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DCDR Infra: Experience Backed Simple Solutions in the Era of Complicated Technologies

Balakrishnan Pasupathy,MD & CEO

Businesses small and large alike face difficulties choosing the right type of technologies to adopt. Not only are there so many types of technologies from which to choose, but making the wrong decision can result in additional problems instead of fixing those the technology was designed to solve. Moreover, new technologies are rapidly becoming available, making it even more difficult to determine which are worth the investment. Backed by 100 plus years of combined experience, DCDR Infra Private Limited has been instrumental in taking a consultative approach to identify the right technology in every domain that can meet customers’ current and future organizational demands. Based out of Chennai, DCDR is a System Integrator having PAN India presence and global reach with proven experience to design, deploy, manage and support all types of IT Infrastructure solutions. DCDR, with its capabilities and partnerships with every OEMs of every leading technology, has a strong technology team, trained and certified by these OEMs. This, in turn, has helped DCDR and its customers with many complex IT initiatives and deployment across India and overseas with stringent SLAs. Since it’s about the right solution and not any

one-size-fits-all, DCDR’s skilled resources understand the right use cases and associated business values to deploy the right IT Infra.

"DCDR follows ITIL method of ITSM to provide uninterrupted services to all their clients with skilled personnel across all technologies"

Directing towards the Right Technology
DCDR operates across a wide range of technology domains like Advanced Networking, Software Defined Data Centre, Micro Segmentation, End User Computing, Virtualization, Enterprise Mobility, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Automation & Management, and Digital Transformation, etc. DCDR caters to a plethora of clients ranging from IIT Madras to Taj Group Hotels and Larson & Toubro. This SI comprehends the complexity of the existing and next generation technologies and delivers the most suitable to every organization. Adhering to this norm and approach, DCDR has proven the same to many organizations by providing a consultative and solutions-based approach with performance, scalability, usability, manageability and affordability; thus, the strong customer base inside and outside India with high retention. Besides, DCDR believes that the dynamic IT Landscape makes it imperative to deploy new technologies and add values to the customers. Therefore, DCDR grabs hold of the latest technologies like Hyper Converged Infrastructure with cloud adoption and caters to customers who will benefit from investing on a right technology in terms of high performance, scalability and security. All these enhancements in a comparatively smaller foot print with high density processing power comprising of CPU, Memory,

Storage, Network and VM. As these are less expensive in terms of CAPEX, real estate, management, etc.,a good number of customers have grown fond of DCDR’s approach and are looking at migrating to such latest and emerging technologies. DCDR has an edge over similar SIs, as the company approaches with a complete package including consulting, designing, deploying and managing such sophisticated state of the art technologies.

Handholding through the Entire Infra Life Cycle
The need for dependable and readily available IT services is growing at an exponential rate as more and more businesses rely on technology to operate. The main aim of modern ITSM software (IT Service Management) is to adopt service provider solutions and provide high-quality IT services. However, the dilemma is beyond just quality. The CEO, Balakrishnan Pasupathy explains that the most important aspect is to see how to maintain and manage the IT Infra towards its complete life cycle. It is not just providing the right solution, but the crux of the matter is how well we add value to the CIOs by maintaining and managing these deployments without any bottlenecks during the entire life cycle of the invested infra. At the same time delivering all that promised also matters. Accordingly, DCDR follows ITIL method of ITSM to provide uninterrupted services to all their clients with skilled personnel across all technologies.

Treading towards achieving technical and commercial excellence, DCDR looks forward to further amplify their resonance with their clients while continuing to invest on NOC, Skilled Resources, OEM Certifications and more.

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