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Day1 Technologies: Equips AI-Powered Mobile and Web Application Development for Innovators & Enterprises

Karthik Vermula, Co-Founder,Jayavardhan B N, CEO & Co-founder

Karthik Vermula, Co-Founder

Jayavardhan B N, CEO & Co-founder

Based out of Los Angeles, with an Indian office in Bangalore, Day1 Technologies is an artificial intelligence-powered mobility solutions provider. Day1 partners with its clients right from the ideation to the launch stage, providing end to end services including mobile-first strategy, iOS app development, android app development, human-centric UI/UX design, app store optimization and go-to-market strategy. Further, the co-founder of the company will elaborate how they help innovators, startups, and game-changing enterprises to realize their vision by building futuristic human-centric apps for mobile and web.

In conversation with Jayavardhan B N, CEO & Co-founder and Karthik Vermula, Co-founder, Day1 Technologies

AI and other emerging technologies are bringing key changes to the business ecosystem. It has been collecting and analyzing data, and automating route service requests. Explain how Day1 commenced its venture in the AI domain as a start-up?
We founded Day1 Technologies as a Product-first company in an AI-first world. AI, machine learning, NLP, RPA and other deep tech has been our core

competency from the outset and that’s exactly what we have been offering to our clients all along. As an AI start-up however, the one advantage we had was that most decision makers are aware of it and very enthusiastic to incorporate it into their products. We focused more on creating awareness about Day1 and our AI capabilities for global collaboration opportunities. The entrepreneurial mindset is everywhere but synergy between ideas and technology is missing. And that’s where a company like ours fits in. A tech like AI should be for all, and we can help with that.

We focused more on creating awareness about Day1 and our AI capabilities for global collaboration opportunities

There are various ways in which AI has benefitted businesses in meeting their specific goals. Please give an insight into the AI-powered services that Day1 provides to organizations?
We started Day1 with the goal to be among the top AI service company offering expert advisory and quick AI implementation. This is not going to be easy, but we have been in operation since 2016 and fortunately, have been going steady. The good part about bringing AI and related tech like ML, NLP, RPA, data visualization etc. to the table is that organizations worldwide are keen to bring it on-board. This has worked in our favour. When we approach businesses with our AI solutions for business process improvement, automation and profitable growth, at least we have their attention – and that is something we try to leverage every time.

For instance, for one of our clients we used a combination of deep learning, LSTM and Convolutional Neural Network, and Random forest classification models to categorize images with associated metadata tags in the fashion and apparel domain.

What major societal challenges do Day1 Technology faced while artificial intelligence gains an ever-increasing influence in our society?
Finding skilled technologists has been gruelling! AI, NLP, RPA, IoT, these are emerging technologies and finding people with the right knowledge and expertise has never been easy.
Moreover, selecting a project also imposed some challenges. We understand that AI has a significant social impact, and we wanted to work on projects that would make a positive contribution to society. For instance, in one of our projects, we built an AI powered meditation app, that helps people to sleep, relax and focus. The number of people facing mental health challenges has been growing around the world, and we felt that using technology (AI) to build an easily accessible app is a proper way to showcase how not all technology is evil.

What future have you conceived for Day1 for the years ahead?
Market expansion and growth is definitely on the cards. We have planned some remarkable things with AI solutions and plan to take it to a wider audience. We have already done business in the US, UK, Dubai, Singapore, among other countries, but now the goal is to penetrate the market and expand to untapped regions. We are already working with 30 full time members and 12 adhoc consultants on projects for FinTech, HealthTech, RegTech, TravelTech, EdTech, FoodTech etc. and the plan is to now to get even bigger.

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