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JYS Infotech: Collaborating with Google & AWS Cloud to Move from Paper to Paperless


JYS Infotech is a Google Cloud partner which develops scalable web & mobile (Android & iOS) applications on the Google Cloud and Amazon Cloud platforms. Scalable apps allow businesses to handle any user traffic without worrying additional hardware infrastructure with less cost. It also free them from hardware, data centre maintenance and allow them to focus on core business. The company headquartered in Pune helps firms to automate their business processes and reducing custom/manual work drastically. JYS takes custom requirements from the customers, understand the business processes and helps them in automating using G-Suite, Google Apps Scripting, Web & Mobile Apps. The company also engages in the development of workflow applications. Founder & CEO, Kiran Jadhav and Co-Founder, Ashish Barokar of JYS Infotech here provides a detailed insight on what led to its inception and what services the company offers.

In conversation with Kiran Jadhav, Founder & CEO and Ashish Barokar, Co-Founder, JYS Infotech

Technology makes work easier and increases productivity. It contributes to a healthy environment in an organization, and enables customers to easily access their needs. What inspired you to start business in the field of global Information Technology?
While I was previously working in a different company, it came to my notice that businesses in retail, manufacturing, and automobile are heavily relied on manual work. After realizing its unorganized nature, I saw the opportunity of introducing automation in those sectors to help them in transforming from a paper to paperless technology. We at JYS Infotech deploy android apps where business executives can keep tabs on their manufacturing units to update details which get recorded in the database. This also enables them to examine the data in their convenient time.

Every IT organization zeroes in on

giving productive services, which balances it to stand ahead among its competitors. Tell us about the products and solutions offered by JYS Infotech to the customers?
JYS Infotech knuckles down in providing mobile application development for Android and iOS. Collaborating with Google Cloud, we provide solutions in Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Translate API. We bear an excellent Google certified Team of G-Suite & Google Cloud Platform Specialists. Our web application development is not just carried out in Angular 7 but also using Node js, React js and the latest technology Vue js. We have covered both educational institutes and businesses under our G-Suite services. By integrating Google Apps Script for business use cases, we develop workflows which make their business operations hassle free.

We bear an excellent Google certified Team of G-Suite & Google Cloud Platform Specialists

Changing technological landscape and increasing customer demands encourage employers to learn and adapt new technologies. Elaborate the team JYS Infotech bears, and explain what makes you different from your competitors?
We use agile methodology in the development process. Our team always work towards innovation and try to give inputs from our end by lending ears to customer requirements. Usually, customers state their requirements in one-liner. From that we try to understand their demands in a broader way and buckle down with our industry experience to produce fruitful results. Our team keeps upgrading their key skills in ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). They have invested time and efforts for significant

applications such as voice processing tools like Alexa.

Being an organization started in the year 2016, share one of the success stories which have made JYS Infotech be well received across industries?
We have recorded many a success story within the short span of four years. One such case is a business enterprise based out of UK which works in the claims processing business. We developed a web application in which their customers can login and upload documents and evidences in the portal. The portal is linked with Google Drive and also Zoho CRM which enables triggers. This allots reading of their mailboxes automatically. For example, if any customer sends an email with documents that showcase evidences, we read those emails automatically and upload to the portal on behalf of them without any human interference. This process saves time for them for handling the claims rather managing the documents.

Kiran Jadhav,Founder & CEO

With significant developments redefining the cloud computing technology, what are the plans for JYS Infotech in the years ahead?
We are shaping ourselves a product based company along with being a serviced oriented company by assisting businesses to achieve their objectives and goals. At JYS, our team always strive to live up to the expectations of customers who have product ideas. Moreover, we are also embarking on steps to developing our own products which will be launched soon.

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