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  • Tushar Chowhan, Founder & Managing Director

    Tushar Chowhan, Founder & Managing Director

  • The digital transformation has already entered its fine tuning phase. The penetration of automation into the nuances of the engineering industry is well on the go – in pursuit of sustainability, smart manufacturing, and driving down costs. Let’s take the case of the Energy industry. Operating amidst acutely challenging environments, the Oil & Gas and Green Energy companies are in constant look out for developing products & providing services / solutions at the lowest of costs, spanning their multi-fold product lines. The need of the hour is disruptive technology solutions that can take the outcomes to the level-next by recognizing the onsite, ground-level engineering challenges, helping in decision, making and optimizing tools.

  • Exo-Field Engineering Solutions: Disrupting The Engineering Industry With Intelligent Next Generation Technologies

Building Data Refineries In Digitopia

By: Sujith Vasudevan, Assistant Editor

Borrowing the words of Edwards Deming, the father of modern day quality management, "In God we trust; all others must bring data."

Deciphering Analytics

By: Anand Bhatia, CMO, FinoBank

When we see , hear or even speak the word Analytics it conjures up, Graphs, Charts, Numbers running all over a computer

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers - 2020

CIO Lifecycle in the Modern Era

By: Anil Ranjan, Sr.Practice Lead & Sr. Solution Architech, Inspirisys Solution Ltd

Head-IT/CIO/CISO is so prestigious position as it's not easy to reach there, but once you are there, it's your skill,


AI Is No Magic: Four Steps To Get Your Organization Started On Its AI Journey

By: Sandeep Alur, Director, Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft India

For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has demonstrated its heartbeat via the predictive


A Digital Journey - Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, wSocial And Security

By: Kapil Mahajan, CIO, Safexpress

It's a known fact now that the Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security (CAMSS) have changed the way we interact with one another


Data Privacy

By: Argha Bose, Head - Cybersecurity, Tata Advanced Systems

Every organization has some important data within their environment and IT landscape at different places. They are battling with answers to


Can Bankers Sleep Better Knowing Customer Data is Safe through Analytics Backed Digital Innovation?

By: Anil Somani, Chief Transformation Officer, Altimetric

Data security is one of the top reasons for bankers to lose sleep in this age where data and

  • 10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers - 2020

    Data is the demigod for industries. It is increasing efficiency across business processes, helping organizations to analyse faults and improve products & services. Industry inclination suggests data with analytics is able to detect hidden problems and show side paths for organizations to carry on with their work, thereby making them stay productive. Every datum available from the user-end helps in predicting upcoming market value, trends and customer interest, which makes organizations decide on future approaches. But analysing data becomes a hectic task due to the volume of data generated. The huge volume of structured and unstructured data make it necessary for companies to seek help of data analytic firms, which implement data analytics tools to manage heterogeneous data and churn out useful insights from those. Some of the tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Logi strengthen data presentation, with relevant details in forms of meaningful charts. Once the analytics are received, the firms are able to take decisions related to market values of their products, services, customer preferences, and the future market orientation. From a business perspective, to maintain its health, it is important to take any decision based on solid data. Data analytics never keep business owners clinched to business goals firmly, without any unnecessary hassles or worst business decisions. With the benefits of data analytics, organizations are always in the lookout for a spearhead data analytics partner. In this edition of the CIO Insider magazine, we present a list of ‘10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers - 2020’. The list is prepared by a team comprising CEOs, CIOs, CXOs, Analysts, and CIO Insider’s editorial Board after thorough analysis and scrutiny. The CIO stories decipher their thoughtfulness in providing data analytics solutions. It also shares the technologies they use, their journey through the years and how they achieved success.

10 Most Recommended Data Analytics Solutions Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AdAnAc Consultants AdAnAc Consultants Achilles Saxby, Founder & Data Scientist Provides consulting services in Exploratory Analytics, Visual Insights, Business Intelligence, Data-driven Decisions and Forecasting Models, and others
Cogniticx: Engendering a Robust First-of-its-kind Data Science Ecosystem Cogniticx Promod Sharma & Rishi Bagga, Co-Founders Democratizing AI adoption by creating an ecosystem of Data Science, one that curates the finest analytics talent and an exemplary avenue to foster Dataprenuership in India
Convergytics Solutions Convergytics Solutions Sanjeev Mishra, CEO and Co-Founder Offers services in analytics services, pricing analytics, optimization, analytics solutions, market mix modeling, and related data analytics solutions
Evalueserve Evalueserve Ravi Mehrotra, Co-Chief Executive Officer Delivers services in market & competitive intelligence, sales intelligence, procurement intelligence, supplier risk monitoring, ip search & intelligence, ip administration, and more
Exo-Field Engineering Solutions: Disrupting The Engineering Industry With Intelligent Next Generation Technologies Exo Field Engineering Solutions Tushar Chowhan, Founder & Managing Director A tech-powered niche Engineering Solutions company, combining its deep, core physics and multi arena engineering know-how with key expertise in software development, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and data analytics
Incedo Incedo Saurabh Mittal, Chairman Offers product engineering, cloud computing, business solutions, IT consulting and IT services, application services, testing and validation, and other important services
Inference Labs: Delivering Intelligence over Insightful Data Inference Labs Sumit Arora, Co-Founder Performs Decision Science & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Machine Learning, and Analytics Consulting and offers Splunk, Data Mart Build, Data Lake, IOT Analytics, and Data Engineering
Krish Compusoft Services Krish Compusoft Services Vishal Shukla, CEO Provides web application design & development, brand communication design, UI/UX design, portal development, .net web application development, share point development, opensource web application development, SAP, and much more
Spocto Spocto Sumeet Srivastava, Founder & CEO The firm provides efficient services in Individual persona level data & analytics, big data, IoT, and marketing technology
Virtusa: Sparking Innovation with Enterprise Data Management Solutions Virtusa Arvind Purushothaman, SVP & Global Practice Head of Cloud & Data Engineering A global provider of digital business strategy, digital engineering, and information technology (IT) services and solutions that help clients change, disrupt, and unlock new value through innovation engineering across Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Communications, Media, Entertainment, Travel, Manufacturing, and Technology industries

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