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Coviam: Digital Future Tech Platforms Defining the World of Tomorrow

Nayan Jadeja & Deepak Nachnani ,President & Co-founder & CEO& Co-founder

Nayan Jadeja & Deepak Nachnani

President & Co-founder & CEO& Co-founder

The future is about Digital Transformations and is primarily going to revolve around 4 themes that are aligning with the individual at the center: hyper-connected, personalized, curated, and democratized. “The change is upon us and progressive organizations are redrafting strategies to ride this wave,” says Deepak Nachnani, CEO & Co-Founder of Coviam.

Coviam is a 3 year old digital frontier company with 300 people in a high talent, open culture, innovation-driven environment with offices in India and US, with work underway to open one in Singapore. The primary vision of the company is to bring very innovative products to the global market that are solidly engineered and offer a differentiated value. “We are large enough to be taken seriously and trusted, and small enough to get to know and partner with for organizations looking to leapfrog and scale their future technology roadmaps,” adds Coviam’s President and Co-Founder, Nayan Jadeja.

“We have been feeding the machines for the last couple of decades; the next couple of decades will have intelligent machines meeting our needs. Technology is at a critical juncture to add exponential value to all aspects of life as machines become more smart and intelligent”, chimes in Deepak.

Coviam currently has 3 offerings in the market that are aligned to the Future of Work and Automation Every where for B2B and B2C domains. Some of Coviam’s products, like Engati, are being listed by reports as a Top 5 Platforms globally for their integrated breadth, ease-of-use and accelerated development to bring chatbots to everyone.

With expertise in machine learning, bots, analytics, IoT, robotic process automation, and mobile technologies, Coviam is positioning itself to expand the over 1000 percent growth it has seen in the last 2 years.

Engati is Coviam’s primary offering in
the world of bots. “The menu is dying”,

says Deepak. “Users want to interact with businesses with more conversation based interfaces as the world uses more WhatsApp than Apps”. Engati provides the vehicle for building next generation bots. Bots allow organizations to have a 24x7 machine learning driven presence for users, employees, and stakeholders to interact with the business in an intelligent and consistent fashion, without humans.

There are more than 7500 bots that have already been created on Engati in the last 6 months, some using the expertise that Coviam has in building large scale well-engineered platforms. Companies like Bandhan Bank, Qatar Insurance, blibli and a host of other large and small enterprises have created bots using Coviam’s Engati to handle millions of user interactions.

" Engati is one of the few platforms that allow you to build bots with no programming, intelligent paths, and 9 different messaging channels instantaneously"

Engati is one of the few platforms that allow you to build bots with no programming, intelligent paths, and 9 different messaging channels instantaneously. Engati also offers an integration platform to enable enterprises to seamlessly integrate into back-end systems. One unique aspect is the use of context maintenance that Engati provides. Most market offerings are point-to-point question and answer variety but Engati is one among the few that offers the management of context in a conversation.

With its proprietary research on semantic matching algorithms and knowledge maps, Engati also offers a unique load & query feature that is very popular with Enterprises. “A lot of information, compliance docs, operations manuals, and user guides are never read since the information I am looking for is on page 141, and I do not have the time or the inclination to traverse TOCs, prefaces or read through 140 pages”, says Deepak. Engati offers the technology for organizations to load all this information to Engati and using advanced NLP, lets the user query the information in an ad-hoc fashion. “The use cases abound from customer service and support, marketing, compliance, policy adoption and enforcements, operations, training, and many more”, adds Nayan.

The current plans for Engati includes integrating the robotic process framework that Coviam is building under the brand and libraries for NLP and image recognition to achieve its automation everywhere objective. Enterprises will use Coviam’s technology to help them gain value, save costs from automation and leapfrog into the future.

With the world becoming accustomed to supply chain and ERP platforms, the next generation platforms are being built to support the ‘Future of Work’. Aligning with Coviam’s belief on disruptions, the people-chain is and will be more relevant in the future as organizations cater to digitally savvy and connected employees and customers.

“Zig Ziggler reminded us that ‘You don’t build a business but you build the people and people build the businesses. It’s all about the people to succeed in business, be it prospective candidates, employees or customers”, quotes Nayan. people Hum is Coviam’s integrated Future of Work, people-first platform that enables organizations to Hire Right, Engage Right, and Nurture Right for better business results all from one place. With built-in machine learning technologies and predictive analytics, peopleHum helps organizations track, automate and make better people-decisions using insights and analytics. “An example is that the best employee information is in your reward and performance management platforms, and the traits of these employees do not get used for hiring”, explains Deepak. peopleHum lets you Hire, Engage, Nurture, and measure performance while connecting the dots with insights on which incoming candidate will be the most suitable for your company.

As unique the platform is, it is integrated and has the latest technologies to make it more valuable. Besides, the platform automates a lot of functions and most importantly, offers one integrated view across an organization instead of 16 tools across various people processes that don’t talk to each other.

More than 800 global organizations have already signed to review the platform since its launch on August 1st, 2018. Coviam believes this will be its key offering to the market. and
Coviam is in the process of consolidating its R&D and use cases into a suite that is available for customers and ingrained into its own platforms. has libraries that enable NLP, NLU, semantic matching, and knowledge mapping along with image recognition algorithms for organizations around the world. “We offer a one-stop shop of leading edge technology and expertise with our platform offerings and work very closely with customers on automating their use case”, details Deepak. Nayan also mentions Coviam’s recently recrafted platform, that serves to connect their RPA and IoT platforms to enable organizations to automate processes and plants faster than ever before.

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