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Cogniticx: Engendering a Robust First-of-its-kind Data Science Ecosystem

Promod Sharma & Rishi Bagga,Co-Founders

The world has long accepted the fact that Data is the new oil, and it also needs meticulous refining to optimize the full potential. Cogniticx is on a mission to curate the finest analytics talent that’s capable of this refinement by creating an ecosystem of Data Science, while also helping organizations to unlock the potential of daae through them. The company was co-founded by Rishi Bagga and Promod Sharma, who have over six decades of IT experience between them. Back-lifted by their extensive experience of working with reputed organizations such as SAS and Reliance respectively in their last assignments, the two industry veterans are showing an exemplary avenue to thrive Dataprenuership in India. CIO Insider is delighted engage in an exclusive integration with the duo.

In conversation with Rishi Bagga & Promod Sharma, Co-Founders, Cogniticx

Digital technology has put data at the epicenter of everything. In this dataintensive business world, how is Cogniticx equipped to help companies & people get the most out of this data?
Cogniticx is India’s first Market Network for Data Science and was conceived with a vision to democratize the consumption of Data Science and to create large scale, value added work opportunities for India’s exceptional engineering talent. Our online platform curates the best in class data science talent, one that clients could leverage ondemand to source talent or have insights-based outcomes for their business requirements.

On one hand, Cogniticx reduces the cost of adoption for businesses by ensuring that they get critical Analytics insights for their businesses, while possibly absolving them of significant investments in technology and resources. This acts as a great leveler and builds inclusiveness as now even organizations with modest means could

get benefited. On the other hand. India’s extremely talented and burgeoning workforce with proven technical skills needs rapid large-scale job creation. It is Cogniticx’s mission to contribute towards India achieving a global data science power-house status by creating an eco-system that supports this talent, helps them innovate and become Datapreneurs.

As a Market Network, Cogniticx serves dual constituencies of Clients and Service Partners through our various offerings to reduce the cost of adoption for clients and create opportunities for our partners

What’s is the level of impact that you want to create through your platform?
Cogniticx desires to make three ‘disruptive’ contributions, which arguably shall alter the goal post in the Data Sciences industry. Firstly, we want to alter the approach of the industry where success is misguidedly centered on technology procurement rather than the outcome, where technology’s role should be incidental. Secondly, we want to reduce the cost-of-adoption and time-to-market for an organization that wishes to leverage analytics & data science in its business. Another objective is to create Datapreneurship opportunities for the talented young population on the planet.

To achieve these objectives, Cogniticx is investing in creating a Data eco-system that nurtures talent early through university-partnerships, creates work opportunities, and promotes networking & peer-peer learning through its community. With our recent programs like Women in Data Sciences (WiDS), we are also working towards gender inclusiveness by helping to create more opportunity for women Data Scientists. WiDS aims at generating convenient work opportunities for working mothers and returning women professionals.

Tell us about your product & solutions, and the technology frameworks behind them.
As a Market Network, Cogniticx serves dual constituencies of Clients and Service Partners through our various offerings. The Pandemic has forced

small & medium businesses to make a challenging transition from offline to online. We’ve recently introduced a Robotic Selling & Engagement (RSE) service that leverages AI and Robotic technologies to help them engage with their web traffic, leading to a higher probability of conversions.

We also have other core Data Science based services that help enterprises in areas such as AI/ ML for Vehicle/Face Recognition, Fraud Prediction, Demand Forecasting, Risk, Service Price Forecasting, Promotion Effectiveness, Logistics Optimization, Targeted Marketing, and so forth. In addition, our Talent Acquisition and Continuity Services (TACS) helps our Clients and Service Partners grow their bench and build scale. It’s a great orchestration of leveraging the wonderful Gig opportunity to create a win-win for both our Clients and Service Partners. In fact, some of the leading consulting companies are our clients for these services, including some of the Big4.

Could you share an implementation story with us?
We are a business focused around making technology, particularly Data Science, ubiquitous and its benefits inclusive for all stakeholders. Of late, for a large consumer durables company, we successfully used AI to capture fraudulent service claims, which led to a sizable reduction in a wasteful payout, impacting the bottom line directly. On the other hand, our Robotic Selling & Engagement (RSE) has been able to generate 10 percent incremental sales enquiries within two weeks from its implementation for large and small brands alike.

What is the future roadmap of Cogniticx?
With our endeavors to nurture talent and make it industry ready, we’ll continue to invest in strengthening the Eco-System and its value proposition for all the stakeholders. At the moment, we are India-centric, but we are exploring options to generate opportunities across the borders. We’ll continue to invest in our Cogniticx University Partnership Program (CUPP) that aims to shorten the learning curve for students through practical immersion.

Furthermore, currently we’re collaborating with a premier Indian University to instill Data Science drive in students at the senior school level. We’d also like to take such programs to the grass root levels across the country, so that we build quality talent in abundance.

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