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Cyberstanc: Creating A Strong Vanguard Against Ever Evolving Threats

Rohit Bankoti,   Founder & CEO

Rohit Bankoti

Founder & CEO

In today's digital landscape, organizations face a constant and evolving threat from malicious actors exploiting system vulnerabilities. Zero-day malware, ransomware, and pre-attack scenarios are particularly concerning, posing risks to businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Cyberstanc specializes in providing innovative solutions to combat these vulnerabilities. Our cutting-edge defense offers protection against known and unknown ransomware, exploit variants, and suspicious behavior in pre-attack scenarios. The company’s commitment to excellence and collaboration has earned itself recognition from esteemed entities such as academic research, Virus Initiative Program, and OEM partners. Cyberstanc is dedicated to safeguarding the security and stability of our clients' systems in the face of today's ever-changing threats.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider Magazine, Rohit Bankoti, Founder, CEO & Chief Architect walks us through the unique traits of the company:

Could you give a brief account on Cyber stanc’s journey so far in the computer and network security industry?
Cyberstanc, a technology driven cybersecurity company, excels in computer and network security. Its cutting-edge technology, recognized by AMTSO, specializes in zero-day malware, ransomware, and preattack scenarios. Strong partnerships with industry leaders like Mach37, Polyswarm, and OPSWAT enhance its capabilities. Nominations for "Most Innovative Product of the Year" and partnerships with defense and security wings of multiple nations validate its commitment to innovation. Cyberstanc continues to explore advancements, providing ingenious solutions to combat evolving threats and ensure client security.

Tell us about your flagship products. What makes you a preferable choice for customers?
Cyberstanc's flagship product, Vortex, redefines advanced malware detection, offering state-of-the art technology, advanced capabilities, and evidence based protection. With its agent based solution, customers can fortify their cybersecurity defense and enjoy cutting-

edge protection. Cyberstanc excels in innovation, user experience, and security, seamlessly processing diverse file formats, integrating with existing infrastructures, and automating analysis for swift threat response and long-term efficacy. Experience the power of Vortex with our freemium access. Upgrade your cyber security defense with agent-based deployment and revolutionize your protection.

At Cyberstanc, we strive to pioneer innovation & collaboration, setting the benchmark for malware detection & mitigation in cybersecurity

Tell us more about your community involvement and threat intelligence service deliver ability?
To deliver our threat intelligence service with over a million scans per day, Cyberstanc relies on inhouse R&D, partnerships, threat suppliers, and the cybersecurity community. We utilize deep learning based heuristic analysis and automatic IOC extraction to detect and mitigate ransomware threats. Our secure execution environment simulates real-world techniques, enabling proactive defense against evolving threats. The noteworthy benefits include accurate threat detection via machine learning and seamless integration with TIP, SOAR, and SIEM systems. Community involvement is crucial to us. Our intelligence service fosters collaboration among our R&D Lab, partners, threat providers, and the cyber security community.

Acquaint us with the list of awards and recognition that depicts the competence of the company in the field.
Cyberstanc's commitment to innovation and cyber security excellence has garnered significant recognition. We are proud to have been nominated for "The Most Innovative Product of the Year" by the Data Security Council of India for three consecutive years (2021-2023). Recently, our Vortex platform received the Best AI-Based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) award and was also honored with the New GEN icon for MSME Awards. We are delighted to announce Cyberstanc's opportunity to showcase groundbreaking cybersecurity innovations at G20.

Our participation in cohort Mach37 (USA), DSCI (N-CoE, Noida), Nasscom Deep tech and CYseck (Karnataka) has further solidified our position as a reliable and accurate cybersecurity provider. We are proud to have gained the engine to Arbiter position in the ground breaking polyswarm network. Additionally, our engagement in talks at AVAR and addressing the “Colonial

pipeline ransomware attack” in the USA have showcased our expertise. These achievements exemplify our dedication to leading the cybersecurity industry with cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

As partnerships and collaborations are imperative to drive the needed innovation, tell us more of the company’s take on it.
At Cyberstanc, collaboration and partnerships are integral to our approach. We believe in working together with industry leaders to drive innovation. Our freemium Threat APIs have expanded our market reach, showcasing our strategic expansion. By offering these APIs, potential clients can integrate them into their TIP, SOAR, or SIEM systems.

In the competitive cybersecurity landscape, Cyberstanc stands out by continuously launching new products, enhancing offerings, and staying ahead of industry trends. Our commitment to innovation drives revenue growth and expands our market share, making us the preferred choice for customers seeking cutting-edge solutions. Collaboration and continuous improvement ensure our leading position in cybersecurity.

Elucidate on your Freemium Threat APIs and SDK Integration and its benefits.
Our integration and automation capabilities empower organizations to enhance threat detection and response, reducing the workload on human analysts through automated analysis and mitigation tasks. Its comprehensive threat detection approach has gained widespread adoption among product based companies, auditors, pentesters, and threat intelligence partners. With simple and cost-effective deployment options.

This innovative approach not only aids potential clients to evaluate and validate our offerings but also allows us to gather valuable feedback and enhance our products. We also offer seamless SDK integration for OEMs, providing them with specialized ransomware scanning capabilities and enriched threat intelligence data.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Cyberstanc? Where is it headed for the next five years?
In the next five years, Cyberstanc aims for growth and leadership in cybersecurity. The roadmap includes advanced R&D for automation in threat detection, expanded product portfolio for emerging threats, global market presence and partnerships, industry thought leadership through conferences and standards, and strategic collaborations for addressing complex challenges together. Commitment to innovation, customer-centric solutions, and industry influence for a safer digital future.

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