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Dev Mantra Financial Services: A Sound and Trusted Advisor to Address All Your Financial Challenges

Vikas Tatia,Director

Vikas Tatia


Traditionally, the bedrock proposition made by the asset management industry to investors was to buy their products and they would ensure to achieve the maximum returns. However, the realities have drastically changed post the global financial crisis. The product push centric proposition has clearly failed investors who now increasingly seek customized solutions from manufacturers and not simply the same type of absolute-return products that fail to deliver. Seizing the need of the hour, Dev Mantra Financial Services Pvt Ltd, was established by a highly experienced management team who deliver high-quality services to people & corporate business houses that need sound and trusted advice.

Unlike traditional asset managers who focus on "retail" products, Dev Mantra

focuses on the synergies with their clients' specific requirements to offer more customized products. It ensures that the products suggested to the clients are harmonized to their unique goals and they have a clear understanding of the product and the purpose. Advocating a solution oriented approach rather than a product oriented approach, Dev Mantra has been highly successful in winning the trust of its investors and has achieved an almost 100 percent client retention rate.

Dev mantra offer real time support by highly qualified financial specialists who are well versed with industry best practices

Started in the peak of recession of the financial market in 2008, Dev Mantra has been growing consistently with its positive customer focused approach. Today, it boasts of having more than 150 corporate clients and has served over 7500 individuals with its proficient employee arsenal of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, MBAs and candidates pursuing CFP (Certified Financial Planner). It currently offers a wide range of financial services ranging from tax advisory to estate

planning over and above wealth management for corporate, HNI (High Net Worth Individuals) and Ultra HNI individuals. The company also holds a vertical which takes care of the investment banking and assurance services for startups and corporate clients.

Preserving a differentiating approach towards client service, Vikash Tatia, Managing Director, Dev Mantra, avers, "We offer real-time support by highly qualified financial specialists who are well versed with industry best practices. To address clients' concerns with a holistic approach, we staunchly believe in knowledge sharing with clients and engaging with them on a regular basis. We believe in using the technology to the fullest to keep our client updated and keep the data secure"

Vikash deems making the core team at Dev Mantra an important stakeholder of the organization. Towards the same, the management holds employees accountable for their work along with the shared vision and mission of the company. This motivates the employees to bring in innovation and deliver best solutions to clients. Envisaging on spreading company's wings to global markets, Dev Mantra is aggressively working on its roadmap to fuel growth from both organic and inorganic initiatives.

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