secure enterprise messaging tools. ODIGOLIVE (developed by TalentBridge Technologies), a secure messaging app for hierarchical & distributed workforce developed by Bangalore-based TalentBridge Technologies Pvt Ltd, checks all these boxes while effortlessly addressing the issues of data security and confidentiality and optimizing team collaboration and communication. CIOInsider is delighted to interview the men at the helm of ODIGOLIVE Gauravendra Shukla & Sandip Yuwanati.

In conversation with Gauravendra Shukla, Founder & CEO and Sandip Yuwanati, Co-Founder & COO, TalentBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Give us an overview about the key features and features of ODIGOLIVE. How is the company positioned in the Enterprise Communication market space?
ODIGOLIVE is a horizontal SaaS product that caters to a wide range of customers. This messaging app benefits businesses across multiple niches having diverse needs and end-targets. It also incorporates numerous features such as geo-tagging for marking attendance, identity verification using face recognition technology, and check-in & check-out with a timestamp. ODIGOLIVE’s geo-location-based Lead Broadcasting streamlines the process of lead management. The app broadcasts

business leads to field representatives based on the latter’s proximity to the prospective client (lead)’s location. Thus, even if you are on the field, ODIGOLIVE will never let you miss a business prospect.

Some of the major factors that affect the overall productivity of field-force are manual planning, incomplete customer profiling, and time spent on servicing and data reporting. ODIGOLIVE streamlines the workflow for field-force by providing everyone with access to information at their fingertips, which is crucial for boosting productivity as well as business success. For example, with ODIGOLIVE, field executives do not have to make calls for fixing appointments with clients as the broadcasted leads have all the necessary details on ODIGOLIVE. The field executives can use the app for fixing appointments right from the field. Similarly, this horizontal SaaS product also relieves field executives from the burden of making data entry on calls/visits, and creating reports on excel sheets separately to be shared with the reporting managers. Lead engagement can be updated on the move with absolute ease.

ODIGOLIVE streamlines the workflow for field-force by providing everyone with access to information at their fingertips, which is crucial for boosting productivity as well as business success

Pandemic has disrupted both businesses and lives across the globe. How has ODIGOLIVE helped organizations cope with the new normal?
The COVID-19 crisis has been a period of uncertainties and the whole world is still battling against it. For ODIGOLIVE, the lockdown was a period of self-enhancement. ODIGOLIVE offers video call-based sales interaction for creating seamless customer experiences, which was developed in 20 days during the lockdown period. With the lockdown, and social distancing becoming the new norm, a lot of enterprises are counting on ODIGOLIVE for conducting video product demonstrations/discussions with their customers. ODIGOLIVE’s video sales tool not only helps users maintain social distancing norms, but also makes geographical barriers redundant by letting your global customers know about your business offerings.

Walk us through the range of solutions rendered by ODIGOLIVE.
ODIGOLIVE’s enterprise messaging

solution helps the users to connect seamlessly in secure ways. Using the hierarchical communication, users can share the data/documents only to the intended individual to ensure data security.

The Attendance Management solution helps the companies to minimize the loss due to buddy punching, as the Face detection and recognition used in ODIGOLIVE authenticates the attendance system. In addition, ODIGOLIVE’s Lead Management solution offers higher chances for the companies to increase the conversion rate. We offer a completely automated lead management module with a dashboard for insightful data and actionable information.

ODIGOLIVE’s Field Force Tracking solution increases productivity by helping the field force in selecting the better route to meet more number of customers in a day. Companies can view the live location of the field force to track their performance as well. Our data collection solution helps the companies to collect the data in a structured and secured way from any place and provide the meaningful insights and actionable information out of the collected data. On the other hand, ODIGOLIVE’s Video Sales Experience gives the company and their customers the satisfaction of meeting in-person during the Post pandemic new norm of working remotely. Be it a product demo or an internal team meeting, ODIGOLIVE’s video conferencing can be used on the move.

Provide us with a few case studies in which ODIGOLIVE successfully met the needs of its clients.
The client, a leading telecom services company in Africa, had a team size of 500 on-field sales professionals stationed in multiple countries across the continent. Absence of physical office space and a unified system to manage daily operations proved challenging on many fronts, including daily operations management, the efficacy of the attendance system as well as reporting for various internal processes. Using ODIGOLIVE, the company gained robust reporting as well as benchmarking the remote teams’ performance against the competition.

What is the road map that lies ahead? How is ODIGOLIVE gearing up for the future?
ODIGOLIVE was developed with an intent to make the management of distributed workforce a hassle-free activity. With complete transparency, it ensures a secured and scalable way of communication and field management. The upcoming sales data collaboration of ODIGOLIVE will give meaningful insights to the sales team with the data collected by their field force across the geography.

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