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DYLIS Business Services: Empowering Businesses by Assisting them in Implementing Cutting-Edge Technology

  Arijit Dey,  Director

Arijit Dey


In today’s digital age, IT plays an essential role in any organization, big or small. Technology is often one of the most significant investments a business will make, so ensuring it’s taken care of properly is essential. This is where professional IT support comes in. Every sector, whether education, finance, healthcare, and security among others, needs effective IT services and systems to increase productivity.

Established in 2015, DYLIS Business Services is one of the prominent entities in the IT domain and a pioneer in IT Online Examination Solutions. Over the years, the firm has grown to offer a broad range of Services and Solutions, including IT Solutions, IoT Solutions, ITeS Offerings, and Employability Development under the unwavering attitude of the Founding Director – Joy Sarkar (MCA & LLB), and his “Never say die” attitude. Joy Sarkar has always remained the main source of strength for DYLIS. He is the synonym for the growth story of this organization.

With its head office in Ranchi, DYLIS currently serves customers in cities all over India. DYLIS thrives on challenges & grows from adversity, and does not believe in limiting itself to set boundaries. It is an ISO-certified and Startup India registered company and has won many awards and industry recognitions over the years like The Economic Times National Feathers Award(2021), National Award for Excellence in Information Technology (2020): Award for Leadership in ITES Sector, The Future of Tech Congress & Awards (2020): StartUp Company of The Year Award, The Golden Globe Tigers Awards (2020): Emerging IT Company of the Year, The Shared

Services Team of the Year Award by UBS Forums (2023).

Arijit Dey(Director – Strategy & HR)engages in an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, wherein he elucidates more about the company and its distinctive traits.

Could you briefly explain DYLIS role and position in the IT services domain?
DYLIS was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2015. It was just one little center that was primarily concerned with offering an infrastructure space, or IT infrastructure, for the online exams. After acquiring foundational IT skills, we hired IT administrators, software engineers, and networking engineers in 2018. As a result, we expanded from operating test centers to offering IT online exams and serving as IT consultants. Precisely, from managing a single center, we soon expanded to managing multiple centers. This meant that wherever their exams were held, we were the ones who would go to the full IT setup, networking, server testing, and everything else. Thus, DYLIS provided the IT infrastructure and intelligence for all of this.

DYLIS seeks to define and reshape the professional landscape & make a significant contribution to India's empowerment as a developed nation

Elaborate about how you empower individuals to become employable.
Now that we have three more companies, each of them has its special area of expertise. The first company we created specializes entirely in software development, the second one is an expert in market and business research and analysis, and the third company is solely focused on data privacy and security. We have very specific roles and specific job candidates for those companies because we are not industry giants like Deloitte, TCS, or Accenture.

However, DYLIS is in charge of all the back-end operations for these

businesses, including HR administration, finance, and other tasks. Therefore, we have industry specific and feature related training that was planned for the IT companies where all of the developers and coders are employed. Recently, we ran a significant program on qualitative research, which is still relatively unknown and underutilized in India. As a result, this is what we do for current employees. Freshers are not treated as trainees once they are employed because we work to provide them with a thorough overview of their future roles and responsibilities.

How do you aid companies to stay informed of the ongoing trends in the industry?
We are very skill-focused, and we have heads for each of these viewpoints. Each of these heads has now been given the responsibility and the power to interact with their peers outside of the organization. As a result, each of the heads would go to a conference where there would be delegates from 40 different companies and there would be workshops, presentations, and networking meetings. From there, a lot of intelligence and information could be gathered. Each of them will present the entire market trend and the future scenario at our quarterly meetings, which essentially cover the current situation, the actions of our competitors, the anticipated future trend, and our course of action.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for DYLIS? Where is it headed for the next five years?
We have a very aggressive expansion strategy, and in five years, we hope to be worth at least Rs. 5 billion. Therefore, the fundamental class strategy is to cover the entire eastern, including the typical East and the northeast of Empire India. 100 devoted individuals for consulting positions, and we will increase the number of centers under our brand name to six to ten very soon, spreading across several significant cities. The third item is that we are creating at least three to four AI-based software solutions to cater primarily to the online examination sector, for which we will be applying for IPR. Finally, we would like to have at least four to five patents in our portfolio within the next five years.

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