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Contaque: Leaders in Assisting the Telecom Industry to Revamp their Infrastructure

Avneesh Mathur, Co-Founder

Avneesh Mathur


The Indian telecommunication sector with a subscriber base of 1.17 billion and has registered strong growth within the past decade and a half. Therefore, Investing in an efficient communication system reduces costs, boosts customer satisfaction by resolving customer issues faster, and reduces service errors as well.

Making smart use of technology and offering proactive customer care, intelligent routing and seamless data across in the telecommunication industry is Noida based Contaque Avneesh Mathur, further elaborates about his company’s unique features and flagship offerings in the conversation below.

In conversation with Avneesh Mathur, Co-founder, Contaque

The Telecommunication sector is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors since the turn of the millennium, with billions of consumers worldwide. How is Contaque placed in this rapidly growing industrial sector? In what ways is your company taping into the infinite opportunities that the Telecom sector offers?

Yes it's true; the telecommunication sector is the fastest-growing! In fact, India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market. We, at Contaque, have reinvented our core technology and helped some of the prominent enterprises in the industry to cater to the needs of the thriving sector that we’re also a part now.

Today’s consumers engage with multiple channels during their customer journey, out of which the foremost

preferable is the telecom channel with which most are connected through a basic telecom service. Also considering various recent disease outbreaks, those who preferred traditional methods of getting to the physical care centers and getting their issues resolved are now falling back to the telecom service method within the comfort of their homes.

Great customer journeys involve excellence in every interaction, clear cross-channel pathways, and seamless customer experience with fast service 24/7. That’s where we come in!

Brief us about the various software solutions and services offered by Contaque with in the Tele- communication sector through which it is helping the ITES, Corporates and Service sectors.

We offer a range of solutions in communication systems. Our flagship product CONTAQUE NGUCC has been able to provide features like Predictive Autodialer, Blended call Center Software Solutions, to our clients like BFIL, JEENA SEEKHO, TELEMART, NUTRIHEALTH, ASTROSCIENCE, SRIRAM INSURANCE & many others. We assist businesses by providing them best in class contact center solutions with seamless integrations such as Zoho Freshdesk, Leadsquared and Salesforce etc.

We specialize in providing our clients Omnichannel solution & cost-efficient features like TTS, ASR, WFM, ACD, user-friendly IVR designer, to name a few.

Enlighten us on the flagship contact centre solution software developed by Contaque that is separating the company from other Telecom solution service providers.

Our about to be launched , new Contact Center Suite, CONTAQUE VERVE, can provide businesses with the ability to quickly, easily and economically fulfill the most complex customer interaction management requirements of today - and tomorrow.

It’ll enhance the customer experience with a lower Total Cost of Ownership and a more favorable Return on Investment than any comparable system–making companies more

reachable and responsive while improving the customer experience and reducing costs. VERVE unites all customer contact locations, functions, and personnel on one unified, multi-channel customer communications platform. It is a unique contact center software that gives fast, multitasking and high availability setup solutions and its features are said to be preferred by major enterprises across the World. Our flagship contact center solution software VERVE also provides the use of a mobile application that we've harnessed.

Kindly provide us with a success story in which the client’s telecommunication needs were fulfilled.

For ZOMATO, we worked closely with our esteemed client JINDAL X & COGENT & CURRENTLY catering to close to 1500 + agents for their Voice calls to clients, restaurants and delivery boys ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.

In another instance, Godrej Property had a specific requirement where we closely worked with our client Platinum One & integrated SALES FORCE to enable them to not only mange their leads well but also convert them to an efficient business.

VERVE unites all customer contact locations, func- tions, and personnel on one unified, multi-channel customer communications platform.

What is the future road map that has been envisioned for Contaque?

We will be launching our latest OMNI CHANNEL Solution CONTAQUE TM VERVE in 2020 to cater to the Enterprise markets, get more aggressively into the Cloud Segment & enter the Global markets more aggressively with both our Solutions.

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