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Ignis Tec: Deploying AI Algorithm to Empower Online Reputation System

Harpeet Sachdeva,Founder & CEO

Harpeet Sachdeva

Founder & CEO

Ignis Tec is a technology company that works on smart algorithms to shape AI powered social networking platforms. The company headquartered at New Delhi was established in the year 2017 with a vision to accelerate automation for businesses, create unified virtual identity with real-world reputation, and disseminate mass awareness for cryptonomics future. Harpeet Sachdeva, Founder, explains how the company strive to contribute into the technological revolution that is going to transform the way industries will operate in the future.

In conversation with Harpeet Sachdeva, Founder & CEO, Ignis Tec

Since business across various verticals gain countless benefits from using AI, companies in the same space will face huge competition in the supply of excellent services. Being a start-up, what made Ignis Tec to commence its services centred on AI domain?
More than being a medium that connects people, social networks draws a bigger picture as of a marketplace that feeds on user data. We identified that the present social media world cannot serve to a long time context.

And there is a lack of automation in the hospitality services. In this scenario, we present our product Drinkmates, India's first social network with real world touch points, where people does not have to register for multiple loyalty points while visiting more than one place. This platform is a virtual-real world that enables users to interact with each other and avail the services around them. The idea is to make one ID and one loyalty program pan India.

This platform is a virtual-real world that enables users to interact with each other and avail the services around them

Particularly in the AI domain, it is necessary to remain competitive with the quality and credibility of the services provided. What are the AI powered services that Ignis Tec has in its portfolio for businesses?
There is a huge knowledge gap that greatly keeps people from acquiring insights about the dynamic changes happening in the emerging technologies. To provide updates on the developing fields of blockchain and crypto technology, we have created Social3, a platform that provides latest news and updates on the same. We also have developed a chatbot that could serve as a personal assistant for bookings, customer service, and businesses round the clock. We wanted to give this huge pack of services for the users enabling them to operate according to their business views. We have a data based reputation algorithm system that is created to monitor the

reputation and accordingly reward them.

The demand for an efficient team that fulfils the needs and demands of businesses is very essential when the AI service provider is a start-up. Brief us about your AI team that helps the organization in marching ahead as a start-up.
who can identify the vision and take that ahead for the company. Our team possess transparency within its operations, and strives to fulfil the vision we share. Following the ANT theory - we Analyze situations, Neutralize the gap, and Toughen up for the competition. We lay the forward direction quarterly to yearly basis, and exercise our work in that direction through basic processes to achieve the foremost result.

Being a startup in the AI domain, what do you think is the most significant benchmark that Ignis Tec has made so far?
The idea of one nation, one identity, and one costumer that we have conceived is a significant move in the world of social media networks. We are soft launching the product Drinkmates by the end of this year in Noida, from which we foresee to kick start the greater expansion.

How is Ignis Tec prepared for the future with it is AI powered products?
As a startup formed in the year 2017, our vision is to bridge the technology based knowledge gap and explore opportunities to improve the lifestyle in a virtual network. Our products have their own algorithms, which will be subjected to further innovations in the upcoming years. We run the company on such innovations and that is the primary thing which keeps our entire team to explore heights.

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