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Judge Group: The Acclivity of Disruptive Technology in Enterprises

Abhishek Agarwal,Senior Vice President

Abhishek Agarwal

Senior Vice President

The IT Service industry continues to drive unprecedented global cross-industry disruption and the pace is expected to accelerate. The field is transforming business models in every industry and unlocking massive market opportunities. Today’s profit pools and competitive advantages are short-lived if industry leaders don’t quickly tap into disruptive technology opportunities. A significant trend gaining traction in this market is the increasing adoption of IT as a service model among organizations. The growing need for IT services at reduced costs has propelled the use of IT as a service framework; thereby adding to the growth of IT services market in the coming years. Poised to drive profound changes impacting industries and business models as well, New Delhi headquartered company with global delivery centres across globe, Judge Group, is changing the IT Service landscape. Judge Group India is an IT Solution, Services and consulting company designed to reduce clients’ complex issues by improvising the deliverables for them. The company is helping clients to whole 22 yards solution with respect to the new age disruptive and legacy technologies and domains.

Displacing Outmoded Technologies and Solutions
In the pursuit of providing solutions in the legacy technologies and domains, the convergence of emerging technologies including IoT, Robotics, and AI is creating new market value and displacing the existing products and services. With extensive research, Judge Group’s team identifies major technologies directly impacting

businesses today. The company provides (POC’s) Proof of Concept to match the strategic and business goals of their clients. The innovation lab team works assiduously on building tools around their practice areas. With such innovation lab teams and technologies of AI, ML, IoT, Advanced Robotics, Cyber Security, Big Data, Data Science, AR/VR, RPA, and Quantum Computing, Judge Group India is styling and building computational power in creating unprecedented improvements.

"Judge Group utilizes tools that create service maps and ensures that application definition and inter dependencies to infrastructure are correct"

The company's state of the art labs helps build concepts and allow enterprise customers to experience digital data. The Internet of Thing is massive in terms of data and continues to grow exponentially. With these connected devices becoming intelligent entities, and the need of the enterprises to increase consolidated data centers, Judge Group India offers solutions and helps enterprises mitigate the potential pitfalls. The process is eventually an extremely complicated process requiring strategic planning and design services. Thereby, Judge Group India evaluates the client's current environment and gains an Understanding of their hardware and infrastructure. The consolidation experts conduct assessments of all physical locations and evaluate the hardware assets, facilities, energy usage, software assets and staff.

The consolidations are effectively planned. Judge Group utilizes tools that create service maps and ensures that application definition and inter dependencies to infrastructure are correct. The company coordinates all data centers moving efforts to make sure downtime and service interruptions are managed and kept to a minimum. As such, to make the proper design recommendations, Judge Group reviews all current requisites including power, cooling, compute, storage, and management. The innovation streak is always taken into consideration while such consolidations are strategically managed.

Innovation to Empowerment
Judge Group India invests in innovation and is focused on building solutions and services that allow their enterprise customers to stay ahead of the curve. Companies that can deliver clear use case benefits are leading the way on the impact that IoT, AI, ML, and other disruptive technologies have on improving efficiencies, developing new products and service models. The changing landscape of disruptive technologies requires navigating a series of obstacles to achieve monetization success. Along with monetization success, Judge Group powerfully executes the notion of 'people-powered business solutions', hence, empowering the people. The company trains its employees on new technology with best business practices. Judge Group carefully understands the strategic initiatives and business goals of their enterprise customers and helps them build competitive teams. Herein, Judge Group encourages its clients to meet, select and plan their team. The delivery models are flexible to allow clients to meet peak demand cost, efficiently for skilled resources.The high performance, scalability, availability, and reliability are more centric to the infrastructure and architecture of the solution.

Moreover, Judge Group delivers recommendations and works with the client’s stakeholders to achieve goals. The Judge leadership stays committed while constantly evaluating the performance and deliverables. Adding on to the list of such strategic initiatives, the company has also expanded its investment and partnership domains. From idea generation to strategy to execution, or at any stage in between, Judge Group helps develop and bring forth, both innovation and change. The farreaching innovation and intelligence capabilities are designed using state-of-the-art technology. Judge Group India with all such disruptive technologies and transformation is shifting itself to become the game changer and make a huge impact across the IT Service sector ecosystem and vying to continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

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