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Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic: Realigning and Integrating the Complex IT Processes

Ashish Mehra,Sr. Vice President and Business Head

Ashish Mehra

Sr. Vice President and Business Head

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic offers an entire gamut of services and solutions from Cable to Cloud to manage your digital ecosystem. Established in 1991 and headquartered in New Delhi, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic solves complex business problems with expertise in Digital, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Security and Managed Services. Driven by the century old in-depth experience of Hitachi, this arm of Hitachi helps customers transform to optimize their technology requirements as per their business strategy. Ashish Mehra, Sr. Vice President tells us about the exceptional initiatives and standpoint of Hitachi, that has empowered customers across the globe.

In conversation with Ashish Mehra, Sr. Vice President and Business Head, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

Businesses utilizing cloud services benefit from reducing the cost of managing and maintaining IT systems. It permits in scaling the operations, and brings seamless workflow for business. Being an AWS partner, how does Hitachi offer its services for businesses to meet their needs?
Cloud per se is elasticity, self-service, redundancy and scalability rolled into one. It provides enormous opportunity to explore, experiment and transform

ideas into reality quickly and efficiently. But the flip side is of over provisioning, under utilization and management to have a predictable cost. Hitachi delivers both to customer through its optimisation tools and helps organization across multi cloud platform to reduce the complexity that it poses. Business technology integration has never been more relevant than now and Hitachi brings in that integrated solutioning capability and expertise to customers.

Hitachi has been in the Datacentre, virtualization, converged infrastructure, HCI space and it’s in the DNA of the organization

The cloud computing has fuelled digital transformation like no other technology disruption before it. What your take on this, and how is Hitachi positioned with its services?
Over the past 5 years, SMACS has been leading the adoption of cloud but with the advent of micro services, DevOps and containerization it has accelerated the adoption. The future of IoT, ML and AI would necessitate a very elastic infra platform that is aligned to the organization’s business transformation and acceleration. Hitachi with its expertise across industries through its group companies is primed to understand the business, transpose the business requirement to the IT plane, architect the solution for the current with the future in mind, implement and manage the IT Infra that enables the Digital transformation for organizations.

Tell us about Hitachi’s journey towards Cloud Services and what features have kept the market warm for Hitachi?
Hitachi has been in the Datacentre, virtualization, converged infrastructure, HCI space and it’s in the DNA of the

organization. As organizations demand for speed, agility, scalability and redundancy grew Cloud was a natural extension. The game also changed from the vanilla PaaS or IaaS to delivering custom IT that shows cases the outcome of these implementations. Our Investments into building IP, white labelled management tools, Security MSSP associations and Co-Sell motions along with our SOC and NOC deliver superior customer experience as well as help the customer on the journey to the cloud.

Share one success story which has made Hitachi heard across industrial verticals.
An Indian matchmaking matrimonial service provider sought to migrate to Cloud. However, the firm faced few challenges like slow load time due to poor UX, High Infrastructure cost, complex architecture, manual deployments, basic Level of security, and manual backups. The client approached us to take them to Cloud. We successfully migrated the entire workload to the Cloud Infrastructure. Powered by AWS, the client enjoys a robust architecture, automated deployment, advanced security & firewall, and lambda automated backups. As a result, the matrimonial website experienced fast load time due to improved UX by 20 percent. More so, for them the initial infrastructure cost reduced by 14 percent.

What does Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has in store for Cloud domain for the years ahead?
The opportunity is humongous. RPA, ML, Analytics, AI, Edge Computing, Social, Mobility are all going to extend the transformation of businesses and continue to demand an agile, scalable and cost efficient infrastructure. Our journey to become more relevant to customer’s businesses, build a ROI driven Infra, deliver superior customer experience through our management services will be the way going forward.

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