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Cygnet Digital: Transforming Enterprises through Cutting-Edge Technology & Innovations

Narasimha Murthy, Chief Operating Officer

Narasimha Murthy

Chief Operating Officer

A cloud and digital engineering services provider can help organizations leverage cloud computing and digital engineering to improve efficiency, scalability, and innovations. They can provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, such as developing cloud-based applications, designing digital workflows, and implementing cybersecurity measures.

Established in the year 2000 and based out of Gujarat, Cygnet Digital leverages emerging technologies to deliver customized solutions, digital transformations, product engineering, and more. The organization envisions empowering lives globally with technology-enabled business solutions.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider, Narasimha Murthy, Chief Operating Officer at Cygnet Digital discusses the organization’s offerings, his future roadmap for the organization, and much more.

Tell us about Cygnet Digital and its role in the cloud and digital engineering services vertical.
Cygnet Digital’s role as a cloud and digital engineering services provider is central to Vision 2026, which is rooted in customer delight, industry-first, strategies, and cutting-edge technology. We have identified four key areas within the vertical to drive growth and create value for our clients.

First is Integrated Solutions, where in we focus on providing outcome based deals, ensuring our customers receive measurable outcomes from our cloud and digital engineering solutions.

Second is Enterprise Applications & SAP through which our expertise in consulting and implementation for platforms such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP allows us to deliver seamless enterprise platform integration.

The fourth focus, Digital Commerce and Experience has an aggressive growth goal. We aim to scale to $13.5 million with a 47 percent CAGR by developing innovative solutions for the digital economy and making an exceptional customer experience at the center of it.

Last but not the least is NextGen Managed Services through which Cygnet Digital plans to derive 20 percent of its FY26 revenue, which includes offerings like Digital Quality Engineering as a Service and Security Operations as a Service. Under these four key areas, we provide services for advisory, implementation, and maintenance to maximize the growth of an organization.

Cygnet Digital aims to become a leader in the IT products & services market & ensure that it creates long-lasting value for clients

What are some of the flagship products that you offer to your clients at Cygnet Digital?
There are various products that we offer to our customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. GST Suvidha Portal (GSP) and related products such as Cygnet Vendor Portal(CVP), and Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) facilitate seamless tax compliance and e-invoicing for businesses. Testing Whiz, a codeless automation testing tool that provides automated testing solutions to firms for software, web, mobile, database, clouds, web services, and API testing. Cygnet Fame is a unique tool to enhance the credit assessment process. Cloud-based RPA platform called Automation Whiz with cognitive capabilities. Other offerings are Cygnature which is a digital signature solution and Billing solution which simplifies the invoicing process.

How do these services and products ensure customer lifecycle satisfaction? What is the approach to delivering your services to the clients efficiently?
Usability, scalability, and adaptability are our main focus while developing products to ensure customer satisfaction. This is attained through constant product improvements, incorporating user feedback, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Automation.

We aim to align our services with Vision 2026 through Industry first approach, integrated solutions, outcome-based deals, agile DevOps and Devsecops methodologies, digital quality engineering and security operations, collaborations, and partnerships with leading technology providers like Microsoft, AWS, Azure, and Salesforce and fostering a supportive work environment for the team.

We strive to deliver impeccable services through this multifaceted approach to drive growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

How is the team built at Cygnet Digital and what are the methodologies followed to stay afloat among its competitors?
Cygnet Digital employs a multifaceted approach, to build a skilled and diverse workforce. The primary objective of Cygnet Digital is to establish a robust and adaptable team capable of steering the firm’s ambitious growth strategies which are aligned with Vision 2026.

Both team building techniques and market insight methodologies are meticulously designed to align with the vision. Cygnet Digital emphasizes recruiting both experienced leaders and fresh talent to support accelerated growth. The company values diversity and focuses on hiring based on capabilities to create a workforce that can align with the vision.

Expanding its team across different geographical locations, such as the US, UK, and Europe, allows Cygnet Digital to enhance its global presence and cater to various markets more effectively.

The methodologies followed to stay competitive in the market are market research and analysis, implementing customer feedback and insights, nurturing long term partnerships and collaborations and fostering an innovation driven culture.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Cygnet Digital?
We want to grow our revenue by 4x, Employee base by 3x and profitability by 2x by 2026, with a focus on expanding both services and product offerings.

The company plans to grow its presence in key markets, such as the Americas, UK, and Europe, targeting a 4X growth rate in these regions.

Cygnet Digital is focusing on four industry verticals BFSI, Health and Life Sciences, MHT, and Consumer(RCTG), with specific solutions tailored to these sectors.

The company aims to expand its offerings in integrated solutions, enterprise apps, data analytics, automation, and AI. Cygnet Digital will continue to develop and enhance its product suite, with a focus on TaxTech, FinTech, and other relevant solutions.

The company aims to expand its offerings in integrated solutions, enterprise apps, data analytics, automation, and AI. Cygnet Digital will continue to develop and enhance its product suite, with a focus on TaxTech, FinTech, and other relevant solutions.

Apart from these Cygnet Digital will explore potential mergers and acquisitions and aims to undergo an internal digital transformation, moving from 'Simplified Cygnet' to 'Intelligent Cygnet,' and adopting nextgeneration agile delivery methodologies.

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