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Codepolicy Technologies: Deploying New-Gen Technology Solutions for Business Problems


Codepolicy Technologies is an IT service provider that caters to the A to Z technical requirements of corporate entities, small and large, in retail, security, ecommerce, finance, and insurance. The company based out of Pune, established in 2016, comprehends the pain of building IT products by working closely with the customers to understand the domain and delineate the challenges. Ashish Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, believes in exercising the process to try and automate IT rather than implementing it. Here, he converses on how the company reduces the pain of businesses and execute the overall product development process.

In conversation with Ashish Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Codepolicy Technologies

With more businesses adopting advanced IT infrastructure, it revolutionizes the way enterprises manage, scale and process large-scale applications. Please narrate how Codepolicy Technologies started off its venture in the technology domain.
Today, every business enterprise has an urge to implement technological solutions. A majority among them have minimum idea on how to spend their budget for a specific project. Most of the times, they end up spending more than the allocated budget for a specific project because of the failures in achieving the right need. Having observed these changes in the industry, I started Codepolicy with a determination to reduce the burden for businesses in all possible ways. We are a specialized team of experienced IT professionals who are well versed in solving business challenges digitally. With the vast knowledge our team possess, we use next-generation technologies to find solutions to business problems.

Technology accelerates business processes and provides value to the company by creating development framework for the IT department. Tell us about the IT services Codepolicy provides that enable businesses to keep their offerings up a notch.
In my opinion, the fundamental rule is to out do the process involved and engineer within the standards to obtain success. Our services include IT consultancy and Product Development.

In the IT consultancy area, we extend our hands in Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy Consulting, Process Automation, and Next-Gen Technologies Consulting using short term and long-term IT strategies. In addition to that, we also provide custom software development, chatbot development, legacy application modernization and application portfolio consolidation. By revamping the legacy software infrastructure with next-generation technologies, we keep businesses at pace with the changing technology landscape and make it future ready. Moreover, we are also involved in mobile application development, product development, staff augmentation, and engagements around AI and IoT.

Each individual in the company compliments each other with unique skill sets, making us a perfect team that helps us to produce highly productive and efficient software solutions

In today’s IT service providers’ realm, it is challenging for startups to stay ahead of the curve with efficient team of technocrats. Kindly elaborate on your team of technocrats who empower Codepolicy to achieve success.
I have 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. Bhavana K, Director, looks after the business operations and HR activities. We consider each individual of our team as an ambassador of CodePolicy, maintain professional standards throughout all stages of a project life cycle. Each individual in the company compliments each other with unique skill sets, making us a perfect team that helps to produce highly productive and efficient software solutions. That is the reason Codepolicy’s deliverables are impactful, agile, and reliable.

Could you please cite one or more success stories which could present a detailed example of the kind of services you provide?

Sure. In one case, a US-based PR company wanted to modernize its legacy SaaS-based product. They wanted to migrate to advanced technologies like Java, Angular, AWS to improve overall maintainability and scalability of the product, and automate the maximum of their processes to maintain the standards and process intact. Using our customized legacy modernization and integration framework, we upgraded the overall product to newer and robust technologies, and migrated to the cloud, thereby neutralizing the challenges it was facing. It saved the overall maintenance and process cost by 43 percent.

Ashish Khandelwal,Founder & CEO

In another case, we have built an online skill assessment solution called Skillerin. This engine, which is currently in beta version, helps in reducing the overall hiring cost by approximately 60 percent and help them in decision making by building the skill matrix and score cords. The metrics help professionals as well as recruiters to analyze the skill gap compared to market demand and help them understand the core and non-core skills.

In an ever changing technology landscape, what has Codepolicy Technologies reserved for its future endeavours as a startup?
As aforementioned, our main aim is to cater solutions to specialized customers who seek to ease their IT infrastructure and automate. With an objective to deliver quality services, we are choosy with the customers, help the businesses who are really in need of best talent and professional services. Currently, we are heavily deployed on building AI-driven custom Chatbot, to address the unique nature of each business. This is the future and we are specialized in it.

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