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DataBeat: Enabling Companies to Move towards Monetization of Data

Pratyush Mulukutla & Ashok Ganapam,Co-Founders

DataBeat, a specialist in advanced analytics, big data and cloud technologies, provides consulting, execution and managed data services for clients across various verticals including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, media and ad tech. Since 2017, DataBeat is offering services in end-to-end data management and analytics solutions (from strategy and architecture to managed analytics) and help their clients manage data as a strategic discipline. The co-founders of DataBeat give detailed information about their services and solutions.

In conversation with Pratyush Mulukutla & Ashok Ganapam, Co-Founders, DataBeat

Today, the volume of available data has grown aggressively and storage has gradually developed. How is DataBeat placed in the market and how are the changes accepted in the business?
Often, companies see data as an operational by-product and not as an asset that can transform their businesses. Companies often are sitting on heaps of structured and unstructured data and seldom have the infrastructure to make sense of them. They are limited to churning reports that are historical in nature, focusing on what has happened instead of what would happen (foresight) and what can be done about it. Given the volume and variety of the data generated, it becomes humanly impossible to analyze, identify hidden patterns and relationships. In such scenarios, DataBeat’s fundamental approach is to operationalize data by tying it to the business KPIs and

contextualize the information for the different roles in the business. We help enable the infrastructure and architecture that helps companies to move towards the monetization of data.

To stay competitive in the coming years, it will be critical to create a plan well in advance for strategic investments and there is a high requirement for qualified and strong team. Tell us about the data analytical and engineering team of DataBeat?
Our team has decades of deep subject matter expertise and industry knowledge in architecting and implementing large analytics solutions for clients across the globe. We have 60+ practitioners with experience in building data engineering and analytics solutions and industrializing them. Our strategic partnerships with 2 of the Big 4 consulting firms, alliances with certified partners of Microsoft and Tableau along with other vendors creates a nimble ecosystem for managing a pool of talented resources. In addition, our partnerships with academia help us hire top notch talent with a short turnaround time.

DataBeat moves away from the client-vendor model to truly engage in a strategic partnership model to help unlock new business opportunities

Organizations are using their abilities not only to improve their core processes but to launch entirely new business models. Brief us about the strategies and measures taken by DataBeat that differentiate your enterprise from the competitors?
The foundation of our delivery is the domain expertise we have along with a data-driven/analytical approach to solving client problems. DataBeat moves away from the client-vendor model to truly engage in a strategic partnership model to help unlock new business opportunities. We help the clients improve their top line or bottom line and in some case both by

partnering and identifying how to create newer data-driven models of revenue generation.

Tell us one of the success stories of DataBeat which have made the organization well received in the market?
One of our clients from the manufacturing industry was experiencing work safety problems and process-related incidents, resulting in product quality issues and work-related injuries. The client had 900 CCTV installations in the plant which made it virtually impossible to analyze manually. Utilizing advanced deep learning and image/video processing algorithms, DataBeat built an Artificial Intelligence powered solution to monitor plant safety incidents, identify lapses in process and take preventive steps through real-time operational alerts using CCTV feeds. The features we included in the areas were identifying the absence of safety gear like safety helmet, safety vests etc. and sending a real-time alert to the plant manager on the user, location etc. to aid prompt action. We also raise alarms upon intrusion into accident-prone areas using motion detection, and facial recognition algorithms. Along with this, we fixed monitoring vehicular movement inside the plants using number plate recognition. This solution was built for incident prevention which was well received across functions and the data collected helped the client in optimizing overall operations.

What further innovation do you plan to include in your data analytics offerings? Kindly brief us about your future endeavors.
DataBeat has been bootstrapped from day one and in close to three years of inception, we served 30+ clients, forged partnerships with two of big four consulting firms, and have reached over USD 2 million in revenues. As we get ready for the next wave of growth, our focus is on continuing to ensure tangible value creation to our clients through our outcome-based delivery, building deeper capabilities around technologies that enable Industry 4.0 and build a strong culture within the firm that fosters employee engagement and innovation.

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