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Nexus Telecom: Ensuring Uninterrupted & Durable Connectivity

V. K Trivedi ,MD

The ever - expanding telecommunications industry is making massive contributions to the overall Indian economy and is scheduled for an even bigger growth in the coming years. Perfectly equipped to cater to increasing needs of this domain is New Delhi headquartered Nexus Telecom that is making impressive headway in this market under the leadership of V. K. Trivedi, Managing Director, Nexus Telecom. Here are the excerpts of an exclusive conversation of CEO Insights with V. K. Trivedi.

The telecommunications industry in India holds massive potential and is scheduled for an exponential growth in the future. This growth is propelled by India being recorded as the second largest telecommunication market in the world. How is Nexus Telecom placed as a Telecom solution provider in this rapidly evolving sector?
Nexus, incepted in 2016, has carved a niche for itself in this industry by changing the dynamics of the RF cable assembly business. The current market proffers vendors that are either big brands with huge price tags or small organizations with limited technical knowledge and substandard quality. Nexus emerged as a small company with high quality products at a much lower price.

A year later in 2017, Nexus ventured into IBS. Today, our company has a noticeable footprint in this domain with huge value additions to the industry in terms of much lowered cost not only by reducing prices, but also by optimising infra designs.

What are the various telecommunication solutions and services rendered by Nexus Telecom through which the company ensures superior levels of customer satisfaction while generating profitability?
At Nexus, we take customer delight as our first priority. Apart from low PIM and low Loss RF jumpers made in our fully automated facility at Delhi, we have complete solutions for IBS, FTTH and FTTX with a complete range of passive products. Highest quality standards, professionally trained field force resulting in excellent workmanship and speedy completion of projects within defined timelines makes business profitable for us in spite of being the most aggressively priced products available.

Highest quality standards, professionally trained field force resulting in excellent workmanship and speedy completion of projects within defined timelines makes business profitable for us

Enlighten us on some of the unique flagship products developed by Nexus Telecom that separate it from the rest of the Telecom solution & service providers available in the market.
Post having conducted a vast market research, our team discovered that In-Building Coverage (IBS) solution for uninterrupted mobile connectivity without affecting interiors of the building has become a necessity today for a majority of consumers. Identifying this need, we have developed an ultra-slim Flat Omni antenna which is the first of its kind in the Indian telecom industry. This antenna is just 1.5 mm thick like a credit card. We believe that this product will be a game changer in the IBS business. We have also gone a step forward by offering cable with various jacket colours that match a customer’s requirement instead of offering just black standard RF cable that is mostly available in the market.

How do you meet and exceed customer expectations while simultaneously resolving their pain-points?
Every customer experiences three primary pain points across every industry and is not just limited to the telecom industry; quality, price and speed. Even though quality is the basic requirement, it is compromised with the pressure of being competitive. We have ensured & proven time and again that businesses can run without compromising on this aspect. We have assured speed by well-planned inventories, efficient & flexible processes internally and by offering simplified processes to our customers.

Let me give you an example; IBS’ projects need a significant amount of time on various activities and processes to arrive at the cost of project, make complete cost analysis and arrive at IRR and then get financial approvals. There are many people involved in this process which consumes time and money. We have worked on multiple projects in the past on per sq basis pricing where customers can determine the cost of infra from day-1 simply by knowing the area to be covered and can make decisions quickly instead of waiting for survey, design, cost estimation and so. We are working on going into same concept on FTTH/ FTTX projects.

With the ever-growing Indian telecommunications market, the scope for innovation and expansion is increasing. What future have you conceived for Nexus Telecom?
We are expanding our portfolio of services for outdoor sites, small cell and outdoor coverage projects. Additionally, we are now more than ready to deliver Active and Hybrid IBS solutions. The most focussed area today is overseas business. We compete well with most global providers, especially China, with many factors being in our favour. With geographical and language advantages being most evident, our endeavour is to ensure the same benefits we extend to the Indian market is provided to the overseas markets as well in terms of Quality, Price, Speed and most importantly commitment; after all, we believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’.

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