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Depth Consulting: Revolutionizing Business Intelligence with Trailblazing Solutions

  Kaushal Gathan,   Co Founder

Kaushal Gathan

Co Founder

Business Intelligence Solution Providers play a pivotal role in today's business landscape by offering specialized tools, technologies, and expertise aimed at transforming raw data into meaningful insights. Their role extends be yond just data analysis; they assist in developing actionable insights, aiding in forecasting, optimizing operations, and identifying market trends. Amid this, Depth Consulting stands as a prominent Business Intelligence Solution Provider, offering comprehensive services tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. With a proven track record in the IT services industry, Depth Consulting specializes in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and business intelligence solutions to revamp enterprise functions. The company stands out due to its knack for providing tailor-made solutions that cater to specific industry requirements. These solutions offer a 360-degree view of business processes and their drivers, aiming to ad dress the complex challenges organizations face in managing and utilizing their data effectively.

Committed to fostering a data-driven culture within organizations, the firm’s vision involves creating a single source of truth within organizations, enabling better decision-making at all levels.

CIO Insider engaged in a one on one interaction with Depth Consulting team, let’s hear from them.

Can you provide a short overview of Depth Consulting's progress in the IT services sector?
Depth Consulting is a tech consulting company known for its success in revolutionizing enterprise finance and various business operations using top-notch Business Intelligence Solutions and Oracle platforms.

Please share details about your primary business intelligence solutions and

what sets you apart as a dependable option for customers?
Our customized solutions encompass a library of over 2000 KPI metrics spanning across 7or more industries. They address over 15 different functions, providing a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of business processes and their influencers.

What are the challenges/problem statements you solve for customers and could you share a case study reflecting the positive outcomes drawn from your solutions?
We specialize in addressing a spectrum of challenges and problem statements that our customers encounter. One area where we excel is in providing tailored solutions for unified analytics and reporting across the various functions in an organization such as financial analysis, sales, procurement & inventory, production, and operations. These customized solutions cater industry sectors like FMCG, Manufacturing, and Power generation companies to name a few.

Our commitment lies in fostering the adoption of analytical solutions, transitioning from a culture centered on mere data comprehension to one that emphasizes learning from data

Organizations often face a multitude of data related challenges. Some of these include the absence of a single source of truth, dealing with disparate and voluminous data sources, managing unstructured data, the lack of real-time business insights, difficulties in data distribution and security, as well as the absence of a unified and integrated reporting platform.

We have a track record of delivering positive outcomes for our clients, and our success stories are reflected in various case studies. Through our interventions, we've witnessed significant benefits accruing to organizations. These include the cultivation of an improved data culture within the company, the establishment of a unified reporting environment, a reduction in the time spent on data management allowing for more focus on data analysis, an increase in data

literacy at the management level, and improved integration between various functions of the business.

Our solutions are designed to mitigate these challenges effectively, and our case studies demonstrate how our interventions have resulted in tangible benefits for our clients across industries.

How do you characterize the team responsible for developing these solutions? What specific capabilities do they possess, and how do these abilities contribute to the company's ability to stay ahead in the market?
Our team comprises dynamic thought leaders stemming from diverse backgrounds in finance, audit, risk management, and technology. Armed with extensive knowledge of business cycles spanning various industries and substantial experience in implementing technology solutions, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the process of establishing a sustainable business intelligence framework.

Our commitment lies in fostering the adoption of analytical solutions, transitioning from a culture centered on mere data comprehension to one that emphasizes learning from data. We aim to create a unified and reliable source of truth for the entire organization, ensuring informed decision-making and operational excellence.

What are the future opportunities depth consulting is looking at to achieve its goals? What kinds of developments can be expected from the company, going forward?
Depth Consulting is actively exploring future opportunities aimed at achieving its goals. The company is particularly focused on the development of plug-and-play solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse enterprise ERP solutions across different departments within organizations. This approach aims to streamline processes and enhance efficiency across various functional areas.

Moreover, as part of its forward-looking strategy, Depth Consulting is dedicated to embedding AI related features into its solution offerings. By incorporating artificial intelligence functionalities, the company seeks to prioritize user-friend liness for customers. These AI features are envisioned to further simplify operations, making the solutions more intuitive and accessible for end-users.

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