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Coviam Technologies: Developing Digital Tech Platforms for Analytics-driven Strategies

Deepak Nachnani,Co-founder & CEO

Deepak Nachnani

Co-founder & CEO

Motivated by the urge to disrupt technology and bring innovative solutions, Coviam Technologies is engaged in creating global digital tech platforms. The company, based out of Bengaluru, focuses on high end talent in an open culture and innovation driven environment. Coviam has a stack of capabilities that span from design, development, mobile, AI, Marketing, automation and DevOps, all under a single roof. The company works with global clients to for automating their future journeys with their own platforms in the customer and employee space. Deepak Nachnani, Co-founder & CEO and Nayan Jadeja, Co-founder and President, explain how the company as a startup is forging ahead amidst other tech giants.

In conversation with Deepak Nachnani, Co-founder & CEO, and Nayan Jadeja, Co-founder & President, Coviam Technologies

An open environment and greater behaviour development in the organization brings both employees and customers together. This reflects in the demand for the product and organization in the market. What inspired you to start Coviam Technologies in the field of digital platforms?
We talk about innovation but rarely do much about it. Leapfrogging with a growth mindset is a key aspect that we

focus on. The inspiration to do something authentic, catering to businesses globally in the cloud SaaS model, spurred our establishment. We believe that the vast talent pool in India coupled with the right culture and opportunity in a nurturing environment will stimulate breakthrough growth and innovation in our success. An open and curiosity-driven culture with a fearless approach to take on challenges as well as the grit to succeed, form the basis of innovation and product development at Coviam.

Coviam is crafting solutions driven by automation and AI technologies that shape the future of employee and customer platforms for the B2B market

There can be an intense competition among the organizations in the same field. Being an organization started in the year 2015, what are the strategies and measures taken by Coviam to stand tall in the business field?
An infinite growth mindset embedded with traditional values, and insatiable appetite to succeed with a prudency of capital spends, has now put us on the map with 500+ Covengers and 6 platforms. We have acquired almost 200 percent YOY growth while bootstrapping our way to an innovative future. Our customer experience and workplace experience platforms are used by over 18,000 customers across 184 countries.
Every organization comes up with different innovations and strategic measures to uplift and satisfy the demands of the customers. Kindly elaborate on the services provided by Coviam Technologies to the customers?
Coviam is crafting solutions driven by automation and AI technologies that

shape the future of employee and customer platforms for the B2B market. Moreover, with the recent launch of marketing automation platforms such as, and AI driven Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) platforms like, we are embarking on steps for the future with our bets on gaming with CricHum and our partnership venture called Kintoro in Europe.

Though four years have been a short span since the establishment of the company, as a startup it is a moment of extreme fortitude. What perks do you see while thinking of the company in the last four years?
Our success in crafting large scale e-commerce and supply chain management, analytics, and AI solutions in a partnership model has driven millions of active users. We have won the prestigious Codie Award 2019 for delivering the best global human capital management solution for peopleHum along with Engati, our conversational intelligence platform, now listed among the top five open platforms for conversational intelligence globally. This highlights our passion for innovation, robust product and platform engineering, and the determination to meet international quality and standards.

Technology companies are expected to enable faster changes and progress that stimulates transformation. What can we expect from Coviam Technologies in the days ahead?
As an innovation company that builds industry leading business solutions, we empower business enterprises through our key offerings in automation and AI technologies for better customer and employee experience. The success of our platforms such as and gives us further hope in expanding far and wide globally. The future is the voice of the 500+ Covengers whose spirit is driven by scalable engineering, heart by innovation, and mind by customer focus and value prudence.

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