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Shreeyansh Postgre SQL Delivering An Exceptional DB Management

Prashanth Ranjalkar ,Founder & CEO

New developments, such as OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, R, the cognitive cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, and more are putting our usual paradigms on the high alter. However, getting it all without compromising with the do’s and don’ts of database management is difficult when open source technology is based as foundation. Based out of Pune, Shreeyansh provides end to end solutions across database, application and cloud, serving quality Remote Services with the help of highly skilled, trained resources under expert guidance. Shreeyansh’s ingenuity lies in implementing solutions using various Open Source Technologies like Database - PostgreSQL; Application - Python, PHP; Cloud - OpenStack, CloudStack & more. Shreeyansh specializes in transforming organizations by leveraging Open Source technologies, DevOps, Cloud, Microservices architectures, Automation, Agile models with the objective of ‘Being Agile’ and gaining competitive advantage. Over the years, operating from Pune, Shreeyansh has been promoting Open Source, helping customers in migrating off from proprietary vendor lock in software to bring down drastic cost reduction with increased profit margins.

Experience with PostgreSQL
Shreeyansh has established itself as an

exceptional open source software expert and leader in domains of Database, Application and Cloud. With a modest start in DB expertise, Shreeyansh is stepping gradually into multiple services to become End to End Service Provider from Data Center to Cloud Based infrastructure Architecture & Migration, and Application Architecture & Development. Experience in various versions of PostgreSQL for more than 12+ years has made the company highly capable in Open Source Technology Database, allowing Shreeyansh to provide expert database services on PostgreSQL. This DB service provider has been involved in design, implementation and support roles for one of the Global telecom customer, deploying the complete architecture on PostgreSQL platform with forward and reverse replication to meet aggressive customer RPO/RTO.

"Shreeyansh Has Established IT self As An Exceptional Open Source Software Expert And Leader In Domains Of Database, Application And Cloud"

Shreeyansh’s open source expertise helped a customer at various levels in taking decisions in eliminating various proprietary software during the implementation, resulting in increased profit margins.

The Team behind the Expert Operations
Shreeyansh provides cloud services with the ability to meet the future needs of businesses to dynamically scale the infrastructure, optimize data center cost, go global in minutes, reduce IT infrastructure TCO and bump up overall ROI. Shreeyansh team of Cloud professionals provide on the cloud strategies, roadmap, selection of the right platform. This Open Source DB service provider has execution capabilities for application development in the cloud,deploying cloud applications, integrating applications–on premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise,cloud to cloud and manage & monitor the mission critical applications

on cloud ecosystem.

In the years to come, Shreeyansh has made the objective crystal clear; to provide the services on the latest Open Source Database, recommend, drive, and help customers towards migration off from proprietary databases to Open source - PostgreSQL and play a key role saving customer’s huge licensing costs for ever and taking off handling all their database worries with help 24X7 Remote DBA Services.

Vishnu Joshi, CTO

Shreeyansh bridges this gap by educating customers on open source technologies and providing expert end to end services to drive adoption in the enterprises through:

•Postgre SQL Services/Development
•PostGIS (GIS)
•Security & Electronic Data Preservation (High Security Open Source Solutions )
•Data Center/Cloud Migrations
•24X7 Remote DBA Support Services
•Skills Development
•Provide expert guidance in niche Open Source technologies
•One stop shop for End to End Services
•24/7 Support services (Databases, Application)
•Job Opportunities for younger India

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Shreeyansh: Delivering An Exeptional Postgre SQL Experience in DB Management