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Core Compete: Partnering with AWS to drive Digital Transformation

David Park,Senior Vice President U.S. Delivery Operations

David Park

Senior Vice President U.S. Delivery Operations

Core Compete, established in the year 2012, is a cloud analytics company partnered with AWS. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina and differentiates itself by combining industry domain expertise with deep analytics and cloud technical expertise. This helps customers focus on the right business issues and projects that can drive maximum business impact. We have David Park, the Senior Vice President of U.S. Delivery Operations to converse about the company’s AWS partnership services.

In conversation with David Park, Senior Vice President U.S. Delivery Operations, Core Compete

Businesses have started gaining considerable benefits by cutting cost and optimizing workloads, as well as scaling capacity at a minimum cost. How does Core Compete adapt to provide the best AWS service to organizations?
Faced with a complex technology landscape and an overwhelming set of choices, most companies lack the critical skills to design and implement a modern end-to-end analytics infrastructure. As more customers now choose AWS, we specialize in accelerating cloud analytics by bringing the domain expertise and deep technical know-how required to design, build, and manage sophisticated big data and analytics workloads in the cloud.

AWS integrated in the backend of the development process allows

product, but facilitates the development cycle as well. What kind of services does Core Compete provide to customers in the AWS domain?
Our capabilities include embracing AWS cloud to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning that drives new business models, automated processes, and personalized customer experiences. We help customers modernize their legacy systems to cloud data warehouses as well as data lakes, and also provide managed services for their analytics infrastructure to render focus for core business practices. Being an AWS Managed Service Provider, we also cater services as an Advanced Consulting Partner, channel partner, as well as Big Data Competency partner.

We help customers modernize their legacy systems to cloud data warehouses as well as data lakes

Which industry segment has Core Compete been focusing on with regards to the demand for AWS services? How has the demand and supply grown over the years for Core Compete?
We see a rise in demand for AWS across industry sectors. Retailers are using cloud-based AI/ML and predictive analytics to improve forecasting, inventory levels and to provide next best offer in online shopping experiences. Manufacturers are conducting sentiment analysis using natural language processing to help design better products. Financial Services are providing faster decision making on credit applications and improving fraud detection. Moreover, media companies have started providing real-time pricing to their advertisers. Organizations have a growing awareness of the best way to gain competitive advantage and innovate through reinforcing focus on core business practices. As a result, many of our customers are moving

more of their infrastructure to cloud and are asking us to manage it for them.

It has become largely competitive for AWS partner companies to provide prime services and solutions for the customer. Share with us one successful implementation that Core Compete has provided in its years of venture.
Advance Auto Parts is a USD 10 billion auto parts retail chain with nearly 5,000 stores and 4 billion SKU-Stores across U.S, Canada and the Caribbean. In order to improve store level forecasting and in-stocks, we moved their legacy systems to a highly automated exception-based process on AWS cloud. Many routine decisions are automated using machine learning, which enables a shift to weekly and daily cycles, from what used to be on a monthly or quarterly basis. We created an enterprise data lake using AWS S3 combined with Spark and Airflow to manage the big data workload in a distributed Hadoop environment

As mentioned, the demand for AWS is accelerating across different sectors. What further innovations are you planning for Core Compete in the future?
We launched Core Compete’s Analytics Innovation Studio (AIS), a cloud-native solution for data scientists and engineers to drive secure personal analytical workspaces for a variety of analytical tools. AIS can be launched in AWS to accomplish important goals, such as faster time to value in launching analytical models, robust governance of the data, code & pipelines, and cost control to fully manage with visibility, monitoring and control. This enables organizations to build a World Class Data Science Organization.

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