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DeepRoot Linux: Locking in Customers with Freedom

Shivanand V Edrami,Director

Free & Open Source Software in India has picked up momentum owing to its democratic nature. Particularly, young developers with their startups ready to take the market by storm are placing their confidence in FOSS. The question, however, is selecting the most suitable one. DeepRoot Linux has helped customers choose the right free software, self host their infrastructure and more importantly enabled customers to have a complete hands-on on the technology deployed. This means that the customers learn the setup themselves making the infra self-sustaining. Over the 19 years led in the process, Bangalore headquartered DeepRoot Linux has also helped customers to migrate from using proprietary solutions to Free Software solutions. For their mail server deployment, this Free Software Company has migrated customers from MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and many such proprietary solutions. Similarly, migrating solutions on server virtualization software and building private clouds. “Customers need solutions that are quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage and at times they also have some unique requirements for which they will come to us”, explains Shivanand V Edrami, Director, DeepRoot Linux.

Given that free Software is technically competitive which is driven and tested by the community DeepRoot leverages on lot of free software tools to provide a complete solution to its customers. In

the modern business environment, the issue of being a good corporate citizen is just as important and procurement teams are increasingly expected to embed more than just a good ROI into their processes. Ethical procurement considers not only the benefits of a purchase but also the impact on the wider world of that business and its supply chain. DeepRoot has made continuous efforts to deliver and deploy Free Software for almost all kinds of IT infra requirement. Planning & consulting, setup & training, migration services, documentation & training and support services are few of the tailor made services provided by DeepRoot Linux. Cost is never a factor here. Going on to explain, Shivanand says, “Many times proprietary software could be free and offered as a part of some initiative. What we provide is the value of software freedom to our customers. Cost is not a distinguishing or determining factor. Cost totally depends on the setup / development /support deliverable. Yes, most of the time customers have told us that it’s cost effective but at times we have been reported that cost is higher. But again, it’s the value system that we build along with the customer and in a longer run, cost is never a factor”.

"DeepRoot has made continuous efforts to deliver and deploy Free Software for almost all kinds of IT infra requirement"

DeepRoot has helped Government, Defence and Public Sector organisations apply the technology and concepts of Free Software by helping them adopt the solutions. Recently, Ministry of Defence appreciated DeepRoot’s work on establishing DevOps practice at a defence PSU. The model was taken as a reference model for other PSUs to follow. Deep-Root Linux’s deepOfix Mail Server is a GNU/Linux based product that aims to provide organizations with a quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage server.
The product is extremely flexible and effortlessly scales from as low as 20 users to 50000 users and more. Using the ‘EasyPush Server Manager’- a web based server management system, one

can monitor & manage the entire deepOfix Mail Server. deepO fix can be deployed either on a single server or cluster of servers for HA and redundancy. DeepRoot Linux team also deployed deepOfix integrating with other mail servers. The company has built email policies for the customers to secure their mail data. deepOfix is completely an integrated product which comes with its own spam control and AV system. The tool comes and integrates with variety of other collaboration tools. Bharat Electronics Limited shares a similar motto of free software. DeepRoot Linux’s mail server solutions have been in place for many years now and with BEL, DeepRoot Linux has deployed a solution that’s completely self-sustaining.

With such strong experience in this domain, Deep Root Linux further aims to make the freedom aspect of their offerings & engagements more deeply- rooted in all their dealings.

Benefits that Partners are Entitled to, by DeepRoot
•Freedom to run their IT infrastructure the way want to - they have been trained and source code is available and technical /IT teams builds their expertise and maintain it themselves. However, at times when IT team is unable to maintain it themselves DeepRoot provides professional support services.

•No vendor Lock-in- choosing support services from DeepRoot is not mandatory. Customer will choose their support services only if they want DeepRoot to proactively monitor the setup and take care of any updates and upgrades that might be required. Alternatively customers can also choose services from any other company which has the expertise in this domain. Unlike proprietary software customer need not replace product for the lack of support services.

• Extensions/Add-ons- It’s very easy to think, develop and implement any add-ons or extensions to the existing software because that’s the Freedom one gets by using Free Software.

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