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Cybersecurist Technologies: Enabling Clients to Develop Secure Applications & Deploy them in Cloud

Mahesh Saptarshi,    Founder & CEO

Mahesh Saptarshi

Founder & CEO

As a cybersecurity expert, CYBERSECURIST TECHNOLOGIES has been assisting businesses in navigating disruptions and threats as a one-stop cyber security solution provider. The company has carved out a niche for itself in three notable areas. Firstly, CYBERSECURIST has been catering to companies developing software products by helping them create secure development processes, carrying out vulnerability assessments, and ensuring all applications are designed securely. Secondly, when such applications are deployed in the public or private cloud, CYBERSECURIST helps address data risks and cloud security considerations. Thirdly, CYBERSECURIST ensures that the clients meet regulatory and customer-driven compliances.

In an exclusive interview with Mahesh Saptarshi - Founder and CEO, CYBERSECURIST TECHNOLOGIES walks us through the unique aspects of the company.

The cybersecurity industry is experiencing high demand from the enterprise realm. Where is CYBERSECURIST TECHNOLOGIES positioned in the current cybersecurity industry?
Cybersecurity domain has a variety of contexts depending on industry verticals, compliance requirements, and risks based on specific business operations. With the changing market dynamics and technological evolution, business processes are being re-evaluated or re-implemented. With this, there are a plethora of risks and threats which can arise. Hence, products and solutions providers in the cybersecurity landscape must understand the various parameters involved in mitigating risk and meeting customer requirements. CYBER SECURIST provides DevSec,

SecDev, and SecOps expertise as well as regulatory and standards compliance expertise, such as ISO27001, RBI, UIDAI, SOC2, PCIDSS, and more. We are also empaneled with CERT to provide high-quality professional services to banks, insurance companies, government departments, and the defense sector.

CYBERSECURIST TECHNOLOGIES strives to provide all encompassing security solutions with complete understanding & help companies develop innovative

Tell us about your USP. What makes your clients choose your company over your competitors?
with respect to technology, software, or when it comes to the deployment of applications. We are technologyagnostic with deep expertise in advanced software technologies. Secondly, most of the vendors in the cybersecurity space who are working with product development companies do not provide comprehensive security coverage of product functionality. We have a proven approach where every possible interaction in the application is analyzed. Further, as applications have thousands of components that one should be aware of, we do a comprehensive coverage of the application interfaces and carry out security reviews; we sweep all the nooks and crannies of the application to find the problem which even their inhouse team is sometimes unable to find.

Tell us about your solutions. What are the latest technologies and innovations that your company is currently undertaking?
CYBERSECURIST TECHNOLOGIES strives to provide all-encompassing security solutions with complete understanding and help companies securely develop innovative products. We are constantly innovating ourselves so as to cater to diverse clients who have their own specific requirements, technologies, and objectives. We have developed a tool called API Map which can be deployed for mobile and web

applications. API Map gives complete API coverage of the application. Any user accessing the applications, be it, anonymous users, to admin roles, interact with the application in a certain way. We capture all these interactions to create a list of APIs for the interactions, workflows, and data flows. The insight collected is used for security review purposes on an integrated test basis.

We have another product called API Fizz, which allows a user to interact with applications in many different invalid ways to simulate abuse cases and drive security requirements to properly protect these critical business use cases. Apart from these products, we have developed what we call the Essentials Set of Information Security Management System which helps businesses in minimizing risk and ensures business continuity by proactively limiting the impact of a security breach.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What are your future innovation goals?
CYBERSECURIST was established back in 2015 and is in its eighth year of operation. And in the future, it is essential to continue to innovate in exciting new ways be it in terms of technologies or offering attractive propositions. There are prospective clients who want a partner with us to formulate an IT strategy for the next five years or devise a secure platform. This is where we handhold our customers in creating a robust roadmap and becoming a future-ready organization. CYBERSECURIST has also been empaneled with CERT for India. Through this, we are engaging with large banks, the insurance sector, and even defense and government organizations. We are beginning to build a secure code and product development practice along with our partners to ensure that we stay at the top of the game and exceed clients' expectations. Further, we are also partnering with outsourcing development companies to ensure that their skills are improved in terms of secure coding and secure product development Currently, we are a team of 25+ seasoned engineers, and we expect to grow further by hiring experts on our board as well as for R&D department so as to expand our footprint in India and globally across Europe, South America, and South Africa.

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